5 Best Internal Mobility Platforms in 2024

May 28, 2024
Hady ElHady
5 Best Internal Mobility Platforms in 2024

Ever thought about the immense potential within your existing workforce? It goes beyond just hiring the right people; it’s about nurturing and leveraging the talent you already have. That's where Internal Mobility Platforms come in! These platforms offer dynamic solutions for companies looking to optimize their employee talent pool, encourage career growth, and drive organizational success.

Imagine this: instead of always searching for external talent, envision tapping into the wealth of skills and expertise already present within your organization. That's the magic of internal mobility [latforms. They act like bridges, connecting employees with diverse opportunities such as lateral moves, promotions, or new projects, fostering a culture of growth and innovation.

But why are these platforms so important? Let’s break it down. For employees, internal mobility isn’t just about a new title or a raise; it’s about personal and professional development. It opens up doors to new challenges, skill enhancements, and broader horizons, which ultimately leads to greater job satisfaction and retention. From a business perspective, the benefits are just as compelling. Promoting internal mobility helps reduce recruitment costs, minimizes disruptions from turnover, and cultivates a workforce that’s agile and adaptable.

Finding the right internal mobility platform can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. With a wide array of options available, choosing the best fit is crucial. Don't worry—this blog post is your guide in navigating through these options. We've curated a list of the top 5 platforms to boost your organization towards long-term success and seamless operations.

What is Internal Talent Mobility in an Organization?

Internal talent mobility is all about helping employees move and grow within the company, whether it's through new roles, shifts between departments, or relocations. Instead of hiring new people from outside the organization to fill positions or meet changing business needs, this practice taps into the skills and expertise of current staff.

It recognizes that employees already have valuable knowledge, experiences, and potential that can be developed further to benefit the company. Internal talent mobility includes various career development opportunities such as promotions, lateral moves, job rotations, special projects, and skill development programs.

By emphasizing internal talent mobility, companies can boost employee engagement and retention while also creating a culture of continuous learning and adaptability—key ingredients for staying competitive in today’s fast-changing business world.

Internal Mobility Framework

An internal talent mobility strategy or framework is a structured set of guidelines within an organization aimed at facilitating and managing the movement of employees across different roles, departments, or locations. This framework usually includes policies, processes, and tools to support various aspects of internal talent mobility like identifying talent, assessing skill gaps, planning career development, and managing succession.

At its heart, an internal mobility framework strives to create a culture that encourages and enables employees to pursue growth and advancement within the organization. It offers employees visibility into available career paths, promotes transparency in the selection process for internal opportunities, and ensures fairness and equity in decision-making.

Key components of an internal mobility framework may include the following:

  • Talent Identification: Setting up mechanisms to identify high-potential employees and those with critical skills or competencies that align with organizational goals.
  • Career Development Planning: Providing tools and resources for employees to assess their strengths, interests, and development needs and to create personalized career development plans.
  • Internal Job Postings: Implementing a centralized platform for posting internal job vacancies and facilitating applications from interested employees.
  • Skill Development Initiatives: Offering training programs, mentoring, coaching, and other learning opportunities to help employees acquire new skills or improve existing ones relevant to their career goals.
  • Succession Planning: Identifying and grooming internal candidates for key leadership positions to ensure smooth and effective leadership transitions.
  • Performance Evaluation and Feedback: Incorporating performance assessments and regular feedback sessions to support employees in their career growth journey and identify areas for improvement.

By implementing a strong internal mobility framework, organizations can optimize talent management processes, boost employee engagement and retention, and foster a culture of continuous learning and development, ultimately driving long-term organizational success.

What Is an Internal Talent Mobility Platform?

An internal talent mobility platform is specialized software designed to facilitate employee mobility within a company. These platforms act as centralized hubs where team members can find career development opportunities such as job openings, project assignments, skill-building programs, and mentorship options.

With user-friendly interfaces, employees can search for internal opportunities that match their skills, interests, career goals, and availability. These platforms often sync with other HR systems, such as performance and learning management systems, to give a well-rounded view of employees' abilities and development needs. Many also use advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics to connect employees with suitable opportunities, spot skill gaps, and suggest personalized career paths.

By streamlining internal talent mobility, these platforms help companies make the most of their current workforce, boost employee engagement and retention, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Benefits of Using Internal Mobility Software

Implementing internal mobility software within an organization brings numerous benefits for both employees and the company as a whole. Here are some key advantages:

1. Talent Retention

By allowing employees to explore new opportunities within the organization, internal mobility software helps to keep top talent from looking elsewhere. This boosts employee satisfaction and loyalty through career development and progression.

2. Cost Savings

Hiring external candidates can be expensive. Internal mobility software helps organizations fill vacancies with existing employees, saving on recruitment expenses, training costs, and the productivity losses that come with onboarding new hires.

3. Skill Utilization

This software identifies employees' skills, experiences, and interests, matching them with roles or projects that best fit their talents. This alignment leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction as employees engage in meaningful work that plays to their strengths.

4. Knowledge Transfer

Facilitating internal mobility promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments or teams. Employees who move between roles bring valuable insights, perspectives, and best practices, enriching the organization's collective knowledge base.

5. Succession Planning

Internal mobility software aids in succession planning by identifying and grooming internal candidates for future leadership positions. It provides visibility into employees' career aspirations and development paths, allowing organizations to cultivate a talent pipeline for critical roles.

Top Internal Talent Mobility Programs and Software

Check out the leading internal talent mobility programs and software that are transforming workforce management. These cutting-edge platforms provide creative solutions to boost career development, improve employee retention, and maximize your team's skills. Let's have a look!

