13 Best Candidate Assessment Tools and Software in 2024

October 4, 2023
Hady ElHady
13 Best Candidate Assessment Tools and Software in 2024

Candidate assessment tools remain essential in the hiring process for organizations across different industries. As the recruitment landscape evolves, these tools have also adapted to meet the shifting needs and demands.

What are Candidate Assessment Tools?

Candidate assessment tools are specifically created to assess the skills, capabilities, and traits of job applicants. These tools aid employers in making well-informed decisions when choosing the most fitting candidates for their company. Incorporating these tools into the hiring process can greatly improve its efficiency, saving time and resources while also increasing the likelihood of successful hires.

There are various types of candidate assessment tools that can be used:

  1. Online aptitude tests: These tests evaluate candidates' skills in different areas such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, and critical thinking. They offer a fair and impartial way to measure candidates' cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.
  2. Personality assessments: These are tools that analyze candidates' personality traits, including extroversion, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience. By comprehending candidates' personalities, employers can assess how well they will fit into company's culture.
  3. Simulation-based assessments: These tools replicate real-life situations related to the job role, enabling candidates to demonstrate their abilities and skills in a practical environment. For instance, a simulator might evaluate how well a candidate can handle customer complaints or make crucial choices under intense pressure.
  4. Video assessments: Video interviews have gained popularity as an assessment tool due to technological advancements. This method allows employers to conduct virtual interviews, evaluate candidates' non-verbal communication skills, and assess their suitability for the position, all without being limited by location.
  5. Assessing skills: These tools gauge candidates' competence in the specific skills needed for the job. For instance, coding challenges or writing samples can evaluate a candidate's technical proficiency or written communication skills, respectively.

When choosing a candidate assessment tool, organizations must make sure it fits their hiring goals, job criteria, and company culture. It is also important to verify that the tool is reliable, valid, and impartial, ensuring objective and consistent evaluation of candidates.

With that said, let's look at the best candidate assessment tools available in the market. These tools offer some of the best features seen thus far.

Top 13 Candidate Assessment Tools and Software

1. HiPeople

Thanks to its culture-fit assessment capabilities, HiPeople has established itself as a leading assessment tool and software for evaluating job candidates. Employers can define and evaluate the values, behaviors, and work styles that align with their organization's culture. Additionally, HiPeople provides skill-based assessments that accurately measure candidates' technical competencies and job requirements tailored to specific roles and industries.

The platform also offers the convenience of video interviewing. With this integrated feature, employers can remotely evaluate candidates' communication skills, professionalism, and compatibility with the role and organization. This functionality greatly simplifies the interview process, especially when dealing with candidates in different locations.

HiPeople provides advanced analytics and reporting with a data-driven approach that helps companies make better hiring decisions and identify the most suitable candidates for further stages of the recruitment process.

Pricing: Free package with basic features for 5 candidates per year. 'Grow' package at 20 USD/ month for 100 candidates per year. 'Scale' package at 250 USD/ month for 1,500 candidates per year. Contact HiPeople for 'Business' custom package.

2. Xobin

Xobin is a rapidly expanding HRTech company that collaborates with over 300 organizations in over 45 countries. They specialize in automating screening processes, enhancing interview efficiency, saving costs in hiring, and establishing successful teams.

Xobin is the top provider of candidate assessment tools, offering a comprehensive solution for evaluating skills, aptitude, and personality. By leveraging AI technology, Xobin's platform ensures greater accuracy and efficiency compared to manual assessments conducted by recruiters.

Notably, Xobin boasts a high retention rate, a testament to their effective approach. Their platform is designed to maximize efficiency and reliability, streamlining the process of posting job listings, receiving applications, and conducting interviews for clients. Xobin offers a number of tools and resources to support clients through the hiring process, making it suitable for filling both entry-level and senior executive roles. Count on Xobin to meet your hiring requirements effectively.

Pricing: Starting at 166 USD/ month. Offers monthly, quarterly, and annual billing cycles.

3. eSkill

Offering a range of features such as the ability to create, administer, and evaluate online tests, eSkill is a leading tool for evaluating candidates. With eSkill, employers have the flexibility to customize tests across various categories like Excel skills and customer service aptitude.

Save valuable time and effort during the hiring process with the platform's ready-made assessments for popular positions. eSkill also goes beyond assessments by providing convenient tools for virtual interviewing and facilitating the onboarding of new hires.

Pricing: Packages available - staffing, basic, premium, and enterprise. Pricing is available upon request.

4. Mettl

Looking to streamline your talent management processes efficiently and effortlessly? Try out Mettl. Their range of talent assessment tools is specifically designed to evaluate personality traits, aptitude levels, communication abilities, and job-specific skills.

With a vast library consisting of over 200 ready-to-use talent assessments and question banks covering 800+ skills across more than 25 industries and various job roles, Mettl aims to assist businesses in recruiting and nurturing the perfect individuals for their organizations.

With a user-friendly interface and diverse question types, creating assessments that cater to specific organizational needs is effortless. The platform offers a plethora of reports and analytics, allowing for easy progress tracking and identification of areas that need improvement.

Pricing: Based on the size of the organization and the number of users; customized options are also available.

5. Vervoe

With customize assessments for job openings, this cost-effective solution is suitable for all your hiring requirements. Vervoe offers various extra features, such as assessments with multiple stages and collaborative assessment reviews. This allows employers to customize the assessment process, engage multiple parties, and make better hiring decisions.

Additionally, Vervoe provides in-depth reports, enabling employers to compare candidate performance, identify top candidates, and simplify the selection process. The tool's analytics prioritize candidate abilities over subjective factors, reducing bias.

