7 Best HR Newsletters You Need to Subscribe to in 2024

November 27, 2023
Hady ElHady
7 Best HR Newsletters You Need to Subscribe to in 2024

In the vast digital world, where information comes crashing onto our screens like a tidal wave, HR professionals are surrounded by a flood of valuable insights, articles, webinars, and trends. The field of Human Resources is filled to the brim with an abundance of information. Every click leads to a sea of strategies, opinions, and innovative practices. Amid this maze of data, choosing the right resources is not just a decision but a vital skill that shapes the path of a successful HR professional. It's like navigating through all the noise and finding those rare gems that provide valuable insights and practical advice.

That's where HR newsletters come in. They serve as your trusted guides, carefully curating the best articles and reports to help you cut through the clutter. Newsletters are one of the most popular forms of content in today's time. People enjoy receiving and reading newsletters from their favorite businesses and marketers. This is because they are packed with industry trends, expert advice, and practical strategies. In fact, reports suggest that almost 95% of Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X each get newsletters in their email boxes.

Whether you're an HR enthusiast, an experienced professional, or a leader in your organization, subscribing to HR newsletters is like unlocking a vault of valuable resources.

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What Are HR Newsletters?

HR newsletters are created by experts, thought leaders, and HR enthusiasts. They offer curated collections of information covering a wide range of HR topics. These newsletters cover everything from talent acquisition and retention strategies to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. They gather the most important and cutting-edge information and present it in easy-to-understand formats.

When you subscribe to HR newsletters, you can enjoy a variety of content formats, like HR blog posts and HR articles, case studies, interviews, and curated news highlights. They cater to a diverse audience, ranging from HR generalists looking for fundamental insights to experienced HR veterans wanting to stay ahead.

Whether it's adapting to remote work, fostering inclusivity, or using technology to streamline HR processes, HR newsletters are invaluable tools that help HR professionals navigate through challenges and seize opportunities.

Benefits of Subscribing to the Top HR Newsletters

Signing up for the best newsletters in the HR domain is more than just getting regular emails. In fact, it helps you stay one step ahead of the curve, thereby gaining an edge in the dynamic human resource world. That said, here are some top benefits of subscribing to the best HR newsletters:

1. They Provide Timely Industry Insights

Good and reputed HR newsletters provide carefully selected updates on the latest HR trends, legislative changes, and best practices. With this valuable information, you can easily adapt your strategies and policies, keeping your organization at the forefront of HR innovation.

2. Practical HR Tips and Effective Strategies

You can get a wealth of valuable information in these newsletters, from cutting-edge recruitment methods to strategies for fostering employee engagement. The tips provided are not only practical but also actionable, enabling you to put them into practice right away.

3. Get Expert Advice and Thought Leadership

By subscribing to the best HR newsletters, you can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise. You can find expert opinions, insights from thought leaders, and practical advice from experienced professionals. These newsletters are designed to be your guiding light in improving your HR practices. It is one of the best ways to learn from the best in the field, draw wisdom from their experiences, and apply their strategies to take your HR game to the next level.

4. You Can Get Exclusive Tools and Free Resources

There are multiple newsletters that offer exclusive access to all sorts of helpful resources, free tools, templates, and guides. These tools are specifically designed to make your HR processes run way smoother. From performance evaluation templates to diversity training modules and onboarding checklists, there's a wide range of resources that can level up your HR toolkit.

5. Latest Information About HR Technology

In this fast-paced era of technology, these newsletters are here to keep you in the loop about the latest HR tech advancements. Be in the know about innovative software, apps, and tools that are changing the game for HR operations. They'll help you harness the power of technology to enhance efficiency and create better experiences for your employees.

6. It's Like Being a Part of a Community

When you subscribe to these newsletters, you're not just signing up for information - you're joining a community of HR professionals who share your interests and goals. You can dive into meaningful discussions, share your experiences, and connect with like-minded peers.

Top 7 Best HR Newsletters You Must Subscribe To

Trying to find the best HR newsletters can feel like sailing through a vast ocean. But fear not! We have rounded up seven exceptional resources that every HR professional should have in their toolkit. These newsletters deliver powerful insights, practical advice, and the latest trends, making them an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of HR innovation.

Here are the top seven HR newsletters you should consider signing up for:

1. Granted

Granted, an amazing newsletter comes straight from Adam Grant, who happens to be a renowned organizational psychologist, professor, and New York Times bestselling author. One of the best things about Granted is its conversational, friendly tone and fresh HR insights.

Each month, you'll get a bunch of incredible insights on finding motivation and meaning both in your workplace and your personal life. You can enjoy unique insights, ideas, and the latest evidence in the fields of work and psychology. With over 100,000 readers, this HR newsletter offers top-notch content. Grant keeps the newsletter fun and interesting by including discussions on pop culture as well as thought-provoking existential questions.

