Top 12 Online Exam Software in 2024

September 20, 2023
Hady ElHady
Top 12 Online Exam Software in 2024

The use of online exam software has completely transformed the recruitment process, making it more efficient, convenient, and effective. The old-fashioned methods involving paper-based exams, administrative burdens, and subjective evaluations are a thing of the past. Thanks to online exam software, recruitment agencies, and organizations now have an incredibly effective tool to simplify their hiring procedures and make informed decisions based on data.

What is an Online Exam Software?

An online exam software is a complete platform that enables recruiters to create and conduct exams, assessments, and interviews online. It offers a secure and trustworthy environment for candidates to conveniently take exams from any location, overcoming geographical limitations and reducing logistical difficulties. This software is versatile and can meet various recruitment demands, including entrance exams, aptitude tests, technical assessments, and personality interviews.

Online exam software for recruitment offers a range of advantages, including user-friendly operation and convenient access. Recruiters are able to design personalized exams with various question formats, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, essay, and coding. By sending the exams via email, candidates can complete them within a specific time frame. The software even enables the randomization of question-and-answer options to uphold fairness and deter cheating.

The software also offers real-time analytics and reporting features as an additional benefit. With this, recruiters have the ability to monitor candidates' progress, track their performance, and generate reports on different metrics like accuracy, speed, and subject proficiency instantly. This data-driven approach allows recruiters to make informed decisions and select candidates based on their actual abilities rather than relying solely on resumes.

The use of online exam software significantly reduces the administrative burden placed on recruiters. By automating tasks such as exam creation, candidate registration, and result generation, precious time and resources are saved. This eliminates the need for manual evaluation, as the software includes algorithms designed for automated scoring and ranking.

With regard to security, online exam software implements various features to ensure the integrity of the assessment process. Measures like remote proctoring, time limits, and IP tracking help prevent cheating and guarantee a fair evaluation. Recruiters can trust that the results obtained are authentic and unbiased.

Let's have a look at the best online exam software that's available in the market.

12 Best Online Exam Software Solutions

1. HiPeople

An unparalleled blend of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interface, and mind-boggling features has helped HiPeople make a name for itself in the online exam software industry. What sets HiPeople apart is its extensive Assessment Library, which offers a wide range of assessments covering diverse domains and skills. Whether it's assessing advanced English proficiency or evaluating hard skills such as Accounting and Microsoft Office, HiPeople provides employers with the flexibility to conduct a variety of tests.

The pricing model of HiPeople is suitable for businesses of all sizes, making it an excellent option for startups, small businesses, and large enterprises.

Standout Feature: Recruiters have the ability to tailor assessments and design job-specific tests in a matter of minutes. This flexibility ensures a precise evaluation of candidates, perfectly aligning with their specific job roles and industries. Also, check out their Assessment Library!

Pricing: HiPeople offers a variety of pricing options to suit different budgets.

The free package comes with basic features for 5 candidates per year. 'Grow' package at 20 USD/ month for 100 candidates per year. 'Scale' package at 250 USD/ month for 1,500 candidates per year. You can choose a plan that best fits your unique business requirements.

2. Test Invite

Test Invite is a robust assessment platform designed for organizations to create top-notch tests that evaluate knowledge and measure different facets of individuals. It also enables online administration of these tests.

With Test Invite, you have the ability to design multi-stage exam assessments. This allows candidates to advance from one exam to the next as long as they continue to pass. Rest assured, Test Invite is GDPR-compliant, ensuring the security of your data.

Users can design personalized exams with advanced features including multiple sections, time restrictions, randomization, and additional options. The Google Cloud feature allows businesses to conduct numerous online exams simultaneously and securely store all test data and reports.

Standout Feature: Comprehensive Examination Reports - Access in-depth information such as the total questions attempted, accurate answers given, points earned per section, and additional details. Users can also simultaneously administer millions of online exams and securely store all tests and reports on the Google Cloud platform.

Pricing: Users can purchase credits for the tool to use it. The cost per credit decreases as you purchase more credits in a single transaction.

3. Conduct Exam

If you are looking for an all-inclusive online exam software, Conduct Exam is your best bet. In addition to serving academia, Conduct Exam software has also been highly effective in campus recruitment. It significantly reduces the workload and costs for company officials, who would otherwise have to manually go through every candidate's sheet.