Pricing: Three plans -

  • Pay & Go - 228 USD/ year - 1 Assessment for up to 100 Candidates
  • Let's Talk - Custom annual pricing - Tailored to suit your requirements
  • Let's Partner - Usage-based pricing - Scalable pricing tiers based on usage

6. DevSkiller

Devskiller is highly favored by hiring teams because it excels in accurately assessing qualified job candidates. With its wide range of coding tasks and thorough technical skill evaluations, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect fit for your team and minimize recruitment expenses and employee turnover. DevSkiller is a platform designed to help with talent acquisition, skills management, and employee development.

Pricing: Different monthly subscription plans tailored to your needs, starting at $499.

7. Codility

Codility is the top platform for companies to assess the coding abilities of developers and make informed hiring choices. With over 15 million developers evaluated and counting, Codility accurately predicts the real-life skills of candidates throughout the hiring process.

Codility is designed to assist businesses by evaluating developers' skills during interviews. Recruiters can assess candidates' problem-solving and programming abilities using this tool. It is particularly helpful for remote hiring, large-scale recruitment, and sourcing experienced developers.

Pricing: You can get a quote on request.

8. Coderpad.io

If evaluating candidate's skills quickly and precisely is a priority, Coderpad.io is a good platform to try out. The platform is designed for technical interviews and is primarily used by top development teams.

Coderpad.io is a highly regarded candidate assessment tool that has proven to be invaluable in many companies' interviewing processes. With its real-time coding feature, candidates can confidently showcase their technical skills and share their outcomes with interviewers more precisely.

Pricing: Four different subscription plans -

  • Free
  • Teams - starting at $250 per month
  • Business - starting at $750 per month
  • Enterprise plan - customizable to your business needs

9. HireVue

HireVue's exceptional hiring platform offers a range of services, including video interviewing, assessments, and conversational AI. With a track record of over 29 million video interviews and 150 million chat-based candidate interactions, HireVue has served more than 800 customers worldwide.

HireVue is a top candidate assessment tool in the industry. They promise unmatched accuracy in hiring by automating workflows, allowing hiring managers to allocate their time toward more significant tasks. In addition to assessment tools, HireVue also offers AI-powered interview practice sessions and candidate feedback surveys.

Pricing: The Essentials Plan is ideally suited for organizations employing 2,500-7,500 individuals, with a starting price of $35,000. On the other hand, the Enterprise Plan offers complete customization and can be precisely customized to meet the specific needs of any organization.

10. HackerRank

HackerRank, the leading technology hiring platform, is trusted by over 3,000 companies worldwide to assess developer skills. With HackerRank, companies can efficiently hire talented developers and drive innovation by allowing tech recruiters and hiring managers to impartially evaluate talent at every step of recruitment.

HackerRank offers a range of challenges, covering programming tasks and interviews both on behavioral and technical aspects. They provide access to a database of over 18 million developers for companies to select from.

Pricing: Four plans available:

  • Interview - $25 per month per user
  • Individual - $249 per month
  • Team - $599 per month
  • Enterprise solution - customized to your needs.

11. ThriveMap

ThriveMap specializes in enhancing the hiring process by providing one-of-a-kind assessments that truly capture the essence of working in your company. These assessments ensure you find candidates who fit in well with your team, in turn strengthening it in the long run.

The London-based company offers a unique approach to evaluating candidate compatibility for organizations seeking to expand their teams and hire high-quality individuals on a large scale. By utilizing a combination of objective assessments and behavioral surveys, ThriveMap provides valuable insights for the hiring process.

Pricing: Subscription plans that can be tailor-made to fit the needs of businesses. This allows companies to select the specific features they require and only pay for what they actually use.

12. TestGorilla

By using TestGorilla, you can save time and enhance the precision and effectiveness of your hiring process. Their tests are user-friendly and aim to assist you in making informed hiring decisions without any unconscious bias.

TestGorilla is a candidate assessment tool that helps you create personalized tests to evaluate the skills and capabilities of prospective employees.  This reliable and efficient tool assists you in finding the ideal candidate for your team.

Pricing: Free trial for skill-based hiring. Starter Package at 400 USD/ month and Pro Package at 555 USD/ month.

13. TestDome

If you are looking for a tool that enables you to tailor assessments according to the specific qualifications needed for each job, Test Dome is a good option. The pricing may differ depending on the project's size and scope, but Test Dome's track record of effectiveness and user-friendly interface make it a worthwhile investment. Say goodbye to making decisions based on intuition or unstructured interviews.

With Test Dome, you can design personalized programming tests that align with the exact skills required for your project. The easy-to-use interface also ensures that both administrators and candidates can easily navigate the testing process without unnecessary complications.

Pricing: Packages range -

  • Starter - 100 USD for 5 candidates
  • Small - 400 USD for 25 candidates
  • Medium - 1,000 USD for 100 candidates
  • Large - 2,400 USD for 300 candidates
  • Extra Large -  4,200 USD for 600 candidates.


To sum up, the candidate assessment tools available provide various capabilities, with advanced technologies to evaluate candidates' abilities, traits, skills, and compatibility with company culture. These tools simplify the hiring process, resulting in better-informed and successful hiring choices. When used effectively, organizations can identify highly qualified candidates and assemble high-performing teams.

If you are looking for a wide range of candidate assessment tools, look no further than HiPeople.

HiPeople's comprehensive Assessment Library allows businesses to find the best-suited candidate for the role with the help of metrics like hard skills, soft skills, cognitive abilities, culture add, personality, and more. Sign up today to access more such features!

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