We have raised $2.7m to make hiring easy and fast for everybody!

October 26, 2022
Jakob Gillmann
We have raised $2.7m to make hiring easy and fast for everybody!

• We at HiPeople enable data-driven hiring by creating rich data insights on candidates such as candidate assessments, reference & background checks, and recruiting analytics like candidate experience feedback and quality of hire analytics

The $2.7 million round with Mediahuis Ventures, ex-Atomico co-founder Mattias Ljungman’s Moonfire, Capnamic Ventures, Cherry Ventures, and New Forge follows a $3m seed in late 2020.

We are proud to announce that we got one step closer to making hiring easy and fast for everybody. We have closed a $2.7m funding round with our existing investors Moonfire, Cherry Ventures, and Capnamic. Mediahuis Ventures, the venture capital firm of the international media group Mediahuis, as well as German early-stage fund New Forge joined as a new investor. Welcome on board to everybody at Mediahuis and New Forge!

We started HiPeople three years ago with the mission to make mishiring a thing of the past, and make hiring easy, fast, and data-driven. 

Today, hundreds of the best recruiting teams across the globe use HiPeople’s Hiring Intelligence Platform to hire the best talent with in-depth pre-employment data on their candidates. 

This ranges from candidate assessments such as skills, personality, cognitive ability, and culture fit. And includes data from reference and background checks, candidate experience feedback, and quality of hire analytics. HiPeople’s centralizes all critical candidate data points in one single platform. Creating a unified user experience for both recruiters and candidates.

“HiPeople helps us with hiring the best talent at scale” 

Says Michael Becher, Chief People Office of wefox, which secured a hefty $400m this July.

Other customers include companies like the +800 employees strong Travelperk or New York-headquartered Celonis, which grew 2.5X to +2.800 employees with HiPeople. But it's not just big tech that improves their hiring game with HiPeople: Bill Gate’s Breakthrough Energy, a philanthropic organization working on fixing the world’s energy crisis, does so, too! They leverage HiPeople’s candidate assessments to identify the best talent quickly and by that improve their time to hire and quality of hire.

“We are proud to empower the best recruiting teams around the globe! Today, recruiting is not just about scanning CVs and doing interviews. Recruiters are equipped to go above and beyond when it comes to finding the right candidate as fast as possible. With HiPeople they hire not just better and have 40% less attrition, but also 50% faster. Especially in such uncertain times like these it is important that every hire is the right hire”, says co-founder Jakob Gillmann.

Our client base stretches across the US, the UKI, and the EU. Moving forward we will increase our footprint in its core markets and deepen its offering for both companies and candidates. Regarding future product development Sebastian, co-founder of HiPeople, shared:

“We are only 1% done with achieving our mission to make mis-hires a thing of the past and make hiring easy and fast for everybody. Over the next 12 months we will grow our assessment and reference content library by 10x to provide our customer with even more flexibility to quickly identify top talents. At the same time we will grow our process analytics features across candidate experience feedback and Quality of Hire.”

We want to thank our amazing team, customers, and partners for the continued trust and fantastic collaboration. Let’s make hiring easy!


Jakob & Sebastian