HiPeople x Greenhouse (and your other favourite ATS)!

May 10, 2021
Sebastian Schüller
HiPeople x Greenhouse (and your other favourite ATS)!

If you’re anything like us, you love finding new tech to make your life easier. But keeping track of all the tools you’re using — and getting them to function together — can be a juggling act. 🤹

That’s why we’ve built HiPeople to have integrations at its core.

We already sync seamlessly with any Applicant Tracking System (Workday, Workable, Lever, Personio, etc.) via webhooks — and now we’re excited to announce our first native integration with Greenhouse! (Watch this space... there’ll be many more to come. 👀 )

If you’re a Greenhouse user, our integration will let you:

- Add HiPeople as an Interview Stage in your hiring workflow
- Send reference checks directly from Greenhouse
- Analyse the feedback within your Greenhouse Candidate Records

Why would you want to integrate with us? Well, if haven’t heard about HiPeople yet, here’s what we can do for you:

HiPeople can help you to...

Hire successfully 🏆
Collect verified, 360 feedback on your top candidates — from the people who know them best. Discover how they work, before you hire, and build the foundations for long-term candidate success.

- 360 feedback
- Verified insights
- Benchmarked reporting
- Coaching & onboarding recommendations

Hire efficiently 🏎
Automate the manual tasks, and reduce your time-to-hire. Our intelligent and intuitive workflows make reference feedback quick and simple for everyone — recruiters, candidates and referees alike.

- Role-based templates
- Intelligent follow-up questions
- Candidate summaries
- Industry-leading UX

Hire fairly ⚖️
Support your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives with objective insights you can trust. HiPeople provides reliable data to reduce biases and improve hiring among underrepresented groups.

- Science-backed question library
- Objective, data-driven insights
- Transparent & exportable reporting

Hire securely 🔒
HiPeople is private-by-design and fully GDPR compliant. We give you complete control over user access permissions, as well as the ability to apply different data policies across your different operating regions.

But don’t take our word on all this — let us show you HiPeople in action. You can book a short, free demo with our team here.

We're already delivering value...

Our customers are working with our Greenhouse integration already.

“We utilise HiPeople as a critical component to execute hiring future talent at Celonis. We love the product’s UX, and integrability with Greenhouse. Every new Celonaut is reviewed by former colleagues using HiPeople, it is now considered a valuable and essential part of our recruiting process”

Kevin Blair, VP Global Talent Acquisition at Celonis SE, and former VP Global Talent Acquisition at IBM.

And we’ll help you get set

Whether you’re already using HiPeople or not, schedule some time with our team, and we’ll help you get your ATS integration up and running.

If you feel confident managing the integration process yourself, you can find everything you need for Greenhouse on their support wiki. And our webhook documentation for Workday, Workable, Lever, Personio — and every other ATS/HRIS — is publicly available here.

Happy hiring! 🎉