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Openness to Feedback

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Openness to Feedback

Are you looking for candidates who are receptive to feedback and able to use it to improve their work? The Openness to Feedback Test is here to help! This assessment measures a job candidate's willingness and ability to accept and use feedback to grow and improve. It includes a series of questions about the candidate's critical thinking skills and ability to constructively engage with feedback. By administering the Openness to Feedback Test, you can identify those candidates who are open to learning and adapting, and who will be able to use feedback to enhance their performance and contribute to the success of your company. Give the Openness to Feedback Test a try and find the receptive and adaptable candidates you need to take your business to the next level.

The Openness to Feedback Test at a glance

When to use: This test can be used at any stage of the hiring process but may be most relevant in an early stage when getting to know the candidate.

Example question: Candidates rate how well they can perform a set of activities on a scale from one to seven. This is an example: “How much do you agree with this statement? I am good at receiving feedback”.

Response time: 2 minutes.

Result: An easy-to-interpret score that is benchmarked against hundreds of other candidates!

This test is backed by real science

The Openness to Feedback Test is a tool that was initially developed as part of the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP). The IPIP is a collection of measures of a variety of personality factors. It was developed by leading personality researcher, Lewis Goldberg. This test uses the IPIP-HEXACO-Flexibility Scale as a scientific foundation. The original scale was validated against hundreds of people. This test is developed and validated by a self-report questionnaire. This Scale comes in an 8-item form. All items are measured on a 1 to 7-point Likert scale.

If you are looking for candidates with strong objectivity and responsiveness. In that case, the Openness to Feedback Test is a valid and reliable tool to identify those individuals who have the potential to be successful in your organization.

The qualities of a candidate with high test scores

If you're looking for someone who is good at receiving, look no further than someone with a high score on the Openness to Feedback Test. This type of person excels at understanding the viewpoints of others. Furthermore, they are willing to adapt their behavior based on given feedback. This can be a valuable skill in any workplace. Recruiting somebody with strong openness can help to create a more objective and accepting workplace overall.

Examples of roles that would be an optimal fit for a high-scoring candidate:

Software Developer. In this role, it's important to be able to continuously learn and improve one's skills and knowledge, and this often requires being open to feedback and using it to make adjustments to one's work.

Product designers. Someone in this role needs to be open to hearing ideas with clients as well as putting the client’s need before their own.

HR Manager. HR managers are responsible for overseeing employee development and providing feedback to help employees grow and improve.

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