Hipeople Secures 24 G2 Badges for Winter 2024

December 20, 2023
Jakob Gillmann
Hipeople Secures 24 G2 Badges for Winter 2024

In the world of HR excellence, achievements speak louder than words. HiPeople, a trailblazing HR software company, has once again proven its dedication to excellence by earning an astounding 24 G2 badges for Winter 2024. These badges are more than mere symbols; they signify HiPeople's unwavering commitment to providing top-tier HR solutions. Join us as we explore the remarkable journey of HiPeople's Winter 2024 G2 badge collection and discover why this recognition is a testament tounmatched expertise in the HR software landscape.

What is HiPeople?

Before we delve into the significance of G2 badges and their importance, let's start with a brief overview of HiPeople.

HiPeople is a cutting-edge HR software company that has redefined the way organizations approach talent acquisition and management. Our mission is to simplify the hiring process, reduce time-to-hire, and elevate the overall quality of hires for our clients. HiPeople's comprehensive screening toolkit combines the power of AI-based assessments and automated reference checks to provide HR professionals with data-driven insights that enable smarter hiring decisions.

At the core of HiPeople's offerings is our commitment to making hiring processes more efficient, effective, and aligned with organizational goals. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, HR teams can streamline their workflows, reduce the risk of bad hires, and ensure they're bringing in top-tier talent to drive business success.

Importance of Hiring Top Talent

Hiring top talent is a critical imperative for any organization looking to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. Here's why hiring the right people is of paramount importance:

  1. Driving Innovation: Top talent often brings fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and problem-solving abilities that can propel your organization forward. They are catalysts for creativity and can help your company stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Enhancing Productivity: High-performing employees are not only skilled but also motivated and dedicated to their roles. They consistently deliver exceptional results, driving increased productivity across the organization.
  3. Boosting Employee Morale: Hiring top talent sets a high bar for performance and professionalism. This positively influences the existing workforce, motivating them to excel and contribute to the company's success.
  4. Reducing Turnover: Hiring the right talent reduces the likelihood of employee turnover. When individuals are well-matched to their roles and the company culture, they are more likely to stay and grow within the organization.
  5. Maintaining Reputation: Attracting and retaining top talent enhances your company's reputation as an employer of choice. This, in turn, attracts more high-caliber candidates and creates a positive feedback loop.
  6. Strategic Growth: Top talent can help your organization expand strategically by bringing in new skills, perspectives, and market knowledge. They are assets in pursuing growth opportunities and navigating industry challenges.

In a nutshell, hiring top talent is not just about filling positions; it's about fueling your organization's success, fostering innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

What are G2 Badges?

G2 badges play a significant role in recognizing and showcasing product performance in the software industry. Let's explore the world of G2 badges and understand why they hold immense importance for both software providers and users.

G2 is more than just a review platform; it's a trusted software marketplace that millions of users turn to annually for informed software decisions. With a massive user base that includes employees from Fortune 500 companies, G2 has disrupted the traditional analyst model. It has empowered software buyers to make smarter choices based on genuine peer reviews.

G2's mission is to democratize software selection by amplifying the authentic voice of software users. When you choose software based on the experiences of users just like you, you tap into a wealth of real-world insights that guide you toward software solutions that align with your unique needs.

Role of G2 Badges in Showcasing Product Performance

G2 badges serve as visual symbols of excellence and trustworthiness. They are like digital seals of approval that software providers proudly display on their websites and product profiles. These badges are a direct reflection of a product's performance relative to its competitors.

When you encounter a G2 badge, it signifies that the product has been recognized for outstanding performance in its category. It's a testament to the product's quality, functionality, and user satisfaction. But G2 badges do more than just adorn a website—they actively engage potential users.

