5 Best Background Check Software in 2024

October 18, 2023
Hady ElHady
5 Best Background Check Software in 2024

In our modern internet-friendly era, accessing information is effortless, with just a few clicks. However, the dependability and correctness of that information can greatly differ. This is where background check software becomes essential. It acts as a digital tool, enabling you to discern reality from falsehood and truth from deception.

A background check software uses its capabilities to search multiple databases, public records, and online sources. It compiles a detailed profile of the candidates you are interested in hiring for your company. This information can include criminal records, employment history, financial status, and other relevant details. By presenting a comprehensive overview, these powerful tools enable you to make informed hiring choices.

Whether you're an HR manager responsible for hiring new employees or a small business owner seeking to hire a freelancer, this guide is here to help you. We will discuss background-checking tools and their benefits and introduce you to the top choices for this year and beyond.

What is a Background Check Software?

Background check software is a specialized application that collects, organizes, and presents information about individuals or entities. It is commonly used by businesses and organizations to conduct thorough background checks on potential employees. Background check software serves the main objective of providing a comprehensive summary of an individual's background, including specific information like:

  • Employment History: It showcases an individual's professional background, encompassing previous employers, job roles, and length of employment.
  • Criminal History: This encompasses all previous convictions, arrests, or criminal records, offering a glimpse into an individual's potential risk aspects.
  • Credit History: Credit history involves information about an individual's credit score, outstanding debts, and financial stability.
  • Education Verification: This includes the individual's educational credentials, such as degrees, certifications, and educational institutions attended.
  • Social Media and Online Presence Verification: Certain high-level background check tools can even extract information from various online sources and social media profiles. This offers valuable insights into an individual's online activities and reputation.

Benefits of Background Check Tools

Background check tools provide a multitude of advantages to all kinds and sizes of organizations. Below are six benefits of using these tools:

1. Increased Security

The safety and security of employees and clients are of utmost importance for businesses and organizations. Background checks play a crucial role in revealing any previous criminal activities or violent history, which helps determine if an individual could potentially pose a security risk. This is especially critical in industries such as healthcare, education, and security.

2. Risk Mitigation

Background check tools are valuable resources that provide assistance in identifying potential risks and liabilities. By using these tools, employers can make informed decisions and avoid hiring individuals with a criminal history, thus mitigating risks within the workplace.

3. Time and Cost Savings

Background check tools improve the screening process by making it quicker and more effective. They eliminate the need for time-consuming research and verification, saving precious time. Furthermore, they can assist in minimizing the expenses related to making poor hiring choices, ultimately helping you save money in the long run.

4. Better Decision Making

Background check tools provide organizations with the ability to make informed choices. Whether it's hiring an employee or forming a partnership, having access to thorough background information allows for the evaluation of suitability and reliability.

5. Enhanced Compliance

In some industries and positions, it is crucial to adhere to legal and regulatory obligations. To ensure compliance, organizations use background check tools to verify if employees or individuals meet the required licensing, certification, or credentialing criteria.

6. Reputation Management

Protecting your company's reputation is essential. Background check tools are invaluable for safeguarding your image by screening out individuals with a track record of unethical or illegal behavior. Taking these precautions minimizes the risk of association with individuals who could damage your brand's standing.

Top 5 Background Check Software

Finding the perfect background check software, including background check software for small business, can be quite difficult due to the wide variety available. To assist you in making the right choice, we have identified the top 5 background check software solutions for this year. These options are recognized for their dependability, precision, and user-friendly interfaces. Let's have a look at each of them:

1. HiPeople

HiPeople is one of the best background check tools that you can find today. While it primarily acts as a top-notch candidate assessment software, its background check capabilities are exceptional. Did you know that to safeguard their business, 93% of companies utilize background checks to screen applicants? These checks not only enhance the quality of new hires but also ensure compliance with regulations. HiPeople's Automated Background Check simplifies this process, allowing you to initiate background checks with just a few clicks.

With HiPeople, all you have to do is simply set up a reference check in the software and include a background check along with it. After that, your candidates will choose to participate in the background check process, which triggers the start of the automated data collection process. Once the process is completed, you will be able to see the result on HiPeople.

What makes HiPeople stand out as a leading background-checking software is its user-friendly interface. The software is super easy to use and navigate. Further, you also get a top-notch reference checking feature that further enhances your hiring strategies. Along with employers, HiPeople is helpful for the candidates as well. The software simplifies the screening process by providing candidates with a single interface for all steps, including assessments, reference checks, and background checks. The candidates can conveniently provide their information on any device without the need to create an account.

Pricing: HiPeople offers multiple pricing options, including a completely free plan. Custom paid plans for reference and background checks are available upon request.

2. Checkr

Checkr is a reputable background check software that is well-known for its quick turnaround time, state-of-the-art automation, and compatibility with popular ATS platforms. Numerous recruitment teams depend on Checkr to perform thorough checks and receive immediate results. The company claims to offer businesses of all sizes the fastest and fairest background checks in the industry.

