5 Best HR Assessment Tools for HR Professionals

October 16, 2023
Hady ElHady
5 Best HR Assessment Tools for HR Professionals

Human resources (HR) has become a pivotal function in today's fast-paced business world. HR professionals are responsible for tackling a wide range of challenges, including recruiting the best employees and promoting a culture of constant improvement and innovation. As the demand for skilled and diverse workers increases, HR professionals face the challenge of finding individuals with the necessary skills who also share the organization's goals. Having a workforce that is not only capable but also enthusiastic about the company's mission is now essential.

With the changing global workforce, the role of HR leaders and their teams has also evolved. Besides handling traditional aspects of employee relations, HR professionals now need to incorporate data-driven decision-making, predict future workforce trends, and utilize technology to improve HR operations. The need for strategic HR leadership is more significant than ever as companies realize the significance of their human capital.

To rise to these challenges and maintain competitiveness, HR professionals require effective HR assessment tools. These cutting-edge platforms combine data analytics, employee feedback systems, and advanced technology. They give HR professionals the ability to go beyond relying on instinct and intuition by providing them with a solid foundation of data. With the help of these tools, HR teams can make accurate and well-informed hiring decisions that improve their workforce and give them the necessary competitive edge.

What Are HR Assessment Tools?

HR-specific assessment tools are advanced software solutions designed to provide HR professionals with valuable insights and analytics for making informed decisions.

By using data analytics, employee surveys, and other data-driven methods, these tools give an organization a comprehensive view of its most important resource – its people. Armed with this information, HR professionals can make strategic decisions backed by data, leading to significant positive transformations within their organizations.

Along with this, these HR recruitment assessment tools also help in improving candidates' experience and ensuring they do not end up leaving the hiring process midway.

In this guide, we will have a closer look at the best HR assessment tools that can empower your HR team and help them find the right candidate in less time.

Benefits of Using HR Assessment Tools

Incorporating HR assessment tools into your HR tech arsenal is a strategic step that offers numerous benefits. Here are six advantages of adopting these tools:

1. Improved Decision Making

HR assessment tools enable HR professionals to make informed decisions regarding the workforce rather than relying on intuition and guesses. These tools provide organizations with in-depth data, allowing them to align their HR strategies with overall business goals. This ensures that every decision is strategic and well-informed.

2. Better Talent Acquisition

HR assessment tools play a crucial role in simplifying the talent acquisition process by enabling HR professionals to pinpoint ideal candidates who possess the necessary skills, qualifications, and cultural compatibility. Consequently, this leads to a more streamlined hiring process and decreased employee turnover.

3. Performance Optimization

Another major benefit of HR assessment tools is that they enhance the efficiency of tracking and analyzing employee performance. By offering a comprehensive overview of both individual and team performance, these tools enable the provision of constructive feedback, the implementation of performance improvement strategies, and the identification of exceptional performers.

4. Improved Succession Planning

To maintain organizational success, it is crucial to identify and support potential future leaders from within. HR assessment tools can help identify employees with high potential and create personalized career paths for them. This ensures that the organization has a strong and flexible leadership pipeline.

5. Compliance and Risk Mitigation

HR assessment tools offer features to assist organizations in complying with labor laws and regulations. By ensuring legal adherence, organizations can protect themselves from expensive legal problems and maintain their reputation as responsible corporate citizens.

6. Better Employee Engagement

These tools come equipped with advanced survey features that enable HR teams to measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels accurately. With this valuable information, organizations can develop strategies to enhance employee morale, productivity, and retention rates, ultimately cultivating a more dedicated and loyal workforce.

Top 5 HR Assessment Tools for Your Organization  

Now that you know the basics of HR assessment tools, let's have a look at the five best tools that can take your talent assessment and recruitment to the next level. Each of these tools has its own set of capabilities and features that assist HR professionals in improving their workforce strategies and decision-making processes. Let's have a look:

1. HiPeople

Best HR Assessment Tools for Human Resources Professionals - HiPeople

HiPeople emerges as a standout player in the HR assessment tool industry. What makes HiPeople special is its dedication to offering a comprehensive solution for modern HR professionals. With a wide range of features, it is the top choice for those looking for an all-in-one cost-effective solution.

HiPeople offers a fantastic Assessment Library that has almost every kind of assessment that you may require for judging a potential employee. This library is a valuable resource comprising more than 370 types of HR assessments encompassing technical skills, behavioral competencies, cultural compatibility, and whatnot. You can use it to evaluate candidates' Excel knowledge or judge their Numerical Reasoning abilities. Whether you need to recruit for a technical position, assess leadership potential, or ensure a harmonious cultural fit, HiPeople has the answers you're looking for.

HiPeople's seamless integration options add another advantage to its portfolio. In the current HR tech landscape, integration capabilities are paramount, and HiPeople recognizes this significance. It effortlessly amalgamates with diverse HR software and systems, enabling HR professionals to optimize their workflows and consolidate their HR procedures. You can also use the tool for automated Reference Check facilities and ensure that you are hiring the best individual for your company.

Pricing: HiPeople offers a free plan with limited features as well as paid plan options. Its "Grow" plan costs $310 per month.