How G2 Badges Build Trust Among Potential Users

  1. Credibility: G2 badges instantly lend credibility to a product. When potential users see these badges, they know that the software has received high praise from its users and is backed by solid data.
  2. Confidence: Users feel more confident in their software choices when they see badges. It's an assurance that they're considering a product that others have found valuable and reliable.
  3. Transparency: G2's commitment to transparency means that every badge is earned through genuine user reviews and data-driven assessments. This transparency breeds trust in the badges themselves.
  4. Objective Insights: G2 badges are based on real user experiences, eliminating the influence of biased or promotional content. This means you're getting an objective view of a product's performance.

Criteria for Earning G2 Badges

Earning a G2 badge is no small feat; it involves meeting specific criteria, often related to G2's market reports and quadrants. Here's an overview of the criteria:

  • Market Reports: G2 issues comprehensive market reports that evaluate software products in various categories. To earn a badge, a product must perform exceptionally well in these reports, which include factors like customer satisfaction and market presence.
  • Quadrants: G2 places products in quadrants within its reports, such as the Leader, High Performer, and others. Earning a badge often means a product has secured a position in one of these top quadrants.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High customer satisfaction scores are a critical factor in earning G2 badges. Products must consistently receive positive reviews and high ratings from their users.
  • Market Presence: A product's market presence, which includes factors like its user base and reach, is also taken into account. To earn a badge, a product must demonstrate its influence in the market.

Now, let's move on to explore HiPeople's impressive collection of G2 badges for Winter 2024 and understand how they stack up against previous achievements.

HiPeople's G2 Badges for Winter 2024

HiPeople's Winter 2024 G2 badge haul is nothing short of remarkable. Let's break down the achievements and see how they compare to the previous badge accolades in Fall 2023 and Summer 2023.

For Winter 2024, HiPeople proudly boasts a total of 24 G2 Trust Badges. This is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional HR solutions and continuous pursuit of excellence.

To truly appreciate HiPeople's Winter 2024 badges, it's important to put the achievement into context. In Fall 2023, they earned 16 badges across 39 reports, and in Summer 2023, they secured 8 badges across 29 reports. This means that HiPeople has not only maintained impressive performance but has also shown consistent growth in recognition.

These badges, distributed across various categories and reports, reaffirm HiPeople's position as a leader in the HR software landscape. They reflect the trust and satisfaction of our user base and solidify HiPeople's reputation as a go-to choice for HR professionals like you.

As we delve further into the specific badge categories, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of why these accolades make HiPeople a standout choice in the industry.

HiPeople's G2 Badges Breakdown for Winter 2024

HiPeople's impressive collection of G2 badges for Winter 2024 spans across various categories, showcasing excellence in different facets of HR solutions. Let's dive into the details of each badge category and understand why they matter for HR professionals like you.

High Performer Badges

HiPeople has earned the prestigious High Performer badges in several key areas, reflecting ourcommitment to providing top-notch HR solutions.

  1. Talent Assessment: HiPeople's Talent Assessment badge signifies our expertise in evaluating candidates' skills and abilities. This badge is a testament to their comprehensive approach to assessing both hard and soft skills, helping you make more informed hiring decisions.
  2. Background Check: The Background Check badge acknowledges HiPeople's excellence in conducting thorough background checks on candidates. With this badge, you can trust HiPeople to help you uncover crucial information about potential hires, ensuring a secure and reliable hiring process.
  3. Candidate Relationship Management: HiPeople's prowess in candidate relationship management is recognized through this badge. It highlights the ability to facilitate meaningful interactions with candidates, fostering a positive candidate experience and enhancing your organization's reputation.

High Performer (Small-Business) Badges

Small businesses have unique HR needs, and HiPeople's High Performer badges in this category indicate our team's dedication to catering to these requirements.

  1. Small-Business Background Check: For small businesses, background checks are just as critical as for larger organizations. HiPeople's Small-Business Background Check badge underscores our commitment to providing effective background screening solutions tailored to the needs of small enterprises.
  2. Small-Business Talent Assessment: Small businesses looking to assess the skills and potential of their candidates can rely on HiPeople's Small-Business Talent Assessment badge. It signifies that HiPeople offers tailored assessments to help small businesses make informed hiring choices.
  3. Small-Business Candidate Relationship Management: The Small-Business Candidate Relationship Management badge indicates that HiPeople's candidate relationship management solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They are designed to meet the specific needs of small businesses, ensuring a personalized and efficient candidate experience.

