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Air India
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Air India
Credit Acceptance
First National Bank
Marie Curie
Rolling Stone
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Hard skills

Find who can do the job

Choose from 328 valid hard skill tests created based on expert knowledge. MS Excel, Data Entry, JavaScript - we got it all.

HiPeople Assessments - Find who can do the job
Soft skills

Soft skills matter

Don’t bore candidates with lengthy generic assessments - simply test the soft skills you really care about using our large library.

HiPeople Assessments - Soft skills matter
Personality and Culture

Truly understand candidates

Choose from various personality tests incl. Big5 (OCEAN), HEXACO or DISC, and test candidates for culture fit and their take on diversity.

HiPeople Assessments - Truly understand candidates
Cognitive Ability

Smart people succeed

Test candidates for general cognitive ability, problem solving, critical thinking, numerical reasoning, math, and attention to detail skills.

HiPeople Assessments - Smart people succeed

Tailormade tests

Can’t find this one test you need in our library? Reach out to our I/O psychologists and get your custom, valid test in less than 48 hours.

HiPeople Assessments - Tailor-made tests

How est 你 heute?

Don’t rely on self-evaluations in CVs. Test your candidates’ language skills across more than 12 languages.

HiPeople Assessments - Test your candidates’ language skills across more than 12 languages

What modern teams using HiPeople are saying.

“The turnaround time is great! We aren’t missing a candidate reference. Reference Checks can be a daunting task, but HiPeople makes it really easy.”

Tiera Dobbins
Talent Acquisition Services & Operations Manager

“HiPeople allows me to get mundane tasks like reference checks out of the way. Our time-to-fill went down 31% in the last year and we made 62% more hires.”

Sarah Garner
Director of Recruitment and Outreach

“We use HiPeople Assessments for volume hiring. With the introduction of HiPeople our work has reduced by about 50%”

Prem Kumar
Talent Acquisition Manager - Recruitment & Employer Branding

“Being able to use HiPeople’s AI-enable features allows for a better screening process to make sure that we are getting the right candidates.”

Alex Anderson
Learning & Development Specialist

“With HiPeople we are saving between 250-500 hours of screening time every year. We completely switched to a skill-based candidate assessment in pre-screening.”

Maximilian Rauschen
Head of Talent Acquisition

“We use HiPeople to objectively assess our candidate’s skills and capabilities. The more data we have, the more we can influence our quality-of-hire.”

Matthias Schmeisser
Global Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

“HiPeople has been really helpful for us in automating the reference check process, verifying who the references are, and doing it in a much more fast and efficient way.”

Charlie Boyle
Senior Lead, Talent Acquisition Policy, Operations & Technology

“Our former reference process was really archaic, very sticky. HiPeople has really given us the ability to customize when and how we do reference checks. That is really amazing!”

Janna Karwaski
Senior Director of Workforce Optimization

Your data is secure with us

HiPeople is built with maximum privacy and top-level security. HiPeople is SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR/ CCPA compliant, and private by design.

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Seamlessly integrated in the tools you love

Effortlessly integrate HiPeople into your existing workflows with only 5 clicks.

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Questions you might have

Can I customize the assessments?

Yes! HiPeople’s assessments are fully customizable. You can pick and choose from 400+ tests in the assessment library to create your assessment. Can’t find what you are looking for? You can add your custom questions as text, multiple choice, or video question. Need inspiration to get started? Use one of the 1,000+ job-specific assessment templates.

Can I customize the candidate interface?

Yes! Make sure to give your candidates the best experience by providing a fully branded user interface. Add your logo, custom text, and images to the platform make sure it looks and feels like your employer brand.

How can I share the reports with my team?

There are three easy ways how to share assessment reports with your team: 1. Connect HiPeople to your ATS and automatically link the assessment report to your candidate record. 2. Use HiPeople’s secure sharing feature to send a view-only access to your team members, no account creation needed. 3. Export the assessment report as a PDF for easy sharing.

Can I share feedback on the assessment with the candidate?

Yes! Simply share the candidate’s assessment report with HiPeople’s “Send to candidate” feature. This special report highlights the candidate’s strengths and areas of improvement. And contextualizes the test results with insights on how to improve: special resources the candidate can use to improve the respective skills.

How does HiPeople prevent fraud?

HiPeople’s fraud detection suite prevents candidates from cheating on the assessment. By limiting the candidate’s ability to operate outside the assessment screen, tracking meta data, and using video questions to identify the candidate we enable secure assessments. All of that whilst providing a great user experience and transparent process.