Built for maximum privacy and security.

Candidate data is precious. You shouldn’t have to worry about compliance.
HiPeople is built with maximum privacy and top-level security in mind from its first line of code.

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SOC2 Type II

HiPeople is SOC 2 Type II certified. We undergo annually SOC2 Type II audits. Reach out to request our latest audit report.


Empower your organization with HiPeople SSO access, allowing you to customize data visibility and action permissions according to your preferences.

GDPR / CCPA compliant

Hailing from the motherland of GDPR (the European Union), HiPeople has been build with top-grade privacy in mind from day one. In short: HiPeople is private by design.

Custom data retention periods

Tailor HiPeople to your privacy policies with custom data retention and deletion rules. You control after what time data automatically leaves all systems.

Your privacy policy

To be truly compliant to leading privacy frameworks your candidates and references need to see your privacy policy, also when engaging with 3rd-party tools. We got you covered - simply insert your own privacy policy into HiPeople.

Manage access

Define who of your team should be able to see which candidate data. Give operators the right degree of freedom by our granular permission controls.

Control shared data

While many systems shoot candidate data via PDF and email into the world, HiPeople builds on PIN-protected candidate profiles. By that you are always in the driver-seat when it comes to access, revoking access and deleting data.

Candidate consent

All data processed in HiPeople is based on candidate consent. On top, we do not process any information on candidates that they aren’t aware of.

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