5 Best Diversity Recruiting Software For DEI Hiring

November 6, 2023
Hady ElHady
5 Best Diversity Recruiting Software For DEI Hiring

When it comes to hiring in the present-day scenario, one thing always stands out: the essential value of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. For a while now, people have understood that diversity drives innovation and growth. However, the need for true inclusivity and fair hiring practices is becoming more and more critical. To tackle this challenge, companies are embracing technology solutions that not only simplify their recruiting procedures but also actively support DEI initiatives.

Today, we're excited to explore the fascinating realm of diversity recruiting platforms. Throughout this journey, we'll introduce you to the top five tools that can greatly assist you in promoting DEI hiring and creating a more inclusive workplace. No matter if you're an experienced HR pro or a dedicated business owner aiming to cultivate diversity within your team, we are here to help. This blog post will provide you with valuable insights and the necessary resources to make well-informed and strategic hiring choices.

So, join us as we delve into these groundbreaking software solutions that are revolutionizing how companies recruit. With these tools, diversity and inclusion are no longer just distant goals but achievable outcomes for businesses of any scale.

What Are Diversity Recruiting Software for DEI Hiring?

Diversity recruiting software are special tech solution created to assist organizations in finding, evaluating, and hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce. These software applications incorporate advanced features and data-driven insights to tackle the specific challenges that come with DEI hiring. They are crucial in combating biases, broadening the talent pool, and championing fair and equal hiring practices.

One important feature of diversity recruiting tools is their ability to find candidates from a broader range of backgrounds and demographics. They usually search through various job boards, social networks, and other platforms, ensuring job openings are available to a diverse group of people. By doing this, they assist employers in connecting with candidates from underrepresented groups who might not be reached through traditional recruiting methods.

These software solutions also leverage AI-powered algorithms to eliminate any potential biases in the process of selecting candidates. This ensures that assessments are carried out impartially and solely based on qualifications and skills. Furthermore, many of these platforms also provide analytics and reporting features, which allow organizations to monitor their progress in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). By identifying areas that may need improvement, these tools help organizations foster a more inclusive hiring environment.

Why is DEI Hiring Important?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) hiring is incredibly important for many reasons beyond just following the rules. It actually plays a big part in helping organizations succeed and society move forward. Here are a few key reasons why DEI hiring is essential for organizations of all kinds and sizes:

  • It Enhances Creativity and Innovation: Having a workforce made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds is highly beneficial. It brings together people with different perspectives and experiences, which, in turn, fosters creativity and innovation. With this diverse range of thoughts, employees can tackle challenges in unique ways, resulting in more effective problem-solving and the emergence of fresh ideas.
  • It Promotes Better Customer and Market Understanding: Having a diverse workforce is like having a reflection of the diverse range of customers you serve. It brings about a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of a wider audience, which can be a major advantage in today's interconnected global marketplace.
  • Better Decision-Making: When individuals from different backgrounds work together, they bring a more comprehensive array of factors and perspectives to the table. This ultimately leads to making more balanced, well-informed, and effective choices.

Benefits of Diversity Recruiting Software

Diversity Recruiting Software is essential when it comes to making the DEI hiring process smoother and more efficient. Let's take a look at five major advantages of this software solution:

1. Access to a Larger Candidate Pool

Diversity hiring tools have the ability to reach a larger pool of candidates, making it simpler to spot and draw in individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. This greatly aids organizations in connecting with talented individuals who might not otherwise be accessible through traditional recruitment techniques.

2. Improved Efficiency

These software solutions make the hiring process easier by taking care of repetitive tasks and administrative functions. This way, HR professionals can spend more time building relationships with candidates and promoting a diverse workforce.

3. Reduction in Bias

The great thing about these tools is that they use AI-driven algorithms to spot and remove any unconscious biases during the hiring process. This means that decisions are made solely on qualifications and skills without considering demographic characteristics.

4. Data-Driven Insights

Many diverse recruiting platforms come with powerful DEI analytics and reporting features. They help organizations measure their DEI efforts, pinpoint areas that need improvement, and make informed decisions with the help of data.

5. Compliance and Reporting

Diversity hiring software solutions also assist organizations in meeting legal obligations with their robust features that promote transparency and provide comprehensive reporting on hiring practices. With the help of these software, you can effortlessly showcase your dedication to diversity and equality.

Top 5 Diversity Recruiting Software to Enhance Your DEI Hiring Initiatives

Now that we have discussed the basics of diversity recruiting solutions, you might be wondering about the right tool to invest in right? Well, we are here to help you make the right choice without wasting too much time.

In this section, we will discuss the best diversity recruiting software that can take your DEI hiring initiatives to the next level. Let's have a look:

1. HiPeople

HiPeople is an award-winning AI-powered talent assessment platform with DEI initiatives at its heart. It offers fast, easy, and bias-free job-specific candidate assessments to help you find the candidates who fit the job the best. Its vast Assessment Library provides a large number of evaluations like Problem-Solving skill tests, Communication Skills assessments, and more.