Conduct Exam is a powerful exam maker software that offers a broad collection of exam features while also ensuring a seamless user experience. It is particularly convenient as it works seamlessly on mobile devices and allows easy importing of questions from Word or Excel files.

Standout Feature: Conduct Exam is known to be very user-friendly. Users can enhance their questions with various multimedia files, such as images and videos.

Pricing: Contact the business to request a quote.

4. Think Exam

Think Exam is a powerhouse that brings innovation, excellence, and cutting-edge assessment solutions to the table. The platform delivers innovative examination processes and assessment solutions to educational institutions, the government/ PSU sector, as well as leading corporate entities.

With this tool, you can explore various options, such as adjusting timelines, controlling text transparency, shuffling and randomizing content, establishing guidelines, utilizing tags for easier searching, and implementing penalties for incorrect attempts.

Think Exam provides effective anti-cheating features like live, recorded, and AI proctoring, as well as browser security, making it a great choice for conducting important assessments.

Standout Feature: Prevent cheating and unauthorized access during remote proctoring using candidate ID verification, automated proctoring with the help of AI, and live proctoring conducted by human proctors.

Pricing: Free trial available. You can also visit the website and fill out a form to request a demo.

5. SkyPrep

This software is all about making training a breeze for everyone involved - employees, customers, and partners. SkyPrep is a user-friendly online training software that simplifies the process of delivering, monitoring, and improving training.

Recruiters can create tests using various question formats, including multiple-choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank, and short-answer questions. They also have the option to incorporate videos and other multimedia to make the test more engaging.

SkyPrep streamlines the administrative aspects of managing exams for recruiters by offering automated features such as scheduling exams, registering candidates, and generating results.

While its primary function is as an LMS, SkyPrep can also serve as a valuable online exam software for recruiters. With its ability to create customized exams, ensure a secure testing environment, provide real-time analytics, and automate processes, it offers recruiters a reliable solution for evaluating candidates' abilities and making well-informed hiring choices.

Standout Feature: SkyPrep offers recruiters the ability to create customized exams to suit the unique demands of various job positions. This feature allows recruiters to easily design exams that cater to specific requirements.

Pricing: A free 14-day trial period is available. After this period, recruiters can speak to an expert and identify which of the three subscription options - Lite, Professional, or Enterprise - is most suitable for their needs.

6. Pesofts

This cloud-based software is designed to assist educational institutions, colleges, coaching centers, corporate training interviews, and government agencies in conducting online examinations and tests. It includes proctoring features to ensure that the online exams are cheat-free.

With its excellent features including various question types, proctoring and security settings, and fast test reports, this exam software is not only effective but also affordable.

Standout Feature: Pesofts is known for being very user-friendly. Recruiters can experience the convenience of Concurrent Live Tests, allowing them to effortlessly create exams online at any time and from any location using the mobile app or web panel software. Recruiters can obtain immediate reports, swift analysis, and comparisons of marks.

Pricing: Five pricing plans:

  • Free - 100 candidates (limited features)
  • Basic - 50 candidates - Rs. 3000/year or $50/year
  • Professional - 100 candidates - Rs. 5000/year or $80/year
  • Business - 250 candidates - Rs. 10,000/year or $145/year
  • Custom - Unlimited candidates - Custom Dashboard

7. Exam Professor

Designed for teachers and small businesses alike, Exam Professor is an effective online examination software. It offers plenty of unique features that allow you to create engaging exams and easily integrate them into your website.

Some of the features offered include assessments, quizzes, certification management, online tests, randomization, and time limits. This tool is a web-based platform that allows for timed assessments, custom feedback, and self-enrollment, and provides a dashboard.

Standout Feature: Easy accessibility of tests and quizzes for candidates, and scores can be received immediately. The unique interface allows for easy organization of questions and answers.

Pricing: Four pricing plans:

  • Basic - Upto 100 candidates - $12/month
  • Pro - Upto 300 candidates - $24/month
  • Business - Upto 500 candidates - $49/month
  • Ultimate - Unlimited candidates - $99/month

8. ExamSoft

The assessment solutions provided by ExamSoft are suitable across many industries and programs. These services extend beyond higher education, as they also assist businesses, organizations, and government entities in conducting certification and licensure exams.

