NEU! HiPeople’s August Product Update

August 23, 2021
Nataliia Senatorova
NEU! HiPeople’s August Product Update

Third time’s a charm, they say. And here we are with our third Product Update blog. ✨

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy building new features, as well as growing and bonding as a team. As this post is being written, we’re in the midst of an in-person Team Week in Berlin — taking time out to dine, hike, and climb on a boat together. ⛵️ (If you hadn’t heard, we’re hiring, so join us for the next one!)

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve been building:

🏊 Reference Talent Pool
💜 Candidate Portal 2.0
🎉 Skillset Heatmap
🦹 Suspicious activity alerts

NEU! Reference Talent Pool 🏊

Your candidates are a talented bunch, and most likely developed their skills by working alongside other talented individuals.

When they’re asked to provide references, your candidates will almost certainly turn to those same, highly-skilled former coworkers that know them so well.

Wouldn't it be great if you could benefit from this network effect? We think so — so we built you a talent pool.

At the end of every reference that’s submitted, we give each reference-giver a gentle nudge and encourage them to opt-in to your pool. This provides you with a wealth of pre-verified talent, and keeps referees informed of any new and exciting opportunities. Win-win!

NEU! Candidate Portal 2.0 💜

We believe in the power of great UI, and we want to make HiPeople simple and enjoyable to use for everyone — hiring managers, your TA team, candidates, referees — everyone!

Our appropriately-named candidate portal is the part of HiPeople that your candidates interact with. It’s where they see the references you’ve requested (i.e. the number of references you want, and the type of person you want them from) and manage their reference send-outs.

This month, we went over it with a fine-tooth comb, improving features and adding brand-new functionality. Now, your candidates can:

👀 See individual instructions from recruiters about the references they need to provide
📤 Send invitations to referees at their own pace, without needing to submit them all at once
📫 See the delivery and completion status of each reference they’ve requested
🔧 Correct invalid or bounced email addresses
🩹 Edit and update any incorrect referee details
➕ Add additional referees

🎉  Skillset Heatmap

We deeply care about making it easy and intuitive for recruiters and hiring manager to build on the data they have collected with HiPeople. Hence, we are extremely excited to announce our brand new Skillset Heatmap!

HiPeople assesses the skills of your candidates that are relevant to the role you're hiring for. However, it is easy to get lost in the details of each individual skill and end up not understanding the full picture about whether or not the candidate has the skills required for your role. 🥵

Now with our new skillset heatmap, you can quickly gauge all of the reference responses, get a quick overview of the candidate's skills evaluation, and see how they compare to the rest of your organization in just one glance. 👀 ⏳

🦹 Suspicious activity alerts

To keep the integrity of our reference checks, HiPeople is using a special algorithm to be able to monitor a number of different data points for potentially suspicious behavior from candidates and references. This all, of course, using fully GDPR-compliant technological methods protecting everyone's privacy. 🔒

If we detect potentially suspicious activity in the process, we will raise a warning message to the recruiting team. ⚠️🔍

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