How Prisma use HiPeople to Make Informed and Efficient Hiring Decisions

June 14, 2021
James Young
How Prisma use HiPeople to Make Informed and Efficient Hiring Decisions

Welcome to the final edition of our three-part Success Series with Prisma. 🎉

Over the last few weeks, we examined how Martin and the Prisma team are using HiPeople to achieve their strategic goals.

You can find parts one and two of the series here:
- How Prisma use HiPeople to support managers and improve onboarding
- How Prisma use HiPeople to improve oversight and reduce hiring bias

At a glance

- Company: Prisma (
- Size: 45 people (as of May 2021)
- Industry: Tech
- ATS: Greenhouse
- Hiring goals: 15-25 key hires this year. Scale from Series A to Series B

What are Martin & Prisma’s strategic goals?

Prisma is a next-generation ORM (Object Relational Map) that helps developers manage databases when building applications. In layman's terms, they’re a developer tools company. Prisma helps engineers build applications faster and with fewer errors, while having a great time doing it.

“We’re a Series A company, looking to successfully get to Series B. That’s my priority,” says Martin van Rensburg, Prisma’s Head of People & Operations. “That means we need our hiring processes to be in place, so we can immediately accelerate.”

“HiPeople delivers real value quickly, and that’s what makes it useful.”

“I don’t like introducing processes that don’t add a lot of value. And when you’re hiring, it’s easy to talk yourself out of any process in the interest of speed.

“You tell a Talent Acquisition person, ‘I want to do a reference check’ and the first thing they’ll say to you is, ‘How long is that going to take?’ They really don’t want to be slowed down.

“But HiPeople delivers real value quickly, and that’s what makes it useful.”

This is part three of Martin and Prisma’s story so far.

How Prisma combine efficient hiring and informed decision-making with HiPeople

Some people might worry that doing a reference check will delay an offer and cause them to miss out on a top candidate. But for us, a reference will only delay the hiring process when we don’t feel comfortable enough to make a decision without one.

“[HiPeople] is always bringing value, whatever the situation.”

‍Let’s say we’re 70% on a candidate, and we need to be at 80% to make a decision. It’s ok for me to wait on a reference, and we can see if it corroborates or contradicts our concerns. In these instances, we use HiPeople to make better informed decisions and avoid mis-hires.

In the instances where we need to move fast — and we already know the skill set of the candidate is too valuable to miss out on — we’ll request references after we’ve made the offer.
We’ll say to the candidate, you’ve already got the job, we just want to learn more about you so we know how best to support you.

HiPeople insights serve as a complement to the information we already have, and ensure we’re better placed to make the candidate successful.

It’s always bringing value, whatever the situation.

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