NEU! HiPeople’s June Product Update

June 17, 2021
Nataliia Senatorova
NEU! HiPeople’s June Product Update

‍George Clooney began his career in a shoe shop. Whoopi Goldberg worked as a bricklayer. Warren Buffet? A newspaper delivery boy. The point is, everyone and everything has to start somewhere. 🌱

HiPeople’s monthly product updates are no exception.

So here we are. Our first post. A look back over the past month (and more) of progress, as we help our customers to hire better, faster and more fairly.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

🌱 Greenhouse Integration
💝 Shareable Candidates
💬 Comments & @Mentions
☎️ HiPeople Hotline
📊 Candidate Benchmarks
📲 Slack App
🙋 Candidate-Specific References & Questions
➕ Additional References
🤹 Custom Skills
🥳 Emojis

‍NEU! Greenhouse Integration 🌱

You might’ve already seen our blog post about it, but great news is worth sharing more than once.

Our native Greenhouse integration is up-and-running. And you can find everything you need to know here.

‍NEU! Shareable Candidates 💝

‍Want to share a candidate’s reference results with a colleague? But don’t want the hassle of setting them up with their own HiPeople account? Shareable Candidates is for you!

It’s simple and secure. Go to the candidate's profile, hit “...”, then “Share Overview”, and enter your coworker’s email address.

They’ll verify their email, enter a secure PIN to confirm their identity, and be given read-only access to the profile. You can share with users outside your organization, and revoke access to the profile at any time too.

‍NEU! Comments & @Mentions 💬

‍Discuss Candidate Insights without leaving HiPeople. No more lost information in email or slack threads. You and your team can keep your discussions in one place.

Just add what you’ve got to say into the comment box on a candidate’s profile. And if you need the attention of someone specific, drop in an @mention and we’ll notify them.

‍NEU! HiPeople Hotline ☎️

‍Is something not working as expected? Or is there something you want to do but can’t figure out how? We now have a little green button in the corner of every page. Click it, type your message to us, and we’ll be with you right away.

Don’t worry if you have to close your dashboard either. We’ll still be there when you come back.

‍NEU! Candidate Benchmarks 📊

‍An individual data point is awesome, but to be useful, it needs context.

To help you put things in perspective, we now benchmark a candidate’s Overall Performance and Skill ratings against all other HiPeople candidates in your organization.

See their scores alongside a benchmarked ranking. i.e. Udi’s Overall Performance: 9.6/10 — Top 10% of all candidates. Well done, Udi!

‍NEU! Slack App 📲

‍Getting an email notification is fun, but on a busy day, our inboxes are often overlooked.

For Slack users, HiPeople notifications can now come to you in an easier and more noticeable way. Get notified when a reference is submitted and insights are ready.

You can find more information about adding HiPeople to Slack in our release notes.

‍NEU! Candidate-Specific References & Questions 🙋

‍Every candidate is unique. Sometimes you want to request a reference from a specific persona (a former customer, a college professor) or get an answer to a specific question.

Now, instead of creating a new reference template from scratch, you can use an existing role template, and customize the reference content on a per-candidate basis.

You can only do this before a candidate has sent out their reference requests, so we’ve added a 10min delay when a candidate is invited through Greenhouse. Now you have a bit more time to tweak and tailor.

‍NEU! Additional References ➕

‍Our user interface allows candidates to check progress on their references, and fix small mistakes like wrong email addresses. Now, they can add additional references too.

This allows them to:
- Add more references than the minimum required
- Replace an unresponsive reference with a new contact of the same relationship.

‍NEU! Custom Skills 🤹

‍To help you assess a candidate’s abilities, we have a whole library of existing skill-based questions for you to choose from.

But if you can’t find what you want, you can create your own custom skills questions too. Easy!

‍NEU! Emojis 🥳

‍And finally, it wouldn’t be the full HiPeople experience without emojis. In March, we said goodbye to the old grey icons on the platform, and replaced them with something a bit more descriptive and “us”.