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HiPeople Intelligent Hiring Toolkit
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Candidate dashboard to track candidates
A single platform enabling you to hire the best talent. HiPeople’s Intelligent Hiring Toolkit let’s you automatically test candidates, run reference and background checks, track candidate experience, and measure Quality of Hire easily.
Why modern recruiting teams choose HiPeople
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HiPeople helps us with hiring the best talent at scale.
We now make more objective and data-driven hiring decisions, improve our quality of hire and time-to-hire.
Michael Becher
Chief People Officer
HiPeople will revolutionize the HR tech scene, and it will be a game-changer in our business.
Now, we get in-depth insights into candidates’ work styles, work values, and areas for development opportunity. Because HiPeople’s insights are standardized and scientific, we can be smart about how we use them, and confident about the decisions they’re informing. ‍HiPeople really helps to reduce hiring bias.
Anouk Fechner
Global Talent Acquisition Enablement Lead
We offer the HiPeople platform to everyone from the beginning of the hiring process to avoid delays.
We now have a great new partner to help us make data-based, unbiased decisions when it comes to reference checks. I am super happy to work together and to be able to work faster.
Diana Doege
Team Lead Talent Acquisition
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Identify the best candidates with assessments

Fast, easy, and bias-free. Our job-specific candidate assessments help you find the candidates who fit the job the best.

Candidate scoring benchmarks

Reference checks fast, confidently, asyncronously

HiPeople’s automated reference checking software helps you to reach your hiring goals.

✔︎ Reduce time to hire
✔︎ Close top talent
✔︎ Build diverse teams
✔︎ Make informed and compliant decisions

Candidate scoring cards

Improve your candidate experience, unlock better hiring

HiPeople helps you to measure, analyze, and enhance your candidate experience along the recruitment process.

✔︎ Increase your quality of hire
✔︎ Optimize your time to hire
✔︎ Decrease your cost of hire

Candidate experience dashboard

Measure, understand, and improve your Quality of Hire

HiPeople automatically measures and analyzes your Quality of Hire. Discover hidden insights into your recruiting performance effortlessly!

Hiring manager scorecards

All the assessments you will ever need, all in one place

HiPeople’s assessment library includes personality, hard skills, knowledge tests, soft skills, culture add, cognitive ability, and candidate expectations. Add your custom questions in case you want to.

Assessment tests for candidates

Automate your background checking game

Revamp your screening workflows by conducting background checks in over 200 countries on HiPeople.

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HiPeople integrations

HiPeople meets you where you work. Effortlessly integrate HiPeople into your existing workflows in under 15 mins.

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Manage your hiring process and receive live notifications as insights roll in with our Slack integration.

ATS integrations

Easily connect HiPeople to the industry’s best tools. With our pre-built integrations you can customize your solution for all your hiring tech stack needs. Our ATS ecosystem helps you select the most impactful tools for your ideal hiring solution.

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SOC 2 Type II certified
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