7 Best Coding Tests & Assessment Platforms for Software Engineers

October 12, 2023
Hady ElHady
7 Best Coding Tests & Assessment Platforms for Software Engineers

In the realm of software engineering, ideas are quickly transformed into reality, and every piece of code has the power to shape the future.  Software engineers are the masterminds driving the digital revolution, always exploring innovative approaches to solve intricate problems and develop state-of-the-art solutions. So, if you are a tech organization, evaluating your prospective employees' coding abilities and hiring the finest professionals is crucial. It will help you gain a competitive edge and become the driving force in technological innovation.

Enter coding tests and assessment tools! These platforms have revolutionized the evaluation of software engineers and have become essential in the hiring process. These advanced tools have completely transformed the way assessments are conducted. As a hiring manager or employer, you need the capabilities of these tools to enhance your talent assessment and recruitment process.

However, finding the right tools for coding assessments for your organization is never easy. There are too many excellent options in the market, and choosing one can get incredibly overwhelming. But we can help!

This guide will delve into online coding assessment platforms. We will highlight their advantages and present the top seven platforms that employers hiring software engineers should take into account. In case you are looking for a complete talent assessment tool that not just focuses on coding, check out HiPeople!

What Are Coding Tests & Assessment Platforms?

Online coding tests and assessment platforms are specifically created to assess the coding skills, problem-solving capabilities, and technical knowledge of software engineers and developers. These platforms offer various coding challenges and assessments, spanning from elementary algorithmic problems to intricate software development projects.

During their hiring process, companies use these software solutions and platforms to evaluate and screen candidates, recognize top performers, and verify their coding proficiency.

Benefits of Using Coding Tests & Assessment Platforms in Your Recruitment Process

Here are the top benefits of investing in these platforms and using them for your hiring process:

1. Objective Evaluation

Using coding tests and assessment platforms offers a significant advantage in terms of objectivity during the evaluation process. Unlike traditional interviews, which personal biases can influence, coding tests provide a standardized and unbiased method for assessing a candidate's skills. This guarantees a fair evaluation for all candidates, regardless of their background or personal traits.

2. Accurate Skill Assessment

Coding tests and assessment platforms serve as effective tools for assessing a candidate's technical abilities. They accurately measure a candidate's proficiency in writing clean and efficient code, problem-solving, and algorithm implementation. These tests help ensure that candidates who progress in the hiring process possess the necessary skills for the job.

3. Efficient Screening

In the fast-paced tech industry, time is crucial. Coding tests help recruiters efficiently evaluate numerous candidates in a short time. By using coding tests, companies can quickly identify candidates who do not meet the minimum skill requirements and filter them before sending interview invites. This goes a long way in saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on lengthy interviews.

4. More Customization

There are numerous coding test platforms that enable companies to design personalized assessments that align with their unique requirements. As a result, these assessments can accurately replicate the tasks candidates will undertake in their roles. This level of customization guarantees that candidates are evaluated based on the skills and knowledge most pertinent to the position.

5. Data-Driven Decision Making

Coding test platforms provide valuable data and insights into the performance of candidates. This data can be analyzed to make data-driven decisions during the hiring process. Recruiters can identify trends, evaluate question difficulty, and enhance assessments based on previous results, ultimately leading to better-quality hires.

Top 7 Coding Tests and Assessment Platforms

Today, employers and HR managers can access a wide range of coding tests and assessment platforms. But to make your choice simpler and quicker, we have curated a list of seven best coding tests and assessment platforms. Let's have a look at them:

1. HackerRank

When it comes to picking the best coding tests and assessment tools, any list would be incomplete without HackerRank. This fantastic coding assessment tool is considered the leader of this industry. The tool is highly regarded in the market for its ability to identify and hire developers with the precise skills required. HackerRank has a massive customer base of over 3,000 big and small companies - including Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Adobe, etc.

HackerRank is a renowned platform recognized for its extensive collection of customizable coding challenges and assessments. It encompasses various subjects such as algorithms, data structures, and even artificial intelligence. You can use the software to create coding tests that focus on skills and problems relevant to developers in the workplace.

Additionally, HackerRank provides interview preparation kits, allowing candidates to experience real interview situations. Its comprehensive content and flexibility make it a top choice for job seekers and recruiters alike.

Pricing: HackerRank's plans start from $100 per month for a single user.

2. CodinGame

CodinGame is a unique coding assessment platform that turns coding challenges into fun and interactive games and puzzles. With various challenges in different programming languages, from easy to advanced, Codingame offers an extensive library for learners at all levels. What makes Codingame special is its focus on gamification, making learning and improving coding skills not only educational but also enjoyable.

The software has a separate platform called CoderPad for work-related purposes. This platform enables employers to evaluate a candidate's practical coding and development skills. Instead of relying solely on resumes, employers can let the candidate's abilities speak for themselves!

The best thing about CodinPad is that the software makes assessment creation a breeze. Even if you have limited or no tech knowledge, you can still create various coding skills in as little as 1 minute.

Pricing: CodinPad offers a free plan. Its paid plans start from $840 per year.