With HiPeople, you can help your recruiting teams, and hiring managers become aware of and overcome their unconscious bias. Give them the tools they need to choose candidates who are the perfect fit for the job. With HiPeople, you can also leverage its powerful and accurate job-fit score in predicting performance rather than relying solely on CVs. This helps you make an informative hiring choice without depending on guesswork.

Further, HiPeople evaluates every candidate on the same data points for a fair and objective comparison. This way, you can be sure that you are shortlisting candidates based on their skills and nothing else.

Pricing: HiPeople offers multiple pricing options like the following:

  • Free package with basic features for 5 candidates per year.
  • A paid 'Grow' package at 20 USD/ month for 100 candidates per year.
  • 'Scale' package at 250 USD/ month for 1,500 candidates annually.

2. SeekOut

SeekOut is an innovative diversity recruiting platform designed to help organizations find and hire talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds, with a special emphasis on underrepresented groups. What sets SeekOut apart is its advanced AI search feature that allows recruiters to identify candidates who possess specific skills and meet diversity criteria. With a vast database of over 800 million profiles, SeekOut offers recruiters a diverse talent pool to choose from.

The DEI software leverages cutting-edge AI/ML algorithms, direct search capabilities, and customized Boolean and power filters to diligently identify exceptional talent. By incorporating features like Unconscious Bias, Diversity Sourcing, and Analytics, we seamlessly generate a diverse pool of candidates, including highly skilled individuals who are female, Hispanic, African-American, and veterans.

SeekOut also offers valuable insights into talent markets. With its help, organizations can make informed decisions about their DEI hiring strategies. Not only that, but SeekOut also boasts fantastic collaboration features, allowing team members to evaluate and engage with potential hires together. It's the perfect tool for making smarter hiring choices and fostering teamwork within your organization!

Pricing: Pricing information is available upon request.

3. Vervoe

Vervoe is a job stimulation and skill assessment platform that uses AI capabilities to rank candidates so you can find the best candidates without any biases. It helps businesses make hiring decisions by focusing on how well candidates can actually do the job rather than just relying on how good they look on paper.

Vervoe has a skills assessment library that includes a variety of job roles and industries. With this library, recruiters can create personalized assessments to evaluate candidates fairly. This helps ensure that individuals with different backgrounds and non-traditional qualifications are not unfairly left out.

By providing an evidence-based approach to hiring, Vervoe helps organizations broaden their talent pool and focus on the qualifications that truly matter, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive workforce.

Pricing: Vervoe's pricing starts from $228 per year.

4. Untapped

Unlike other job platforms, Untapped doesn't make assumptions about candidates' gender, race, or ethnicity. It is a fantastic hiring software that helps candidates find their dream jobs and get hired by globally renowned tech companies.

Business owners can use Untapped to find and keep track of a wide range of candidates right from their applicant tracking system. As you begin to receive resumes, prospective job seekers are prompted to complete a supplemental questionnaire that is tailored to your hiring team's specifications. This unique questionnaire can gather up to 75 diverse insights into applicants' skills and demographics.

One of the best things about Untapped is that the software helps you build enriching talent communities. The aim of these talent communities is to form and nurture connections with outstanding candidates within your potential network by genuinely and regularly engaging with them. This helps you save time, money, and resources when hiring exceptional talent.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.

5. ChartHop

If you are looking for a comprehensive People Ops platform that supports your DEI hiring initiatives, then ChartHop can be a terrific choice. This HR software covers workforce planning, people analytics, and organizational charting needs. It may not be exclusively a diversity recruitment software. Still, it plays a vital role in helping organizations keep a close eye on diversity and inclusion in their workforce and make improvements.

One excellent feature that ChartHop offers is its DEI dashboards. These dashboards come with pre-made reports created by industry experts, making it easy for you to access valuable information. On top of that, you have the ability to create your own reports, monitor the progress of your initiatives, and share trends without exposing any sensitive individual data.

The tool also offers updated insights into the makeup of your workforce. With its help, companies can easily visualize the diversity within their teams. By tracking gender, ethnicity, and other diversity metrics, organizations can pinpoint areas where they can enhance their diversity initiatives.

Pricing: ChartHop is free for your first 150 employees. To know more about its pricing, contact the sales team.


So, there you go! These were our top five DEI tools for recruiting. As you work towards building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization, it's important to recognize that these tools are not just software - they are powerful agents of progress. They act as drivers of change and gateways to a future where every person has the chance to flourish, no matter their background. Inclusivity is not just a trendy word, it's a commitment to creating a brighter and more innovative future for your company.

So, don't hesitate to take the next step and adopt DEI hiring practices. By using DEI platforms, you can create a workplace that reflects the diverse talents, ideas, and possibilities of the world we live in. This is where your journey starts, and the end goal is a future that is more inclusive, innovative, and successful.