1. Gloat

Gloat internal talent marketplace

Gloat is one of the best talent marketplace platforms that offers top-tier internal employee mobility features. The software is crafted to align organizational talent with business needs, ensuring the right people are in the right roles at the right moments. By offering a dynamic marketplace of opportunities, Gloat empowers employees to take charge of their career development. This platform allows businesses to tap into a pool of qualified talent on demand, retain essential skills, and enable continuous employee growth.

Additionally, Gloat boasts robust sourcing and screening capabilities that unleash the full potential of an organization’s talent database. It provides a comprehensive view of skills across various groups, including employees, applicants, alumni, and contingent workers. The platform promotes a fair and equitable hiring process by using AI to mitigate bias and identify non-traditional candidates based on aspirations and transferable skills.

Plus, Gloat’s personalized career paths help employees and candidates explore a wide range of career possibilities within the company, outlining steps and identifying skill gaps to support their career goals. By empowering talent to steer their careers, Gloat fosters an environment of continuous growth and development.

Pricing: Pricing information is available upon request.

2. Hitch Works

Hitch Works internal talent mobility software

Hitch's internal talent mobility software is a fantastic tool that boosts organizational productivity by making it easy to see the skills within your workforce. This internal talent marketplace quickly matches the right people with the right projects, helping to redeploy talent across departments swiftly.

By speeding up the process of filling jobs and projects from months to mere days, Hitch helps organizations keep their top talent longer and allocate resources where they're needed most. It also slashes recruiting and onboarding costs, does away with the need for expensive skill inventories, and improves employee experience through efficient organizational assessments.

On top of enhancing productivity, Hitch invigorates the employee experience by automating processes like mentoring, career development, and engagement. This fosters an environment for new ideas through cross-functional teams and micro-communities. Building dynamic teams with Hitch sparks innovation and breaks down organizational silos, allowing talent to thrive and reach its full potential.

Pricing: A pricing quote is available upon request.


ERIN internal talent mobility platform

ERIN’s internal talent mobility software is crafted to effortlessly recognize and utilize the talent within your organization. Focused on simplicity and engagement, ERIN allows employees to easily explore career opportunities both laterally and vertically. This platform revamps the internal mobility process, making it straightforward for employees to engage and advance their careers within the company.

With a fully customizable experience, ERIN integrates smoothly with your current internal job board, ensuring a fluid and personalized internal movement process. For recruiters, ERIN offers instant match capabilities, enabling swift identification of internal candidates for open positions and inviting them to apply with just one click. The platform provides clear visibility into their skills, showing alignment with potential roles and identifying any gaps.

ERIN keeps employees engaged through gamification and real-time communication, making internal mobility effective and enjoyable. With AI-powered job matching, policy management, and insightful analytics dashboards, ERIN drives organizational success by filling positions quickly, increasing retention, and promoting internal career growth.

Pricing: Prices start at $999 per month.

4. SmartMobility by SmartRecruiters

SmartMobility by SmartRecruiters

SmartMobility is a fantastic internal talent mobility software created by SmartRecruiters. Instead of just focusing on external recruitment, SmartMobility uses the power of existing team members to save on recruiting costs and boost retention. Recruiters can handle all their internal hiring tasks from one straightforward dashboard, sharing job openings through an integrated widget to ensure internal candidates see job ads first. This approach prioritizes internal applicants, giving them the chance to apply for roles before they're made public, and fosters a culture of career growth within the company.

This career mobility platform helps employees stay engaged and advance within their organization. They can navigate and apply for open positions using a private Internal Jobs portal equipped with the same application and profile management features available to external applicants.

Hiring managers also benefit, as the platform automatically identifies and organizes internal applicants, clearly marking them to differentiate from external candidates. This enables personalized screening and efficient internal talent management, supporting a more agile and adaptable workforce.

Pricing: Pricing information is available upon request.

5. Avature

Avature internal mobility software

Avature's internal mobility software leverages AI and advanced skills management tools to create a dynamic talent marketplace. The sophisticated platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to match employees with professional opportunities based on their career aspirations, skills, and other relevant factors.

With Avature Mobility, companies can build agile programs to promote, rotate, and reassign homegrown talent, supporting proactive and comprehensive mobility initiatives that align with strategic goals. The system's comprehensive employee profiles offer a detailed overview of the organization's talent pool, enhanced by data from various touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle. This consolidated data allows for precise opportunity matching, personalized career paths, and skills validation, preparing employees for new roles.

Avature's robust integration framework seamlessly imports data from HRIS, LMS, and other systems, providing a holistic view of each employee's capabilities and career path. Additionally, AI-powered recommendations help reduce unconscious bias and promote inclusive career development, ensuring equity and transparency in the internal mobility process.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.


To sum up, maximizing internal talent is key to organizational success today, and the right internal mobility platform can make a big difference. Each of the platforms we explored today offers unique features that boost employee engagement, streamline internal hiring, and drive productivity. But remember, our list is just a starting point, and there are many other great solutions out there. Thus, it's vital to thoroughly research and consider your organization's specific needs before picking an internal mobility platform.

If you’re also interested in enhancing the quality of your new hires with a top-notch talent assessment tool, check out HiPeople. This AI-powered platform includes a Talent Assessment Library with over 300 types of evaluations, covering abilities from Excel proficiency to advanced English proficiency. HiPeople provides deep insights into potential employees' capabilities, offering a well-rounded approach to talent management. Check it out today!

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