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Fast, easy, and bias-free. Our job-specific candidate assessments help you find the candidates who fit the job the best.

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Put your candidates in control

It’s a candidate market, and top talent will always have options. We help you to provide the best candidate experience and reduce your candidate drop-off rate.

  • Easily share assessments results with your candidates and give them the chance to get the most out of their data
  • Use short, role-specific assessments your candidates can finish in 10 minutes
  • Our easy to use interface and automated reminders make using HiPeople a breeze for your candidates
Everything you are hiring for. Literally, everything.

Predicting job-fit accurately means being able to cover all job-related requirements. HiPeople covers them all. Use our assessment library to cover everything that matters to you, and leave out the bits that don’t add value. By that, your candidates receive bite-sized, role specific, enjoyable assessments.

Spend time with the right candidates. Stop wasting time with the wrong ones.

Immediately spot the candidates that fit your job the best, and quickly move them forward. Stop screening endless CVs and candidates. Stop sending unqualified candidates to your hiring managers.

  • Easily identify which candidates show the highest role-fit

  • Increase your time-to-hire with you best candidates, and minimize the risk of loosing them
Put DEI in your recruiting process, right from the start!

Diverse teams outperform those that aren’t. Make sure you empower your recruiting teams and hiring managers to remove their unconscious biases. Enable them to hire the candidates that has the highest job-fit.

  • Use HiPeople’s job-fit score to predict performance, not CVs
  • Systematically compare all candidates objectively on the same data points

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Create role-specific assessments in seconds!

Create a new assessment by giving it a name and start choosing what you need. You can use HiPeople’s vast assessment library and choose the assessments you need:

  • Personality: e.g. Big Five, DiSC, Hexaco
  • Knowledge & skill tests: e.g. Excel, languages, JavaScript
Cognitive ability tests: e.g. logical thinking, numerical reasoning, problem-solving

  • Soft skills: e.g. time management, leadership skills, Grit

  • Candidate expectations: e.g. facilities, home office preferences

  • Culture- and value-fit: e.g. achievement orientation, diversity, focus

  • Your custom questions: as text, multiple choice, or video
2. Invite your candidates, easy and fast!

Adding candidates to your assessment couldn’t be easier. You can choose between different options, whatever what works best for you:

  • Integrate HiPeople with your ATS and automatically share your assessment with your candidate
  • Add candidates to your HiPeople assessment directly by adding their name and email address
  • Share a unique link to your assessments with your candidates directly

3. Identify the best candidates and analyze the assessment results

Work with real-time assessments results in your HiPeople dashboard. Compare your candidates with each other instantly, and analyze candidate-specific results in-depth. Let your hiring managers know via HiPeople’s automatic hiring manager notifications, tag them in the comments, or share the assessment data with them securely via our sharing feature.

Seamlessly integrated in your favorite Applicant Tracking System

Connect HiPeople with your ATS in seconds to automate workflows and keep your data aligned.

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