High Performer (Mid-Market) Badges

Mid-market companies have their own set of challenges when it comes to HR. HiPeople's High Performer badges in this category demonstrate the ability to address these challenges effectively.

  1. Mid-Market Reference Check: The Mid-Market Reference Check badge signifies that HiPeople excels in providing reference checking solutions tailored to mid-sized organizations. It reflects the commitment to streamlining the reference-checking process for companies of this scale.
  2. Mid-Market Talent Assessment: Mid-sized companies can trust HiPeople's Mid-Market Talent Assessment badge to assess candidates' skills comprehensively. This badge underscores HiPeople's expertise in evaluating candidates who are the right fit for mid-market organizations.

High Performer (Europe) Badges

HiPeople's reach extends beyond borders, and our European presence is recognized through these badges.

  1. Europe Talent Assessment: The Europe Talent Assessment badge highlights HiPeople's excellence in assessing candidates' skills and abilities in the European market. It reflects our ability to meet the unique demands of the European HR landscape.
  2. EMEA Talent Assessment: For organizations in the EMEA region, HiPeople's EMEA Talent Assessment badge is a mark of quality and expertise. It signifies our ability to provide tailored talent assessment solutions for this diverse market.
  3. EMEA Candidate Relationship Management: The EMEA Candidate Relationship Management badge reflects HiPeople's commitment to fostering positive candidate relationships in the EMEA region. It underscores our ability to cater to the candidate experience needs specific to this market.
  4. Europe Candidate Relationship Management: Just as in EMEA, HiPeople excels in candidate relationship management in the broader European context. The Europe Candidate Relationship Management badge highlights our capability to provide personalized candidate interactions in the European HR landscape.

High Performer (Europe - Mid-Market) Badges

Mid-sized companies in the European market benefit from HiPeople's specialized solutions, recognized through these badges.

  1. Mid-Market Europe Talent Assessment: The Mid-Market Europe Talent Assessment badge signifies HiPeople's excellence in assessing talent for mid-sized European companies. It reflects our ability to meet the specific needs of this niche.
  2. Mid-Market EMEA Talent Assessment: HiPeople's Mid-Market EMEA Talent Assessment badge is an assurance of our expertise in evaluating talent for mid-sized organizations in the EMEA region. It underscores their ability to provide tailored assessments for this market.

High Performer (Europe - Small-Business) Badges

Small businesses in Europe and the EMEA region can rely on HiPeople's specialized solutions, recognized through these badges.

  1. Small-Business Europe Talent Assessment: The Small-Business Europe Talent Assessment badge reflects HiPeople's dedication to offering tailored talent assessment solutions for small businesses in the European market.
  2. Small-Business Europe Candidate Relationship Management: Small businesses in Europe benefit from HiPeople's personalized candidate relationship management, acknowledged through this badge. It underscores HiPeople's commitment to delivering a positive candidate experience for small European enterprises.
  3. Small-Business EMEA Talent Assessment: For small businesses in the EMEA region, HiPeople's Small-Business EMEA Talent Assessment badge signifies the ability to provide assessments specifically designed to meet the needs of small enterprises in this diverse market.

Best Usability Badge

The Best Usability badge is a testament to HiPeople's commitment to user-friendly solutions. Specifically, the Reference Check badge highlights HiPeople's dedication to providing a seamless and efficient reference-checking experience.

Best Results Badge

Just like in usability, HiPeople's Reference Check service secures the Best Results badge, indicating the ability to deliver the highest overall results in reference checking.

Best Relationship Badge

The Best Relationship badge reinforces HiPeople's focus on building strong relationships, particularly in the context of reference checking. It reflects our dedication to maintaining positive and productive interactions with users.

