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Evaluates expertise in Zendesk CS, focusing on its functionality, automation, ticket management, and more, perfect for customer support roles.

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Zendesk CS test: Enhance your customer support brilliance

Embark on a quest to find the ultimate customer support professionals with the Zendesk CS pre-employment test. Designed to assess candidates' proficiency in using Zendesk CS software, this evaluation tool pinpoints individuals adept at optimizing customer service operations, automating tasks, and organizing tickets flawlessly. It's your go-to assessment for unearthing talents who can leverage Zendesk CS to deliver exceptional customer service.

Unique features of the Zendesk CS assessment

  • Comprehensive skill evaluation: Tests a candidate's knowledge across all critical functionalities of Zendesk CS, from ticket management to automation and internal communication.
  • Real-world application: Tailored to reflect practical challenges, enabling candidates to showcase their capability in solving customer support issues via Zendesk CS.
  • Insightful reporting: Provides detailed insights into a candidate's strengths and areas for improvement, aiding in making informed hiring decisions.
  • Efficient screening tool: Streamlines the early stages of hiring by quickly identifying candidates proficient in using Zendesk CS for customer support.
  • Expert-designed: Created with input from seasoned customer support professionals, ensuring the assessment's relevance and reliability.

Topics covered in the Zendesk CS pre-screening assessment

This comprehensive test evaluates candidates on crucial aspects of Zendesk CS including:

  • Functionality and automation skills: Ability to automate repetitive tasks and streamline processes.
  • Ticket management and macro usage: Skills in managing tickets efficiently and utilizing macros for quick responses.
  • Internal communication and data management: Proficiency in handling internal notes and managing ticket field options effectively.
  • User roles and permissions: Understanding of configuring roles and permissions for team members.
  • Insights and reporting: Competency in using Zendesk CS for actionable insights and comprehensive reporting.
  • Side conversations and ticket organization: Ability to engage in productive side conversations and organize tickets for optimal workflow.

Best use of the Zendesk CS skills assessment test

This assessment is specially designed for evaluating talents in customer support roles that require the use of Zendesk CS, including:

  • Customer Support Specialists: Ideal for identifying candidates who can effectively manage and resolve customer inquiries via Zendesk CS.
  • Customer Service Managers: Perfect for assessing skills in overseeing customer support operations and making strategic use of Zendesk CS functionalities.
  • Technical Support Engineers: Useful for finding engineers who are adept at troubleshooting technical issues within the Zendesk CS environment.
  • Customer Success Representatives: Assists in evaluating representatives' abilities to use Zendesk CS to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Zendesk Administrators: Key for discovering candidates who can configure and maintain the Zendesk CS system for optimum performance and user satisfaction.

What modern teams using HiPeople are saying.

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Tiera Dobbins, Talent Acquisition Services and Operations Manager at NFL National Football League
Tiera Dobbins
Talent Acquisition Services & Operations Manager

“HiPeople allows me to get mundane tasks like reference checks out of the way. Our time-to-fill went down 31% in the last year and we made 62% more hires.”

Sarah Garner, Director of Recruitment and Outreach at Vivvi
Sarah Garner
Director of Recruitment and Outreach

“We use HiPeople Assessments for volume hiring. With the introduction of HiPeople our work has reduced by about 50%”

Prem Kumar, Talent Acquisition Manager - Recruitment and Employer Branding at DAZN
Prem Kumar
Talent Acquisition Manager - Recruitment & Employer Branding

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Alex Anderson, Learning & Development Specialist at Colas Canada
Alex Anderson
Learning & Development Specialist

“With HiPeople we are saving between 250-500 hours of screening time every year. We completely switched to a skill-based candidate assessment in pre-screening.”

Maximilian Rauschen, Head of Talent Acquisition at Tourlane
Maximilian Rauschen
Head of Talent Acquisition

“We use HiPeople to objectively assess our candidate’s skills and capabilities. The more data we have, the more we can influence our quality-of-hire.”

Matthias Schmeisser, Global Senior Director, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding at Emnify
Matthias Schmeisser
Global Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

“HiPeople has been really helpful for us in automating the reference check process, verifying who the references are, and doing it in a much more fast and efficient way.”

Charlie Boyle, Senior Lead, Talent Acquisition Policy, Operations & Technology at Celonis
Charlie Boyle
Senior Lead, Talent Acquisition Policy, Operations & Technology

“Our former reference process was really archaic, very sticky. HiPeople has really given us the ability to customize when and how we do reference checks. That is really amazing!”

Janna Karwaski, Senior Director of Workforce Optimization at IntelyCare
Janna Karwaski
Senior Director of Workforce Optimization

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Zendesk CS Test FAQs

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HiPeople Assessments FAQs

What is HiPeople?

HiPeople is your ultimate solution for streamlining the hiring process and securing top talent for your organization. Through our AI-powered assessments and reference checks, we ensure fast, unbiased, and efficient hiring decisions. Whether you need an all-in-one platform or specific services tailored to your needs, HiPeople offers a comprehensive solution to hire talents that truly fit the job.

How to get started with this test?

Getting started with HiPeople is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply book a demo or sign up for our free Assessment starter-kit, where you can test unlimited candidates and experience the power of our platform firsthand. With access to over 400 tests and the ability to create custom questions, you'll be equipped to identify top talents swiftly and efficiently. Plus, with our user-friendly interface and seamless integration with your existing workflows, you'll be up and running in no time!

Can I customize the test with my own questions?

Yes! HiPeople’s assessments are fully customizable. You can pick and choose from 400+ tests in the assessment library to create your assessment. Can’t find what you are looking for? You can add your custom questions as text, multiple choice, or video question. Need inspiration to get started? Use one of the 1,000+ job-specific assessment templates.

When should I use this assessment?

You can use HiPeople assessments at various stages of the hiring process. However, they're ideal for initial screening to quickly identify top candidates, saving time and resources.

Organizations incorporating our assessments early on in their hiring process report significant benefits: 91% less screening time, 62% faster time-to-hire, $801 cost savings per hire, and 21x fewer mis-hires. This efficiency ensures you're making informed decisions from the outset, leading to better hires and streamlined recruitment processes.

Is this test valid and reliable?

Aboslutely! HiPeople's assessments are grounded in reliable data, psychological research, and a robust scientific process. Our expert science team ensures that every aspect of our assessments is evidence-based and scientifically rigorous. By leveraging People Science, we optimize recruitment processes, providing businesses with actionable insights about candidates. With modules designed to offer a comprehensive view, you can trust that our assessments provide accurate and meaningful data to inform your hiring decisions.

Can HiPeople integrate with our ATS?

Absolutely! HiPeople integrates with 20+ ATS and Slack. If you cannot find your ATS in the list, reach out to us and we’ll work on getting your ATS on the list.

Tiera Dobbins

Talent Acquisition Services & Operations Manager

Sarah Garner

Director of Recruitment and Outreach

Prem Kumar

Talent Acquisition Manager - Recruitment & Employer Branding

Alex Anderson

Learning & Development Specialist

Maximilian Rauschen

Head of Talent Acquisition

Matthias Schmeisser

Global Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Charlie Boyle

Senior Lead, Talent Acquisition Policy, Operations & Technology

Janna Karwaski

Senior Director of Workforce Optimization