It comes in a digestible format, allowing for a quick yet meaningful reading experience. It provides practical tips that can be put into practice right away.

2. The Assist

If you are on the lookout for the best HR newsletters, especially for women, then there's nothing better than The Assist. Whether you're a fresh-faced newcomer to the workforce or a seasoned pro, you can get top-notch industry insights and HR details from The Assist. While the newsletter adopts a lighthearted and fun approach, the information provided by it is truly valuable and helpful.

From offering advice on how to alleviate stress to giving suggestions for succeeding in the corporate world, The Assist is a fantastic HR newsletter for modern-day women.

Another great thing about this newsletter is that it reaches your inbox several times a week. Unlike other free HR newsletters that are often available once a week, you will receive The Assist four times a week, including Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

3. Bonusly

If you have been in the HR industry for a while, you must have heard of Bonusly. It is a popular HR tool designed to help organizations acknowledge, appreciate, and reward their incredible employees. By doing so, it helps to keep them inspired, enthusiastic, and super productive!

Bonusly offers a bi-weekly newsletter that is focused on offering the best HR practices to professionals and HR leaders. The newsletter dives right into important topics like the onboarding process's impact on employee success, the importance of DEI initiatives, creative ways to celebrate work anniversaries and so much more.

4. I <3 Humans

I <3 Humans is one of the most friendly, easy, and fun newsletters in the HR industry. Offered by the well-known HR software Lattice, this fantastic newsletter offers must-read inspirational HR stories to your inbox every week. It is created and run by an incredible community of people leaders. They come together to share inspiring stories, provide valuable HR resources, and foster engaging conversations.

One of the best things about this newsletter is its people-first approach. As its name suggests, I <3 Humans is fully focused on the people in the HR industry.

When you sign up for I <3 Humans, you can expect to receive HR industry insights and stories on topics like employee engagement, job postings, upcoming HR events, and other trending HR news.

5. Wavelength

Wavelength is another excellent HR newsletter offered by Asana - a premier work management software. The newsletter is designed with the mission to eliminate workplace chaos by promoting accountability, productivity, clarity, alignment, and, ultimately, results.

Packed with valuable insights from industry leaders, Wavelength offers a collection of articles and resources specifically crafted to support HR professionals and leaders alike. It is a periodic newsletter that provides insights on HR topics like employee hiring and onboarding, team structures, ways to increase employee engagement, and more.

The newsletter is specially created for people in the HR industry. However, managers, leaders, and other professionals can also benefit from it and create a more harmonious and successful work environment.

6. Recruiting Brainfood

Curated by Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood is the ultimate weekly newsletter specifically designed for recruiters and HR managers. The newsletter covers a large range of information, ranging from insightful reports and articles to handy tips, useful tools, engaging videos, and more. The newsletter is designed to equip present-day hiring managers and recruiters with the knowledge and resources they need to find, hire, and retain the best talent.

So, if you want to "feed your brain" with thought-provoking HR articles, captivating interviews, and the latest industry trends, don't miss out on this amazing newsletter. Our wide array of topics covers everything from sourcing and recruitment to employer branding, best workplace practices, industry tips, and insights from lesser-known sources.

7. I Hate It Here

Just like its name, the I Hate It Here newsletter is quirky and unconventional but super helpful nonetheless. Created by Hebba Yousseff, I Hate It Here strives to be a safe space for emotionally burned and overworked employees and professionals. The newsletter offers you a  weekly dose of out-of-the-box insights and down-to-earth solutions for conquering the hurdles of the workplace.

Whether it's dealing with toxic atmospheres or handling challenging colleagues, this newsletter is here to offer a unique outlook, giving you the power to find your happiness and excel in any professional setting. While the newsletter is named "I Hate It Here," trust us, you will truly love reading all the information and insights it offers.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, in the vast HR landscape, it's incredibly important to stay informed. That's why subscribing to the best HR newsletters is a must. They are more than just a source of information - they are the catalysts for transformation, helping HR professionals navigate the ever-changing world of trends, technologies, and strategies in the modern workplace.

Each of the highlighted newsletters offers a unique perspective on human resources news. From the unconventional insights of I Hate It Here to the heartfelt narratives of I <3 Humans and the celebratory spirit of recognition in Bonusly, these newsletters are like portals to innovation. They foster communities and empower professionals to navigate the complex HR landscape with confidence.

So, don't wait for long! Subscribe to these popular newsletters and start your journey of continuous learning. Embrace the abundance of insights they provide and become part of a vibrant community of HR professionals who are passionate about creating inspiring, engaging, and empowering workplaces.