Introducing Assessments

May 11, 2022
Claire Stachniewska
Introducing Assessments

Hiring in the new world of work isn’t easy. The hybrid workforce and the great resignation have caused suffering in hiring teams through endless admin, painful mis-hires, and wasted resources because the tools we use haven’t kept pace. 

Employment assessments are key to solving these challenges. But to do so, they need to evolve from the expensive, lengthy, and difficult process they have traditionally been, into a dynamic flow of unbiased insights and clear objectives. 

That’s why we’re introducing assessments, a new way for hiring teams to identify their best candidates and predict candidate’s job fit–  all with objective, bias-free employment assessments. With different types of assessments, hiring teams can assess candidates across soft skills, personality, culture fit, cognitive abilities, and hard skills.

What are assessments?

Finding talent used to mean reading through hundreds of CVs, coordinating screening calls, and wasting time by trying to get to know candidates who weren’t the right fit. 

Now, that’s finally changing. We’re at the beginning of a shift towards truly predictive, science-based, employment assessments.

But human connection still wins, so to find the top talent hiring teams still have to choose between struggling with multiple tools or wasting precious resources to find the best talent on the market.

Now, with HiPeople, there’s a better way. 

We built assessments directly into your hiring workflow. Data-driven pre-selection leaves more time to build a personal connection with the candidates who have the most potential. No more CV screening, no more mis-hires. 

Why are assessments important?

Assessments give hiring teams the flexibility to evaluate what’s important for the role, by customizing competencies through a series of thoroughly developed assessment modules. 

Our modules are based on psychological research and developed through a rigorous scientific process. 

Any member in your workspace can select modules for your assessment, and anyone with access to a role can complete them. Open the role, and you’ll see the option to select modules with customization for seniority and specific requirements. Together with tips and customization, you can consume results and share your feedback in one place.

Identify candidates who have potential

These days, the average corporate job opening receives roughly 250 applications. 

Whether you’re a TA manager or simply looking for a new teammate, you’re likely facing a unique challenge: You’re getting more applicants than ever, you don’t want to impose bias, and you don’t have nearly enough time to look through them all. 

Assessments turns the painstaking process of resume screening into a breeze. Our 360-degree assessment evaluates hard skills, soft-skills, and personality traits across culture fit, and cognitive abilities. ​​

The result? When you meet with candidates, you can spend time focusing on what matters for the role, rather than investigating candidates who aren’t the right fit.

You can click on an individual module to see our tips on how to interpret the score.

Predictive insights for post-hire outcomes

The great resignation has forced teams not only to rethink how they hire – but also, how they retain staff. More so than ever before, you need to have the right practices and tools in place to give employees what they need and value. 

The best tools to help your hyper-growth start-up succeed are the ones that collect 360 candidate insights and connect them with post-hire outcomes. You can use these insights to measure the hiring journey and build the foundations for long-term candidate success. 

The HiPeople science approach is based on research in diagnostics and psychology from the last +70 years, and uses frameworks from well-known researchers such as Brent Roberts, Christopher Soto, and Lewis Goldberg.

Eliminate recruitment bias

Bias in recruitment is a massive problem, with CV screenings being the major barricade to equity. Using assessments at the beginning of the recruitment process avoids people losing out to bias because of their name, ethnicity, gender, or assumed background. 

Start using assessments today

Assessments are available to everyone starting today. Make data-driven decisions that make sense for you, your team, and the candidate.

We can’t wait to hear how you and your team make use of Assessments — be sure to follow our socials to share your feedback and your successful growth journey.