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Confidence Regulation

Soft Skills

The Confidence Regulation Test is a tool used to measure an individual's ability to self-regulate their confidence. The test consists of a series of questions designed to gauge an individual's level of confidence in themselves and their ability to find positive aspects about themselves. This test can be useful for employers who want to identify candidates who are likely to be successful in positions that require high levels of self-confidence and self-motivation.

The Confidence Regulation Test at a glance

When to use: This test can be used at any stage of the hiring process but may be most relevant in an early stage when getting to know the candidate.

Example question : Candidates rate how well they can perform a set of activities on a scale from one to seven. This is an example of an activity: "Find things to like about myself".

Response time: 2 minutes.

Result: An easy-to-interpret score that is benchmarked against hundreds of other candidates!

This test is backed by real science

The Confidence Regulation Test is a tool that was originally developed as part of the Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Skills Inventory (BESSI). The BESSI is a comprehensive inventory that was designed to measure an individual's soft skills. The BESSI was developed by leading personality researchers Christopher Soto and Brent Roberts. It has been proven that the BESSI predicts important life outcomes. The Confidence Regulation Test is a reliable and valid tool that can be used to assess an individual's confidence level.

If you are interested in the science behind the BESSI, start with this scientific publication.

The qualities of a candidate with high test scores

Individuals with a high score on this test tend to be very self-assured and respect themselves highly. They also have a strong belief in their own abilities, which allows them to be successful in their work. While some people may see this as arrogance, it's actually an important quality for individuals in many occupations. For example, surgeons need to have confidence in their ability to save lives; otherwise, they would not be able to perform their job effectively. If you're looking for someone whose confidence level needs to be high, this is your test!

Examples of roles that would be an optimal fit for a high-scoring candidate:

Salesperson. A salesperson needs to be great in finding things to like about themselves in order to have the confidence to sell a product. They also need to be able to find reasons to feel good about themselves in order to stay positive during rejections. Finally, a salesperson needs to respect themselves in order to maintain their dignity and not let the customer take advantage of them.

Teacher. A teacher needs to be great in finding things to like about themselves in order to have the confidence present information clearly. They also need see their strengths in order teach effectively and give students the best education possible. Lastly, teachers need great self-respect so that they can command authority and create a safe learning environment for their students.

Police Officer. Police officers need great self-confidence so they can make quick decisions under high pressure situations. They also need see their strengths so they can use their abilities efficiently on the job and protect citizens. Lastly, police officers must show immense self-respect because they are often disrespected by those who break the law and by criminals.

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