Checkr leverages advanced AI technology to streamline your hiring process, eliminating time-consuming manual background reviews and minimizing the risk of human error and bias. It offers award-winning adjudication tools that go a long way in boosting the efficiency of your hiring procedure. Additionally, employers and HR teams can also use Checkr's analytic capabilities to uncover potential avenues for expanding their talent pool.

One of the most impressive features of Checkr is that the tool allows you to process over 1.5 million reports every month without affecting the turnaround time. Due to its exceptional services and accurate results, Checkr is used by bug names like Netflix, Uber, DoorDash, and more.

Pricing: Checkr offers multiple pricing options, each having a different number of background check options. Their "Basic+" plan starts from $29.99 per check.

3. GoodHire

If you don't have budget restrictions and you are looking for an easy-to-use and efficient background check tool, check out GoodHire. It is one of the simplest and most flexible employment background check companies that can help you elevate your candidate screening and hiring process.

Once you choose GoodHire, you won't have to worry about running complicated and time-consuming background checks on potential employees. GoodHire's team will collaborate with you to create a screening program tailored to your specific requirements. If you don't want to follow this approach, the software also offers a large number of pre-packaged background check options.

What we liked most about GoodHire is its super simple account setup process. The company prioritizes simplifying the account setup process and automating common workflows, allowing you to save valuable time. By using the GoodHire dashboard, you can effortlessly access comprehensive results and stay updated on the status of your tasks. Similarly, candidates can conveniently view their results using the same user-friendly, mobile-optimized format as the employers. The software also offers fantastic customer support. GoodHire's support team is based in the United States and certified by FCRA. They are always available to address any queries regarding screening, compliance, or procedures that you or your candidates may have.

Pricing: Contact GoodHire's team to request a pricing quote.

4. Employment Check Pro

Employment Check Pro is another superb background check software offering pre-employment screening and international background check services. This world-class tool is designed to meet legal requirements and ensure employment screening for candidates across all industries worldwide, offering a convenient and efficient solution. So, if you are looking for efficient and compliant software for performing global background checks, Employment Check Pro can be a good option.

The tool helps modern organizations boost their efficiency and accelerate their hiring process using both automated background checks and reference checks. You can easily request a large variety of background checks, including DBS, credit, sanctions, criminal checks, drug tests, and more, and get 95% of digital results instantly.

Employment Check Pro fulfills requirements like FCRA, EEOC guidelines, Ban the Box, and several other data privacy laws. If your organization is required to comply with laws and regulations, you can configure the tool to suit the specific needs of that industry. This feature is especially useful for companies working in industries such as aviation, recruitment, healthcare, education, and more.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.

5. Good Egg

Good Egg offers a seamless employment screening software solution that delivers accurate results quickly. With their efficient and comprehensive automated background check process, employers can access detailed information on a candidate's history. Opting for Good Egg can be a wise decision because they are accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). This accreditation ensures that Good Egg meets rigorous standards for accuracy, privacy, and legal compliance. Thus, you can easily trust that their background checks are conducted in accordance with industry best practices and legal requirements.

Good Egg's pre-employment screening helps you find out if your candidate has truly achieved the said qualification, held the position, or obtained the prestigious license they are claiming. It's important to recognize that a person's past experiences greatly influence the professional they become in the future. Therefore, verifying the truthfulness of someone's claims about their past can provide valuable insight into their character and abilities.

The tool also offers robust post-employment screening features. Individuals can undergo positive or negative changes over time. It is essential to consider recent information such as criminal activity, drug abuse, online bullying, or sharing racist content. The tool helps you obtain real-time insights into job applicants so that you can prevent hiring individuals whose behaviors may have a negative impact on the work environment.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.


In the field of background checking software, we have carefully assessed the leading options for this year. Each of these top five tools, HiPeople, Checkr, GoodHire, Employment Check Pro, and Good Egg, brings a distinct set of features and benefits. These software tools have demonstrated their reliability, efficiency, and precision in providing background screening services.

HiPeople is a standout option among the impressive solutions available for both businesses and individuals. It is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate employment background checks, making it an invaluable tool for making informed hiring decisions. However, HiPeople goes beyond excellent background check capabilities and offers a remarkable talent assessment feature that sets it apart from others.

It goes beyond verifying a candidate's history to help you determine their potential for success in a specific role. HiPeople's extensive Assessment Library offers a number of top-notch assessment options that allow organizations to make safe and strategic hiring decisions. By incorporating predictive analytics and behavioral assessments, it provides a comprehensive view of a candidate's abilities, personality traits, and compatibility with your company's culture and job requirements.

HiPeople's excellent background checks and advanced talent assessment make it an ideal choice for modern businesses. It not only helps you avoid the risks associated with unreliable hires but also positions you to select candidates that will drive your organization's growth and success. Sign up for HiPeople today!