Success stories

Success Stories

Find out how our customers are using HiPeople to enhance their hiring process.

Having 100 people do reference checks is not that easy. So automating it makes everything easier for us.

Daniella Strazza
Head of People

It is an added value from a remote collaboration point of view.

Matyi Nagy
Recruitment Lead

HiPeople made our hiring process much better and really raised the bar.

Anouk Fechner
Global Talent Acquisition

We decreased the reference checks process from 5-6 days to 2 days by using HiPeople

Diana Irene Doege
Team Lead Talent Acquisition

HiPeople really boosts our efficiency. By standardizing and centralizing the process, collecting references at scale is a five-minute investment at most.

Johannes Landgraf
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

HiPeople delivers real value quickly, and that’s what makes it useful.

Martin Janse van Rensburg
Head of People