3. HackerEarth

Initially designed to host corporate hackathons, HackerEarth used to conduct various coding challenges, competitions, and hackathons. However, its growing popularity led to further developments of the software, and now, its services include code screening and pair programming interview features.

HackerEarth offers a comprehensive solution for technical recruitment, upskilling, and developer engagement solutions. Utilizing a range of tools, the software enables you to build tech teams that are prepared for the future effortlessly. As a screening platform, HackerEarth caters to companies that prefer to assess candidates early in the hiring process. This helps in minimizing hiring issues at the later stage.

Additionally, HackerEarth prioritizes the experience of candidates, ensuring that it is user-friendly and attractive to individuals searching for employment.

Pricing: HackerEarth offers different plans for organizations of different sizes. Its plan for Startups costs $209 per month, while the plan for Enterprises costs $419 per month.

4. CodeSignal

CodeSignal sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive approach to evaluating skills. The coding and developer assessment software offers a range of products, including pre-screening evaluations, real-time interviewing tools, and certified evaluations. In addition, CodeSignal provides tools for developers to practice and improve their skills.

Employers can use CodeSignal's Certified Evaluations to assess coding skills that are relevant to specific roles. These assessments are created and updated by experts in the field and have been validated by Industrial-Organizational Psychologists. They help reduce the chance of plagiarism by implementing dynamic question rotation and flagging any suspicious activity.

The best part is that the coding test questions are designed, updated, and maintained by CodeSignal's team. So, you won't have to worry about creating tests and can freely dedicate your time to other hiring tasks.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.

5. DevSkiller

Devskiller is a technology platform that offers candidate sourcing, skill mapping, and screening capabilities for companies. It is designed based on the company's RealLifeTesting™ methodology. This tool enables you to quickly locate developers who possess the necessary skills, reducing your Time-to-Hire by 60%.

One of the most impressive things about DevSkiller is its collection of ready-made tech assessments. The tool offers over 500 pre-designed assessments that you can start using for your hiring process at any time. All you have to do is define the skills you are looking for in a candidate, choose the right test, and get started. Yes, it's that simple, and no technical know-how is needed!

Candidates from DevSkiller have a high test completion rate of over 93% in our technical assessments. You have the option to seamlessly integrate these assessments with your preferred ATS and personalize them with your company's logo and other branding elements. Not only this, but the platform also generates scores and results automatically. This way, you can compare candidate benchmarks to find the perfect developer for your needs.

Pricing: DevSkiller's plans start from $499 per month.

6. CoderByte

CoderByte is a user-friendly code test platform that functions as both a resource for skill development and a tool for candidate assessment and interviews. It provides a wide variety of coding challenges and evaluations, catering to professionals of all skill levels.

For HR managers looking to hire software engineers, CoderByte offers many features. With over 1,000 challenges available, covering more than 30 languages and 100 skills, employers can easily find the right assessment type. Whether you are hiring software engineers for front-end development, data science, machine learning, or other fields, CoderByte can help you.

You can choose between multiple-choice, open-ended, and even video-response questions. The software also recognizes the importance of interpersonal skills and logical reasoning and includes questions and assessments covering these areas.

Pricing: CoderByte's pricing plans start from $199 per month. You can also get a free trial.

7. CodeSubmit

CodeSubmit is a highly adaptable and user-friendly solution for managing and assessing coding assignments and technical interviews. The tool helps organizations enhance their hiring processes with comprehensive solutions. It helps them save time, minimize bias, and provide the best candidate experience for take-home assignments and technical interviews.

Employers can choose from a variety of assessment formats like async, live, or hybrid. One of the best things about CodeSubmit is its vast library of thoughtfully designed assignments for over 70 languages and frameworks. This lets you easily create your personalized assignment in less than a minute.

Your candidates can then take the test at their homes, where they feel the most comfortable. This way, you can get a realistic view of their coding abilities.

Pricing: CodeSubmit's pricing starts from $199 per month.


The world of software engineering is fast-paced and constantly changing, making the search for top talent an ongoing effort. To succeed in this quest, it is essential to possess a strong ability to recognize valuable skills, a desire for innovation, and the necessary tools. Assessing coding skills and using platforms for assessment have become crucial for hiring managers and software engineers. These tools provide accuracy, scalability, and valuable information that assist in making effective recruitment decisions.

After a thorough exploration of the top seven coding tests and assessment platforms, it is clear that each platform has its own unique strengths. CodinGame offers gamified skill development, HackerRank provides a wide range of challenges, and Devskiller offers a realistic coding experience. These platforms empower hiring managers to make informed decisions and enhance the overall recruitment process.

But what if you're looking for a comprehensive talent assessment tool that goes beyond coding abilities? Enter HiPeople. This robust AI-powered talent assessment platform takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating candidates. It offers an extensive Assessment Library encompassing not only technical abilities but also a diverse range of soft skills and competencies vital for thriving in the modern workplace. You can use the tool to evaluate a candidate's communication skills, leadership skills, and more. Another standout feature of this tool is its automated reference check capability. It is an incredibly valuable feature for verifying a candidate's claims and making smarter hiring choices.

So, don't wait for long. Improve your hiring process using the appropriate tools to ensure your organization succeeds in the ever-changing software engineering field.