7 Best Remote Work Software Systems in 2024

May 27, 2024
Hady ElHady
7 Best Remote Work Software Systems in 2024

The idea of employees working from the comfort of their homes or local cafes is no longer unorthodox. Yet, remote work is not a walk in the park. It requires new ways of thinking about collaboration, teamwork, and security. Fortunately, there are ready solutions waiting to be leveraged.

Makers of remote work tools understood the pain-points of an otherwise transformatory working arrangement, and their resourcefulness led to the brilliant remote work software systems we use today. The ecosystem of remote work software is vast and varied. It's worth entering this world and discovering the best software for working remotely. We've done the legwork for you, and discuss our picks in this post.

You don't need to start experiencing difficulties in managing remote teams to start using platforms designed for remote work. Keeping in mind the needs of your growing team or client base, and valid concerns around WFH, you can adopt remote work systems that provide immediate benefits, scale with you, and offer more features in the future to help you do your best work... from anywhere!

Top Remote Work Software Systems

The remote work solutions in this list address the common challenges encountered when working from home. They help your hybrid and remote teams work more effectively and securely, increasing their satisfaction and morale.

1. Monday.com

Monday.com remote work software

Monday.com is a cloud platform that helps remote teams collaborate and stay aligned on projects. It is simple to use and extremely flexible in how it allows you to automate any type of workflow, from software development and project management to customer relationship management and human resources.

On Monday.com, you have a central place for work-related activities and remote workforce management. It acts as a central hub for all communication, taking long email chains out of the picture. Monday.com integrates with Zoom and makes note-taking during online meetings more efficient. When a call begins, you and your team can start taking notes directly within the platform and keep an accurate record of the call and action items.

Tracking goals and managing workloads is challenging as it is, and more so when coordinating hybrid teams. Monday.com makes things easier with Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and other digital visualizations that help team members understand their responsibilities, focus on current tasks, and communicate in an open and transparent way. Customizable dashboards track project progress and keep company and team KPIs in focus. Managers can see project statuses, deadlines, and team capacities. Time estimation columns allow informed reassignment of tasks and management of workload.

Keeping remote employees engaged and motivated can be challenging. Monday.com encourages interactions within teams with an Updates Section that allows team members to communicate social-media style about a specific task or project in the same place. The option to respond with emojis, GIFs, and @mentions, makes for livelier conversations and helps those who miss the social interactions occurring when working from office.

Monday.com offers several features that support remote work, and a recommended remote work software on our list. It offers a free plan for individuals and four business plans.

2. NordLayer

NordLayer remote work software

Not to be confused with the similar-sounding consumer VPN product, NordLayer is for businesses looking to set up secure remote access to work and achieves it via dedicated servers and IP whitelisting. If you're an organization in the banking, insurance, or telecommunications sector, or a business that wants internet access and network access security, NordLayer is a remote working solution to consider.

With NordLayer, you can safely access hybrid resources and prevent unauthorized access over unsecured connections. It integrates with your company's existing platforms and secures every endpoint on the network, including computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. NordLayer uses encryption to protect your online traffic and masks employees' IP addresses, protecting their online security and privacy. It also provides intuitive tools for filtering online content, helping comply with your company's policies on internet use. If your business has a global presence, NordLayer lets employees access region-specific content securely. This geo-restriction is especially useful for employees who need to access resources that are only available in their company's home country or in specific markets while they're abroad.

A related product, NordPass, is a password manager that you can add on top of your VPN subscription. NordPass helps you generate strong passwords, store them in a secure and convenient location, and automatically fill your login information.

NordLayer offers four plans for businesses of all sizes.

3. Sync

Sync remote work software

You're already aware that while sharing files on email and messaging apps is quick and convenient, it is not the most secure or organized way of collaborating on documents. Perhaps your team uses Dropbox, the popular cloud storage and document collaboration platform. Its rival Sync is just as good, with the added advantage of private encryption. Here are some features that make Sync one of the best remote work tools.

As a cloud file storage and document collaboration platform, Sync allows teams to access work files from any location, on their computers, mobile devices, and the web. This helps ensure that your internal and external teams are connected, and everyone is up-to-date and working on the same page. Sync offers offline access, allowing you to work without WiFi or the internet; your files automatically sync up when you go back online. You can separate your personal and work files, maintaining privacy for both.

Teams have access to centralized shared folders, documents, and files. You can set granular permissions to include read-only, read-write, and remote wipe.

You can preview and restore previous versions of files, including deleted files, for up to 30 days. On a Pro Plan, you get up to 365 days of recovery. When data changes, sync sends you real-time updates via activity logs and desktop notifications.

If you have Dropbox, you may not need Sync. Dropbox has more features and built-in apps compared to Sync and supports several third-party integrations, including popular productivity tools. But it lacks Sync's zero-knowledge encryption, which means it may not be as effective as Sync in protecting your account from unauthorized access.

Sync offers three business plans for small, large, and enterprise teams with 100+ users.

