Announcing HiPeople’s Lever Integration!

September 19, 2021
Nataliia Senatorova
Announcing HiPeople’s Lever Integration!

The only thing better than finding a new piece of tech to make your life easier is realizing that it integrates seamlessly with the tech you already love.

That’s why we built HiPeople to have integrations at its core.

We already sync seamlessly with any Applicant Tracking System via webhooks, and in May, we released our first native ATS integration with Greenhouse.

Now, we’re excited to announce our second native integration with Lever (and we have more on the horizon).

If you’re a Lever user, our integration will let you:
- Add a Reference Check stage to your Job's Interview Plan
- Send HiPeople reference checks directly from Lever
- View reference check results within your candidate’s Lever profile

Why else would you want to integrate with HiPeople? Well, here’s what we can do for you:

HiPeople can help you to...

Hire 50% more high performers

HiPeople’s 360 reference insights surface the candidates with the right skills to succeed in your business

Reduce ramp time by 33%
Understand what your new hires need to perform at their best, and provide tailored onboarding support

Get insights in under 48 hours
90% of HiPeople references are completed within 2 days, providing you with essential candidate insights, quickly

Make offers 20% earlier
Gather references before final stage, build confidence early, and make offers sooner than before

But don’t take our word on all this — let us show you HiPeople in action. You can book a short, free demo with our team here.

What our customers have to say…

“From my perspective, HiPeople will revolutionize the HR tech scene, and it will be a game-changer in our business.”

Anouk Fechner, Global Talent Acquisition Enablement Lead at Celonis (read the full case study)

We’ll help set you up

Whether you’re already using HiPeople or not, schedule some time with our team, and we’ll help you get your Lever integration up and running.

If you feel confident managing the integration process yourself, you can find everything you need on Lever’s help center. And our webhook documentation for every other ATS/HRIS is publicly available here.

Happy hiring! 🎉