2. Codility

Codility is a powerful HR assessment tool designed to simplify technical hiring processes. The tool enables HR professionals and technical recruiters to evaluate the coding abilities of potential candidates efficiently. This is accomplished through various coding challenges and practical coding tests that comprehensively assess a candidate's coding proficiency.

The best thing about Codility is that it allows the candidates to select the tests of their choice, including programming exercises within specified time limits. This makes the candidates more comfortable with the assessment and improves their experience. Codility conducts unit testing on these applications and automatically scores the candidate on a scale of 1 to 100. This makes it easier for the HR managers to understand the candidate's technical capabilities and decide whether they fit the required job role or not.

While Codility is an excellent HR assessment tool, its usability is limited to technical assessment only. In case you are looking for a more comprehensive software option, HiPeople can be a better choice.

Pricing: Codility's pricing plans are available upon request.

3. Toggl Hire

Toggle Hire is a reliable HR assessment platform that provides HR teams with valuable insights into candidates' job-specific skills, enabling them to quickly and effectively identify and screen top-quality talent. No matter if you're an experienced HR professional or new to the industry, Toggl Hire provides a user-friendly interface that guarantees a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Toggl Hire helps HR managers in evaluating candidates for various job roles. You can use it for assessing skills like software development, technical know-how, marketing knowledge, and customer support skills of prospective employees. Similar to HiPeople, Toggl Hire also has an assessment library with over 180 skills tests. While they are fewer in number as compared to HiPeople, they can still be effective in your talent assessment process. With Toggl Hire, you can also create 150 different templates for various job roles.

The tool offers a simple and seamless candidate experience. When you choose this tool for your HR assessment strategies, you can invite candidates with a simple invitation link that directs them to the assessment. The only drawback of using Toggle Hire for your talent assessment is that candidates are required to log in to the software to complete the assessments. So, it limits the freedom and flexibility of the candidates.

Pricing: Toggl Hire offers a free plan that can be used for assessing up to 5 candidates. Its paid plans start from $17.

4. Pymetrics

Pymetrics is an innovative HR assessment tool that combines neuroscience and artificial intelligence to find the best job fit for candidates based on their individual cognitive and emotional characteristics. With a groundbreaking approach to hiring, Pymetrics replaces traditional resume screenings with a set of neuroscience-based games and assessments.

As one of the leading HR assessment tools, Pymetrics focuses on soft skill evaluations. The tool helps HR managers evaluate the entire talent lifecycle with gamified behavioral assessments. Instead of relying on resumes or subjective questionnaires, we gather objective cognitive and behavioral data to gauge everyone's true potential accurately.

The software also provides optional numerical and logical reasoning games. These tests are designed to be engaging and can be easily completed on mobile devices. This way, candidates don't have to go through any technical hassle while taking the tests. It improves the candidate experience. Once an assessment is finished, candidates receive personalized reports and recommendations for suitable roles based on their results.

Pricing: Contact Pymetrics' team for complete pricing details.

5. Adaface

When it comes to hiring, even the best candidates don't prefer a lot of tricky questions. This is because such questions not only spoil the evaluation process but also put the candidates under unnecessary pressure. They can also lead to wrong hiring decisions. Your prospective employers appreciate an enriching and seamless talent assessment process, and that's precisely what Adaface is designed for.

Adaface is a top-notch HR assessment tool designed specifically for technical screening and hiring candidates from engineering backgrounds. It features an in-built code editor, making it easier for HR managers to conduct technical interviews.

The software is designed to help HR professionals discover exceptional candidates by evaluating their on-the-job skills essential for a specific role. This is achieved by Adaface's top-notch scenario-based questions that assess the core knowledge and abilities required to excel in the job. This way, the candidates can showcase their abilities without feeling stressed while the HR managers can make the right hiring choice. It's a win-win for everyone!

Pricing: Adaface offers multiple pricing options, and you can choose the one that meets your needs. Its "Individual" plan starts from $180 per year.


The pursuit of excellence in talent acquisition and development is crucial in the ever-changing field of human resources (HR) management. To achieve success in this area, HR professionals must utilize advanced tools that streamline their processes, improve decision-making, and align the organization's workforce with its objectives.

The HR assessment tools mentioned above offer unique benefits to empower HR teams. Codility simplifies technical hiring, while Pymetrics combines neuroscience with candidate-job matching, and Adaface excels in assessing technical skills. These tools are essential for data-driven decision-making and enhancing workforce strategies within organizations.

However, when we explore the HR tech ecosystem further, one tool emerges as a leader in user-friendliness and providing complete HR solutions: HiPeople. If you are looking for a single solution that offers user-friendliness, versatility, and easy integration for your HR assessment needs, HiPeople is an excellent choice. With a wide range of assessments and the ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems, HiPeople empowers HR professionals to handle various hiring challenges efficiently. By using HiPeople, you can optimize your organization's talent acquisition and development strategies for success.

So, why wait? Sign up for HiPeople today and discover the incredible impact of this exceptional HR assessment tool. Enhance your HR practices, simplify your processes, and begin your journey toward creating a workforce that possesses the right skills and is in complete sync with your organization's vision.