Utilize this online exam maker software to conveniently gather and arrange your assessment data, along with the ability to analyze exam results and generate insightful reports on candidates. These reports will help showcase individual strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, you can provide candidates with thorough feedback to enhance their performance.

Standout Feature: Excellent Proctoring - Ensure identity verification and monitor exam takers using advanced proctoring features. Users can also avail of the best reporting and statistics features.

Pricing: Request a demo and get a quote based on your needs.

9. ExamOnline

As a remote proctoring solution, ExamOnline offers users a plethora of features. Some are -

  • The advanced AI technology allows for real-time monitoring and detection of cheating.
  • Recruiters can customize proctoring settings to meet their specific exam needs.
  • The secure browser prevents candidates from accessing unauthorized resources during the exam.
  • The platform provides high-quality video and audio feeds to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring.
  • The system seamlessly integrates with the business's existing learning management system (LMS).

Standout Feature: Receive comprehensive exam reports that provide valuable insights including scorecards, computational analysis, and detailed analytics.

Pricing: Available on request.

10. ClassMarker

ClassMarker is a secure and professional web-based tool that will have you creating mind-blowing quizzes in no time. It is an ideal testing solution for businesses, training, and educational assessments. Tests and quizzes can be graded instantly.

This exam tool is equipped with an array of remarkable features such as strong security measures, privacy protection, and anti-cheating settings. It also allows users to create question banks, offers certification options, provides white-labeling capabilities, and includes API functionalities, among many other impressive features.

Standout Feature: ClassMarker is known for its many impressive features. One that stands out is the multi-language support, which allows recruiters to conduct exams in a variety of languages.

Pricing: Prices vary for business and educational needs.

Business pricing:

  • Professional 1 - $39.95 USD per month - includes all features and 400 tests per month
  • Professional 2 - $79.95 USD per month - includes all features and 1000 tests per month
  • Enterprise - Personalized packages

11. Test Gorilla

From an extensive library of pre-built assessments to customizable tests tailored to your specific needs, Test Gorilla has all the tricks up its sleeve to identify the brightest talents. This platform features some advanced capabilities to help recruiters accurately evaluate the skills and abilities of candidates.

Test Gorilla includes real-time analytics and reporting as vital elements. Recruiters can obtain extensive insights and analytics on candidate performance, generating reports that provide details on candidate scores, question-level analysis, and percentile rankings.

Standout Feature: The ability to customize exams is provided by Test Gorilla, allowing users to add their own questions or assessments. Additionally, Test Gorilla offers support for various question types such as multiple-choice, coding challenges, and video assessments.

Pricing: Three plans -

  • Free at $0, inclusive of 10 tests
  • Starter at $400 per month
  • Pro at $555 per month

12. SpeedExam

This innovative online exam system has the potential to change the way recruiters handle assessments, recruitment, selection, and certifications. SpeedExam is a fast and efficient exam creation and management software designed for large groups of candidates. It features advanced security measures to ensure exam integrity, making it a top choice for important assessments. With live and AI-based proctoring, it monitors exam takers in real time, providing valuable information such as attempt history, browser details, device information, location, IP address, and more.

Standout Feature:  Receive detailed reports to effectively evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement. These reports help both the candidate and the recruiter analyze strengths and weaknesses.

Pricing: Three pricing plans available -

  • Free - with limited features - unlimited time
  • Professional - $240 per year
  • Ultimate - $1500 per year


Online exam software has transformed the recruitment process by offering recruiters a powerful tool for streamlining hiring procedures and making data-driven decisions. Its user-friendly interface, accessibility, real-time analytics, and automation capabilities make it an invaluable resource for recruitment agencies and organizations. The numerous benefits provided by these software options have revolutionized the field of recruitment, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and fairness.

All the above-mentioned software are excellent options for organizations looking for online exam platforms. However, HiPeople stands out as the top choice for businesses wanting a thorough and affordable solution. A robust selection of assessment features is a must-have for any recruitment agency. HiPeople has an extensive Assessment Library that looks at a variety of parameters like hard skills, soft skills, personality, cognitive abilities, culture add, and reference checks. HiPeople's assessment features help you find the best candidates for the role - fast, easy, and bias-free!

The user-friendly features make the entire process easy and enjoyable for both recruiters and candidates. Additionally, HiPeople offers a cost-effective pricing model, making it a viable choice for businesses of any size and fitting well within budgetary constraints. Sign up today!