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Overall Performance

Reference Checks

How did the candidate perform compared to other people in a similar role? The Overall Performance question delivers you answers to gather this valuable insight!

This is how the overall performance question looks like for the reference giver:

Interpret the Dashboard

We summarize the answers by highlighting the most selected response option in the dashboard. However, there is a special mechanism for this question!

What if the candidate provides a reference who knew them only years ago? Can they still estimate the current performance level of the candidate? We say no. This is why we only highlight the most recent opinions about the skill level in the "by question" summary on your dashboard. This is how we calculate the recency of the opinion:

Every candidate specifies a timeframe where they have worked with the reference giver with a "start date" (e.g., 2012) and an "end date" (e.g., 2020). We use the "end date" to determine the recency of the reference giver's opinion. Every reference giver that has worked with the candidate before the highest "end date" minus three years (e.g., 2017) is treated as not recent!

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