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Leadership Skills

Reference Checks

Leaders have a major impact on the performance of teams. With the "Leadership Skills" module, you can find out how well candidates can lead others.

🧑‍🔬 Scientific Background

For more than half a century, leadership research has focused on the behavioral characteristics of effective leaders. Certain behaviors have been shown to be critical to effective leadership, regardless of industry or function. Gary Yukl, a renowned leadership scholar, has synthesized these behaviors into a theory that we use to assess your candidates' leadership effectiveness. His framework has been extensively validated and is considered a gold standard in the scientific community. See for yourself by either browsing Yukl's publications on this topic or starting with one of our top scientific references.

Yukl's theory defines three broad categories of behaviors critical to effective leadership:

  • Inspire others, inspiring vision and ideas enhance team performance and stimulate innovation.
  • Establish focus, clearly defining responsibilities and monitoring performance of individual team members increases team effectiveness.
  • Relationship building, by maintaining meaningful relationships within the team, team members are more committed, confident, and cooperative.

🕵️ Questions in the Module

For this module references will rate 7 statements regarding the candidates leadership behavior. All statements are inspired by Yukl's leadership categories.

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