HiPeople’s Dr. Jantje H. de Vries on the Big Five Check personality measure.

October 28, 2022
Mikaella McInerney
HiPeople’s Dr. Jantje H. de Vries on the Big Five Check personality measure.

Was is the Big Five Check?

The BFAS is a comprehensive personality measure which was developed by the personality psychologist Colin DeYoung at the University of Minnesota. This test seeks to explain personality variation in more detail by breaking down each of the Big Five factors into lower-level “aspects” which can vary independently.

The five major personality traits are:

  1. Neuroticism
  2. Agreeableness
  3. Conscientiousness
  4. Extraversion
  5. Openness/Intellect

Why is it useful to conduct personality assessments with your candidates?

Personality is the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. It is believed that personality arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life. 

While there are many different definitions of personality, most focus on the pattern of behaviors and characteristics that can help predict and explain a person's behavior. Hence, personality tests are great tools to improve hiring decisions and ensure that the right people are hired into the right roles. The insights they provide can help better understand yourself and others- leading to a more efficient and productive work environment

There are different types of personality tests. The BFAS is a self-report inventory. These tests involve having participants read questions and then rate how well the question or statement applies to them. 

HiPeople focuses mostly on self-reported personality tests as they are easy to administer and have much higher reliability and validity than for example projective tests.

Because problem solving skills are such a broad field, it’s useful to look at examples of specific types of problem solving skills and how they enhance the workplace.

At HiPeople we generate data you can trust.

HiPeople’s science team screens scientific theory, researches psychometric assessment techniques, and updates methods and modules to ensure that our tools always follow the latest personality testing techniques and practices.

We put a great  amount of time and energy into making sure the tests we provide are reliable and valid. Reliability refers to the consistency of a test while validity involves whether the test is really measuring what it claims to measure.

A good personality test must meet at least the following quality criteria to be useful:

- It accurately measures personality traits across a wide range of individuals

- It provides consistent results when the test is administered more than once

- It shows a consistent and strong relationship with future behavior

For what can you use the Big Five Check?

All in all the Big Five Check takes about 10 minutes to complete.

You can use the Big Five Check to assess candidates for various positions, providing insights into an individual's personality that can help predict job performance.

At HiPeople we ensure to put a considerable amount of time and energy to ensure the tests we provide are reliable and valid. Give it a try today, sign up for a free trial.

We wish you success with using the Big Five Check to hire the best talent. Happy hiring!