7 Best HR Blogs You Must Follow in 2024

November 7, 2023
Hady ElHady
7 Best HR Blogs You Must Follow in 2024

In the exciting realm of human resources, things are constantly changing. With new challenges and opportunities popping up left and right, it's up to HR professionals to not just manage people but also help them reach their full potential. To stay on top of this ever-evolving field, you need a continuous flow of insights, strategies, and knowledge. And guess what? The world of HR blogs is where you can find all this valuable information and more!

Whether you have years of experience in HR or are a new business leader wanting to learn more about the human aspect of your company, these blogs are for you. Covering topics like talent recruitment, boosting employee satisfaction, staying compliant, and effective leadership techniques, there's something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Today, we will walk you through the "7 Best HR Blogs You Must Follow." These blogs are not just ordinary online journals but rather valuable sources of knowledge, carefully selected to empower you in your HR position. By following these blogs, you'll stay updated on industry trends, excel in your role, and make a positive impact within your organization.

What are HR Blogs?

HR blogs are fantastic online platforms where human resources professionals, experts, and enthusiasts come together to share all sorts of valuable information, insights, experiences, and opinions about human resources. These incredible blogs act as digital treasure troves of knowledge, offering a wide range of content on exciting topics like talent acquisition, employee engagement, workplace culture, compliance, etc.

HR bloggers are often industry leaders and experts who generously share their expertise, best practices, real-life examples, and thought-provoking thoughts. For HR professionals and those fascinated by the world of human capital management, these blogs are like treasure troves of invaluable resources.

These blogs keep readers informed about the newest trends, regulations, and innovative strategies in the field of human resources. Think of them as a bridge that connects professionals with the real corporate world, empowering them to stay up-to-date, inspired, and adaptable in the ever-changing world of HR.

Features of a Good HR Blog

The internet has over 600 million blogs today. In such a vast ocean of different blogs, distinguishing a good HR blog from a mediocre one is incredibly challenging. However, here are some features that every good HR blog has. By looking for these features, you can easily find out a good HR blog.

  • Relevance: A top-notch HR blog goes the extra mile by staying up-to-date with the ever-changing HR landscape. It keeps you in the loop with the latest trends, shares real-life case studies, and delivers expert insights.
  • Diversity of Topics: Top-tier HR blogs cover various HR-related subjects, including talent acquisition strategies, employee development techniques, workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives, and legal compliance. They serve as a convenient one-stop-shop for HR professionals like you, providing valuable information on a broad range of topics so you are never bored.
  • Expertise: The writers of great HR blogs are experienced professionals, leaders in their field, or experts in the industry who have a wealth of knowledge to offer. They frequently share their firsthand experiences and deep expertise, making the information they provide trustworthy and insightful.
  • High-Quality and Engaging Content: Great HR blogs not only provide information but also connect with and delight their readers. They use imaginative writing techniques, incorporate captivating visuals like infographics or videos, and provide real-life examples or case studies to keep the content engaging.
  • Interaction: The top HR blogs know how to get their readers involved. The authors create engaging environments where people can connect and share their thoughts. Whether it's through comment sections, discussion forums, or even social media channels, these blogs make sure there are plenty of ways for readers to have meaningful conversations.

Benefits of Following the Top HR Blogs

Reading and following the best HR blogs in the industry can offer many benefits. Let's look at the major ones:

1. They Help You Stay Informed

Keeping up with the top HR blogs is an excellent way to know about the latest happenings in the industry. By following these insightful sources, you can discover emerging trends, stay updated on changing legislation, and learn about evolving best practices. This way, you'll always be one step ahead of the curve and well-informed.

2. They Help You Solve Real-World Problems

HR blogs are great resources that tackle real-life HR problems and provide helpful solutions. From struggling with engaging employees to facing hurdles in talent acquisition or compliance, these blogs offer practical advice to navigate these challenges successfully.

3. Professional Development

HR blogs offer valuable insights, helpful tips, and expert guidance to boost professional growth. By putting into action the knowledge you acquire, you'll be able to enhance your skills and excel as an HR professional.

4. Excellent Networking Opportunity

There are plenty of excellent HR blogs out there with thriving communities. By joining in on discussions, sharing your own experiences, and connecting with fellow professionals in these communities, you can open up doors to valuable networking opportunities and exciting collaborations.

5. Time Efficiency

These blogs gather valuable insights, sparing you the hassle of sifting through different sources to find what you need. With this time-saving efficiency, you can fully dedicate yourself to implementing effective strategies and tactics in your HR role instead of getting lost in a sea of resources.

Top 7 HR Blogs

Now that you've got a better grasp of just how valuable HR blogs can be, it's time to reveal the top seven HR blogs you shouldn't miss out on exploring.

1. HiPeople Blog

Finding an HR blog that not only covers crucial human resource topics but also gives you suggestions about the best HR tools is not easy. Fortunately, you have the HiPeople blog to help you out!

