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Spring Boot

Hard Skills

In the Spring Boot Test, candidates are asked to answer a set of multiple-choice questions. Using this test, you can determine whether the candidate has the necessary hard skills in Spring Boot.

The Spring Boot Test at a glance

When to use: You can use this test at any stage of the hiring process, but it may be most useful early on.

Example question : What is Spring Boot Starter?

  1. A set of convenient dependency descriptors that simplify the declaration of dependencies.
  2. Additional Spring Boot tooling to enhance startup performance.
  3. Frontend tool to build GUI prototypes.
  4. Demo application with some ready-to-use boilerplate code.

Response time: 12 minutes.

Result: An easy-to-interpret score that allows you to determine the Spring Boot skill of the candidate!

The science behind this test

The development of hard skills is essential for any employee in order to complete their tasks satisfactorily. However, it can be difficult to accurately assess these skills in potential candidates. HiPeople's Spring Boot Knowledge Test helps you achieve this goal.

HiPeople Knowledge Tests help to reliably assess hard-skills, taking out the guesswork of the hiring process. HiPeople Knowledge Tests are crafted by selected subject matter experts and developed using at least two experts in a peer-review gold standard process. This means that you as a decision-maker can be confident in the validity and reliability of the test when selecting candidates.

Not only does this promote a fair hiring process, but it also helps to ensure that the candidate is suited for the job and can complete the necessary tasks.

The qualities of a candidate with high test scores

This candidate is an outstanding Spring Boot enthusiast. They possess a deep understanding of the technology, having mastered the fundamentals and advanced topics alike. This individual can develop complex applications quickly and efficiently due to their mastery with this Java-based framework. Their knowledge extends beyond simple coding; they are also familiar with cloud integrations related to deploying Docker containers for microservices architectures or Kubernetes clusters on AWS or GCP platforms using Terraform scripts. No matter what type of application you need built from scratch, upgraded from legacy code, optimized for scalability, or migrated into production environments –– this person knows how to make it happen in record time!

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