4. Loom

Loom remote work software

Remote work is attractive as it lets everyone work as their schedule permits. When meetings with remote teams must take place, it's better if they're asynchronous rather than real-time. Asynchronous collaboration retains the flexibility WFH promises without affecting collaboration or work. Loom offers screen recording tools that enhance asynchronous communication and collaboration.

Using Loom, you can record your screen, webcam, and audio with one click. Use cases include sharing feedback, providing demos, and explaining processes. By capturing and sharing videos, Loom improves knowledge transfer across remote and hybrid teams, allowing you to reduce or do away with email chains, lengthy guides, and even real-time meetings. You can save sync work for when it is necessary and avoid meeting fatigue.

Another advantage of Loom is it helps bring out the best in introverted workers who may be less vocal in real-time meetings. It is a more comfortable alternative to video conferencing, which some may find overwhelming. What's great is that Loom still adds a human touch to interactions, enriching communications with tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions.

Loom has embraced AI to make async collaboration more efficient. You can create AI workflows to automatically write documents, create an issue, or send a message. Your video is instantly converted into text, saving you time for more important tasks. Loom offers starter, team, and enterprise plans.

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer remote work software

TeamViewer is a remote access and work solution for remote employees, freelancers, and hybrid teams. With the right permissions, users can securely access their workstations, allowing them to work uninterrupted from anywhere, anytime, and boosting their productivity. A use case is if you needed to print files on your laptop but left it behind, you can access it remotely using TeamViewer and print the files you need thanks to the platform's ability to automatically detect locally-installed printers.

IT support teams use TeamViewer to provide quick remote support and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and keeping business operations running smoothly. You can connect to as many remote computers as you need, which is great if you're managing multiple machines. A remote wake-on LAN allows you to wake up devices remotely whenever you need to access them.

TeamViewer improves team collaboration by allowing team members to work on the same files and applications simultaneously. It facilitates smooth work by allowing you to securely transfer files between remote and local devices. A straightforward interface with drag and drop actions helps ensure quick adoption and ease of use.

The platform comes with several other features that drive the efficiency and productivity of remote teams. TeamViewer offers plans for individual users, work teams, and enterprises.

6. Xtensio

Xtensio remote work software

If you need to create a lot of documents but lack design or web skills, Xtensio is for you. The remote work solution makes it easy for teams to create, manage, and share documents and streamline their workflows. A website builder and content editor rolled into one, Xtensio is geared at small businesses, consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs, startups, students, and faculty.

In Xtensio, you can build a creative team space and from here, collaborate with team members to produce on-brand documents and presentations with an easy-to-use editor. This is much more efficient that sending drafts back and forth between hybrid and remote team members. The platform also supports individual work, offering each users private workspaces and dashboards, and share their work, collaborate on it with others or in groups, as needed.

Xtensio's flexible sharing options allow you to share live, responsive web links, export files, present full-screen slideshows, and more. It sends real-time updates so teams can access the latest content from any device. Built-in tools and stats let teams track their progress on projects. The platform protects your data with SSL encryption and automatic backups.

Xtensio offers forever free, starter, professional, and enterprise plans.

7. HiPeople

HiPeople remote work software

Can your recruiting team collaborate better during hiring and ongoing recruitment? HiPeople can drive increased collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. The AI-powered candidate assessment and reference checks platform streamlines and accelerates screening no matter where your recruiting, HR, or talent acquisition teams work from.

HiPeople supports your skills-based hiring objectives by providing pre-designed candidate assessment tests covering hard skills, soft skills, personality, cognitive ability, and language competency. A comprehensive assessment library offers access to thousands of tests to gauge candidates deeply and find the right fit for the job.

The assessments cover a large variety of job roles; you can run specific and even unique tests to uncover candidate's knowledge of subjects, software, and topics. For example, you will find tests that evaluate candidates' knowledge of EU competition law, facility management aspects, strategic communication, or TikTok management, or check their agile Apache Spark, data science, instructional design, Ruby on Rails, or UX/UI design skills. You can create custom tests with help from the platform's intelligent AI.

The platform also takes over candidate reference checks, performing them at scale and in a compliant manner. You can invite candidates directly from HiPeople or by sharing a link. Candidates can invite their references who then submit their feedback. HiPeople's algorithms then step in, analyzing references and providing easy-to-read reports, which highlight things that need your attention and help you make informed hiring decisions. You can share reference check reports with remote team members, and discuss candidates using comments and notes/

HiPeople offers free, team, and enterprise plans. Why not book a demo to see it in action?

Create an Efficient and Secure Work From Home System

With many categories of work from home software, businesses and employees can boost collaboration, efficiency, productivity, and security no matter where they work from. Remote workforce solutions are accessible to small teams, growing companies, and large enterprises. No matter what your team size, if you want to create a strong WFH system, you need to look beyond email and video conferencing apps and consider solutions that transform how your hybrid or remote teams work. If you're ready to try out the best remote collaboration tools, be sure to include the solutions on our list. You may discover the perfect fit for your requirements sooner rather than later!

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