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HiPeople’s automated reference checking software helps you to reach your hiring goals.
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Reference checking
Hire the best talent with fast, compliant reference checks

Remove unconscious bias

Use role-specific templates or select a vast range of science-backed question modules. Create your reference check in less than 30 seconds. Collect objective, bias-free insights in less than 24 hours.

Detect suspicious behavior, automatically

Stay compliant and secure with HiPeople’s propriatary fingerprinting technology. HiPeople detects suspicious behavior for you automatically so you can focus on hiring the best talent.

Turn insights into action, and hire better

Hiring recommendations, areas of improvement, benchmarked skills. Don’t just collect reference checks, turn them into action. Compare your candidates and hire the best talent with confidence.
Start from one of 50+ reference check templates or build your own custom survey from question templates designed by HR professionals and people scientists.
Invite candidates from HiPeople or your Applicant Tracking System. Next, candidates can submit their referees to provide their reference feedback.
Every reference submitted is automatically analyzed by HiPeople’s proprietary algorithms. Core findings are visualized in our easy-to-read dashboard to enable you to make a truly data-informed hiring decision.
Survey Builder
Build role-specific reference surveys that move the needle, in seconds
  • Get started with 50+ ready-to-use role-specific reference check templates
  • Use HiPeople’s science-backed, compliant reference check modules to build your own survey
  • Add custom questions and cover all additional details

  • Define what drives your reference checks: amount of references, reference type, and reference origin
Fully automated reference check collection process, end-to-end
  • Easy, fast, and effective reference request process
  • Fully automated reference check collection with results in >24 hours
  • Automated reminders and follow-ups via email and text message

  • Mobile-ready user interface for candidates and references
Reference check insights that enable you to hire the best talent with confidence
  • Analyze your candidates strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvements, and so much more
  • Benchmarked results make it easy to compare your candidates against each other
  • Share reference check insights in Hiring Manager-specific guides and enable your hiring managers
Looking for better ways to assess candidates?
Check out HiPeople Assessments
Smart AI
Leverage our proprietary algorithms to discover unique findings
  • Read between the lines with HiPeople dynamic follow-up questions: automatically triggered when needed to surface even richer insights
  • Work with fully verified references based on our LinkedIn authentication process
  • Take an objective view on references with the help of our bias detection algorithms that indicate if a reference’s tone is critical, balanced, or positive

  • Be safe at all times by our alerting system that detects signals for potential fraudulent reference behaviors
Talent Sourcing
Turn references into candidates with your HiPeople talent pool
  • Enable references to opt-in your HiPeople talent pool and collect additional candidates for future vacancies
  • >30% of references join end up joining your HiPeople reference talent pool
  • Build a unique, active talent pipeline
Additional features

Everything you need to make the best hiring decisions and enable your teams to hire with confidence

GDPR compliant & SOC 2 Type II certified

HiPeople is GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified making data security and compliance a breeze.
Easy, secure data sharing

Distribute your reference insights with those that need to see it, easily. Use the HiPeople ATS integration, secure sharing of individual reference checks with anybody in your organization, or via pdf export.
Easy access via single sign-on (SSO)

Give your organization access to HiPeople reference insights via SSO, and decide who sees what. Different user access right enable you to give your teams different access rights.
Rich candidate and reference experience

Make reference checks a delightful experience for candidates and references alike. Mobile-ready interface, easy access and usage, fully customizable interface to represent your employer brand the best.
Executive reports

Top-level executive reports deliver account analytics on the metrics that matter: references collected, conversion rate, time saved, reference types, and much more.
Easy collaboration

Collaborate with your team and hiring managers on the collected reference insights. Share your findings by tagging those that need to see them in the comments and start collaborating.
HiPeople integrations

HiPeople meets you where you work. Effortlessly integrate HiPeople into your existing workflows in under 15 mins.

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Make fairer hiring decisions with background checks from our Checkr integration.


Manage your hiring process and receive live notifications as insights roll in with our Slack integration.

What our customers say...
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HiPeople helps us with hiring the best talent at scale.
We now make more objective and data-driven hiring decisions, improve our quality of hire and time-to-hire.
Michael Becher
Chief People Officer
HiPeople will revolutionize the HR tech scene, and it will be a game-changer in our business.
Now, we get in-depth insights into candidates’ work styles, work values, and areas for development opportunity. Because HiPeople’s insights are standardized and scientific, we can be smart about how we use them, and confident about the decisions they’re informing. ‍HiPeople really helps to reduce hiring bias.
Anouk Fechner
Global Talent Acquisition Enablement Lead
We offer the HiPeople platform to everyone from the beginning of the hiring process to avoid delays.
We now have a great new partner to help us make data-based, unbiased decisions when it comes to reference checks. I am super happy to work together and to be able to work faster.
Diana Doege
Team Lead Talent Acquisition
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