Reference Checks

Collect references with ease, and at scale

Don’t leave your hiring goals to chance

Choose what you want to learn about a candidate, and who you want to learn it from. We verify references, so you can focus on what matters. HiPeople’s fraud detection provides reference checks you can trust.

Reduce your time-to-hire

Save time with ready to use templates and ensure a seamless hiring experience. HiPeople collects your references in no time and fully automates the process. Relax, and let us handle the admin.

Dynamic follow-up questions

Discover everything you need to know about your candidates, and compare them with science-backed benchmarks. Get the insights you need to hire the best candidates.

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Turn references into candidates

Tap into the network of your candidate’s references, and collect them as passive candidates for your talent pool.

Everything it takes to onboard successfully

Discover impactful onboarding insights in no time and empower hiring managers to support their new hires best. From optimizing first tasks, maximizing the new hire’s engagement or fostering their integration. Get the insights you need with HiPeople Onboarding Guides.

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Automate your reference check collection and receive verified, benchmarked references at scale.