Leader Badge

HiPeople's Leader badge signifies that our reference check service is highly rated by G2 users and possesses substantial satisfaction and market presence scores. This badge solidifies our position as a leader in the reference-checking domain.

Easiest To Do Business With (Small-Business) Badge

For small businesses, HiPeople's Small-Business Background Check service is recognized as the easiest to do business with. This badge highlights our commitment to providing small enterprises with a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Best Support (Small-Business) Badge

Small businesses using HiPeople's Small-Business Background Check service can rely on the Best Support badge. It reflects HiPeople's dedication to offering the highest quality of support to small businesses in need of background screening solutions.

Fastest Implementation (Mid-Market) Badge

HiPeople's Mid-Market Reference Check service earns the Fastest Implementation badge, indicating the shortest go-live time in its category. This badge highlights the efficiency in getting mid-sized organizations up and running with their reference-checking solutions.

Users Love Us Badge

The Users Love Us badge is a testament to HiPeople's ability to collect 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars or higher. This badge reflects the satisfaction and trust of our user community, further reinforcing HiPeople as a trusted HR solution provider.

HiPeople's 2023 Journey

The year 2023 marked a significant chapter in HiPeople's ongoing mission to revolutionize talent acquisition and management. As the year unfolded, HiPeople continued to empower over 2,000 new teams, enabling them to enhance their hiring processes, making them more efficient and effective.

AI-Generated Tests and Checks

A notable highlight of 2023 was the introduction of AI-generated tests and checks. HiPeople leveraged the power of generative AI to simplify and expedite the creation of job-specific assessments and reference check surveys. Now, with just the addition of a job description, HiPeople's generative AI capabilities take care of the rest, allowing you to focus on what matters most: making informed hiring decisions.

Expanding the Assessment Library

Throughout the year, our people science team worked tirelessly to expand our assessment library. Over 200 new tests were added, providing you with a treasure trove of tools to build hyper-specific, valid assessments that pinpoint the best talent. Not only do these assessments enable you to make data-driven decisions, but they also enhance the candidate experience, ensuring a smoother and more engaging recruitment process.

More 2023 Updates

But the innovations didn't stop there. In our commitment to providing a seamless and comprehensive HR solution, we introduced a range of additional updates and features:

  • ATS Integrations: We launched more than 20 new ATS integrations, ensuring that you can seamlessly connect HiPeople with virtually any Applicant Tracking System, enhancing your workflow and data management.
  • Candidate Experience: Our beta feature now allows you to share actionable assessment results with candidates, enriching their experience and providing valuable insights that strengthen your employer brand.
  • Streamlined Reference Checks: Reviewing a candidate's reference check became faster and more efficient with the introduction of the 'Overview' tab, reducing the time and effort required in this crucial part of the hiring process.
  • Customization Made Easy: With our new drag 'n' drop functionality, arranging tests and custom questions in the order that suits your needs has never been simpler. This customization ensures that your assessments align perfectly with your unique hiring criteria.

As 2023 came to a close, HiPeople continued to evolve and innovate, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the world of HR solutions. We remain committed to simplifying your hiring processes, reducing time-to-hire, and elevating the quality of your hires. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we embark on the journey ahead.


HiPeople's journey to earning 24 G2 badges for Winter 2024 stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the HR software industry. These badges represent more than just accolades; they reflect the trust, satisfaction, and success of countless HR professionals who have found a reliable partner in HiPeople. With a comprehensive screening toolkit and a wide range of specialized badges, HiPeople continues to empower organizations in making informed hiring decisions, streamlining processes, and achieving HR excellence.

As you embark on your own HR journey, remember the importance of hiring top talent and the impact it can have on your organization's success. Furthermore, consider the significance of G2 badges in guiding your software decisions. Whether you're in search of talent assessment, background checks, or candidate relationship management solutions, HiPeople's G2 badges provide a clear roadmap to software solutions that have been tried, tested, and trusted by peers. So, take the next step confidently, armed with the knowledge that HiPeople is here to support your HR endeavors.