HiPeople is an award-winning and robust AI-powered talent assessment software that helps you conduct a variety of skill evaluations, automated reference checking, and more. It is basically your one-stop shop for all your HR and talent assessment needs.

Along with its helpful features, HiPeople also has an enriching blog that covers a wide array of topics. From learning How to Conduct Training Needs Assessment to finding out the Top 5 Succession Planning Tools, this blog has all your needs covered. The articles are detailed and offer in-depth information on each topic. So, even if you are a beginner, you will find plenty of helpful and trustworthy information in the HiPeople blog.

2. HR Bartender

If you are looking for relatively short blog posts and articles, consider checking out HR Bartender. With an average article length of about 800 words, this is one of the most popular HR blogs you can find today. Led by the talented founder, Sharlyn Lauby, who has over two decades of experience in human resources.

What we like the most about this blog is how effortless and conversational the writing is. Sharlyn's writing style is engaging and easy to understand. She takes complex HR concepts and breaks them down into bite-sized articles, ensuring that professionals of all levels can grasp the information.

With three to four new blog posts every week, HR Bartender is always serving up fresh content. So, whenever you visit the site, you can expect to find something new and informative.

3. Bonusly Blog

Bonusly specializes in bringing people together and making work more enjoyable. The company's blog, as a leader in employee engagement, covers a wide range of topics related to recognizing and appreciating employees.

You'll find everything from the best practices to creative ideas for showing appreciation. They explore employee engagement from all angles, including ways to measure it, improve it, and maintain it over time.

If you're working in HR for a remote-first company, you know how challenging it can be to engage employees from a distance. However, Bonusly has you covered with a dedicated section for engaging remote employees. They provide valuable insights on culture-building activities and even fun party ideas.

4. Evil HR Lady

While the name might sound funny, this is an incredibly informative blog that offers a wealth of human resource-related information in an enjoyable way. Founded and run by Suzanne Lucas, the Evil HR Lady blog has been a valuable resource for nearly twenty years.

What sets Suzanne apart is her extensive real-world experience in various HR roles, including as a corporate HR manager. This background gives her a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities faced by HR professionals. To further engage with her audience, Suzanne often answers reader-submitted questions in a Q&A format. This allows her to provide specific advice tailored to address their HR concerns.

One of the best things about Evil HR Lady is that the author doesn't shy away from tackling difficult topics. Her unfiltered insights make her blog a valuable source of information.

5. Workology

Workology is not just a blog but a vibrant community brought to you by XceptionalHR Consulting! Explicitly designed for forward-thinking workplace leaders, Workology is your go-to destination for engaging conversations about the latest trends, useful tools, and real-life case studies in HR, recruiting, and business leadership.

The company has a phenomenal reach of over five hundred thousand HR and recruiting leaders every month through its website, newsletters, and podcasts.

The main aim of the Workology blog is to offer innovative and insightful ideas on HR and recruiting. With a variety of contributors, this blog is a fantastic resource for discovering tips on everything from lifestyle advice to improving leadership skills and fostering inclusivity at work. The articles are well-crafted and engaging and provide a wealth of information to anyone interested in the field of HR.

6. HRZone

Created by a team of HR experts, consultants, and industry professionals, HRZone offers a wide range of content on various HR topics. With fresh articles published every week, this blog serves as a reliable source of up-to-date information, tips, and trends in the HR field.

What sets HRZone apart is its strong focus on leadership subjects, making it a valuable resource for both experienced and up-and-coming HR professionals. From guiding a workforce through company transitions to empowering teams in the age of information, HRZone covers key leadership issues. However, it doesn't stop there.

This blog also delves into the human side of leadership, exploring topics like supporting employee wellness and creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

7. Workest by Zenefits

Zenefits is one of the most popular payroll services of modern times. So, the company's blog, Workest by Zenefits, heavily focuses on topics like benefits administration, payroll, and compliance.

Whether you want to stay updated on the changing compensation and benefits landscape or need guidance on emerging compliance issues, Workest is a blog you should definitely bookmark. It caters to small businesses in particular, providing growth tips for companies that are scaling up and advice on managing a dynamic workforce with HR software.

One standout feature of this blog is its questions section, where Workest readers can ask HR-related questions, share their knowledge by answering others' queries, or simply engage in discussions.

Wrapping Up

HR blogs are like a trusty compass for HR professionals and business leaders. They navigate the challenging landscape of talent acquisition, employee engagement, compliance, and leadership. By discovering these seven blogs, you now have access to world-class HR resources that can help you thrive in your HR role and make a meaningful impact in your organization.

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From Hard Skills assessment to evaluation of a candidate's language skills like English and French, HiPeople can help you with a lot of things. It also offers features for reference checking and much more. It's the perfect tool to give your HR processes a boost, making sure that you can hire, manage, and keep the right talent for your organization effectively. Sign up for HiPeople today!