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A person's mindset refers to implicit beliefs about the malleability of the personal attributes.

There are two types of mindset:

The growth mindset emphasizes the belief that attributes like intelligence and personality are changeable and capable of improvement through effort.
The fixed mindset refers to the belief that such attributes are inherently stable and unchangeable over time.

Why measuring mindset?

The construct of mindset emphasizes that beliefs over the malleability of global attributes can be seen as predictors of resilience to challenges. Moreover, people with a growth mindset learn more efficiently and achieve their goals more easily. Thus, a growth mindset can be a powerful tool as people work towards venture’s success.

Research suggests that the individual mindset is not static and can be changed throughout one's life (see Dweck, 2012).

Example item:

"You have a certain personality and you really can’t do much to change it."

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