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Webinar: How Modern Recruitment Teams Innovate at Growth Companies Post-Covid

Jakob Gillmann
September 12, 2021

Learn how to innovate your recruitment processes during the pandemic.

New to hiring? No problem!
This article is the hiring 101 that will help you to hit the ground running.

One of the things I love the most about my job is the interesting conversations I’m able to have with some truly inspirational HR leaders. One of my favourite people to talk to is Ebony James.

Ebony is Global Head of Technical Recruitment at the fast-growth fintech unicorn N26, and has also built global Engineering teams at Glovo and Facebook.

So when we decided to host our first HiPeople webinar, I had no doubt in my mind who would be our first guest.

We chose to focus on a topic that has challenged every business over the past 18 months — how do you innovate your recruitment processes during a pandemic?

During our conversation, we discussed:

- How the pandemic has accelerated trends that were already on the rise
- How compensation and rewards packages are now secondary concerns in the eyes of candidates
- How ‘remote-only’ workers have opened up a global talent pool
- What a wave of resignations — extending into mid-2022 — will mean for businesses

You can find the full recording below — and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay informed about our future webinars.

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