NEU! HiPeople’s July Product Update
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We’re back, with our second ever product update blog!

It’s not often that the sequel is better than the original (Toy Story 2? The Dark Knight?) but we’ll give it our best shot.

June’s edition was packed to the brim (Greenhouse integration, shareable candidates, emojis, and much more…). So let’s see what July has to offer:

👯 Expanded Reference Requests
🗺 Additional Role Templates
✨ Candidate Responses Revamp

NEU! Expanded Reference Relationships 👯

‍Manager, Peer, Direct Report — HiPeople allows you to request candidate references from a variety of personal and professional connections.

With our expanded relationship requests, we let you get a little more specific.

When creating a new role, you can give your candidates a clearer idea of the references you want them to provide. Select your reference type (Manager) and use the Alias field alongside it to provide more detail (Engineering Manager).

Watch the video below to see it in action.

NEU! Additional Role Templates 🗺

Gathering references for a new role has just become easier. Ask the best questions for each job profile with 50+ new role templates.

From Customer Success Manager to iOS Developer — science-based reference templates are there to support you in your hiring process.

NEU! Candidate Responses Revamp ✨

There are few moments more exciting than when a referee submits a reference check and new data hits your dashboard. (Well, for us, at least.)

And if you’re anything like us, you want to be able to examine the feedback from all angles.

We now provide you with a fresh view, where all responses can be viewed at once. This page is intuitively called… Responses.

Here’s why we think it’s so great:

  1. All responses about a candidate are in one place
  2. See responses from different referees with a simple filter
  3. Hover over a specific response to learn more about the candidate and referee’s relationship

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