The science behind HiPeople

HiPeople makes hiring easy. We use reliable data, psychological research, and a rigorous scientific process to tell you everything you need to know about your candidates. Utilizing People Science—data, analytics, and actionable insights about people for businesses—we optimize recruitment. And it’s all done by our expert science team.

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The science behind HiPeople
The science behind HiPeople - Personality insights, peer-reviewed case studies, behavioral analysis, real-time success metrics

Science designed to enable you.

HiPeople uses a range of modules to provide you with a full and accurate picture of the candidate that you’re considering.
Every part of our process is scientific and rigorously evidence-based. And while we are data-driven, the end result is a picture of the human you might be working with.
That means that before the interview, onboarding, or even an annual review, you already have a precise psychological framework of your candidate so you can assess them accurately and fairly.

Our science team

HiPeople Science team - Dr. Jantje H. de Vries, People Scientist and Jannis Witte, People Scientist
Dr. Jantje H. de Vries
People Scientist
Jannis Witte
People Scientist
The science behind HiPeople - User research, scientific literature review, psychometric testing, module development, and continuous optimization

Data you can trust.

HiPeople’s science team screens scientific theory, researches psychometric assessment techniques, and updates methods and modules to ensure that our tools always follow the latest personality testing techniques and practices.