HiPeople Announces AI-Powered Products, Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

July 11, 2023
Claire Stachniewska
HiPeople Announces AI-Powered Products, Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

The latest AI-powered products from HiPeople enable talent acquisition teams to create job-specific pre-employment assessments and reference checks in seconds, increasing efficiency and enhancing the quality of hires.

“At HiPeople, we're all about empowering talent acquisition teams all around the globe with pre-employment assessments and automated reference checks to get access to objective data points and allow them to hire the best talent every time they hire,”

- Jakob Gillmann, Co-founder of HiPeople. 

Unlocking the power of AI in recruitment

AI is already making a tangible impact on talent acquisition, with professionals using it to source talent, write job descriptions, and manage communications. This technology enables faster and more efficient talent acquisition, resulting in improved outcomes.

Contrary to popular belief, AI humanizes the recruitment process. It provides recruiting teams with more time for meaningful conversations with candidates based on objective information. Candidates also benefit from a more tailored experience, with interview questions specifically designed for their qualifications.

Fixing mis-hiring for good, on a global scale

“Everybody has worked with a mis-hire. You all know the colleague that is not in line with the culture. You all know the colleague that can't perform basic excel tasks. And that's what our mission is actually about. Mis-hires have become all too common, leading to cultural mismatches and subpar performance. HiPeople’s mission is to fix mis-hiring for good on a global scale.”

- Sebastian Schüller, co-founder of HiPeople.

AI plays a pivotal role in addressing these issues by unlocking the true potential of talent acquisition through AI-driven insights. In shaping the future of recruitment and talent acquisition, it accelerates the gathering of information about candidates, allowing users to make quicker and more informed decisions.

With HiPeople's AI-powered solutions, users can easily create hyper-targeted assessments and reference checks by copying and pasting their job descriptions into HiPeople's platform. Their advanced models analyze the content and generate customized assessments and reference checks tailored to each role, in seconds.

Transforming the way organizations hire top talent

HiPeople's AI-powered products are set to revolutionize talent acquisition, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and achieve better hiring outcomes. With their commitment to eradicating mis-hiring and unlocking the true potential of talent, HiPeople is reshaping the future of talent acquisition on a global scale.

Incorporate HiPeople AI into your hiring process today and make informed decisions about talent in seconds.