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The Creative Skill Test is a great way to measure a job candidate's ability to be creative. The test requires the candidate to self-evaluate their ability to come up with new ideas, use their imagination, and find new ways to do things. This makes it an ideal tool for assessing whether or not a job candidate would be successful in a position that requires creativity.

About the HiPeople Creative Skill Test

The Creative Skill Test at a Glance

When to use: This test can be used at any stage of the hiring process but may be most relevant in an early stage when getting to know the candidate.

Example question : Candidates rate how well they can perform a set of activities on a scale from one to seven. This is an example of an activity: "Find new ways to do things".

Response time: 2 minutes.

Result: An easy-to-interpret score that is benchmarked against hundreds of other candidates!

The Science Behind the Creative Skill Test

The Creative Skill Test was originally developed as part of the Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Skills Inventory (BESSI). The BESSI is a comprehensive inventory of soft skills that was developed by leading personality researchers Christopher Soto and Brent Roberts. The BESSI has been proven to be a reliable and valid predictor of important life outcomes. This makes the Creative Skill Test an excellent tool for recruiters to learn about the creative skill of candidates.

If you are interested in the science behind the BESSI, start with this scientific publication.

Qualities of a Candidate With High Creative Skill Test Scores

When it comes to work, those who score high on the Creative Skill Test typically excel in finding new ways to do things, putting ideas together in a new way, and coming up with creative ideas. They are often described as being able to think outside of the box and be quite inventive. If you're looking for someone who can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to your workplace, consider hiring someone who scores high on the Creative Skill Test.

Optimal Roles for a High-Scoring Candidate

  • Product Manager. A product manager needs to be able to come up with new ideas for products, as well as put those ideas together in a way that will be appealing and make sense to customers.
  • UX Designer. A UX designer needs to be able to use their imagination to come up with new ways of doing things and designing user experiences that are creative and innovative.
  • Marketing Manager. A marketing manager needs to be able to come up with new ideas for marketing campaigns and strategies that are inventive and original.

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