5 Best Recruitment Videos Examples of All Time

November 1, 2023
Hady ElHady
5 Best Recruitment Videos Examples of All Time

In today's fast-changing world of recruitment, the adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words," has been given a 21st-century twist. Today, when our attention spans are shorter than ever, video has taken center stage as the go-to medium for sharing messages – including recruitment. With social media, streaming platforms, and smartphones being so accessible, it's no wonder that video has become a powerful means of recruitment advertising.

Nowadays, job seekers can easily browse through many job listings and company information with just a few swipes and clicks. There is so much text out there that standing out becomes complicated. So, to capture the attention of the best candidates, recruiters have to get creative and find new and exciting ways to get noticed among all the digital noise. Fortunately, recruitment videos have come to the rescue. In fact, a report revealed that job posts containing a video receive 36% more applications.

Video is an incredible storyteller! It has this incredible ability to bring together visuals, emotions, and creativity in a way that written words sometimes find challenging. With its captivating nature, it can quickly inform and provoke feelings. When it comes to recruiting, videos are a match made in heaven. They have the unique power to showcase a company's culture, values, and job opportunities in a way that really connects with potential candidates.

In this blog post, we will explore the exciting world of recruitment videos. We've compiled a list of the five most incredible recruitment video examples that have left a lasting impression in the industry.

What Are Recruitment Videos?

Recruitment videos are visual tools that companies use to attract, engage, and inform potential job candidates in the talent acquisition process. They offer a super engaging and dynamic way for companies to show off their culture, values, and all the great job opportunities they have to offer.

These videos come in various forms, like company culture videos, job description videos, employee testimonial videos, and "day in the life" videos, to name just a few. Their goal is to give you a little peek into the amazing work environment, talented people, and exciting opportunities you can find within an organization.

Benefits of Creating Recruitment Videos for Your Hiring Process

Creating engaging and attractive recruitment video offer a variety of benefits to both recruiters and prospective employees. Let's have a look at the major ones:

1. Increased Candidate Engagement

Recruitment videos have this amazing ability to captivate and charm viewers with their stunning visuals. That's why they're incredibly effective in grabbing the interest of potential candidates. Unlike the usual text-based job postings, videos have a higher chance of being shared and sparking discussions on social media. This means your message can reach a wider audience, ultimately attracting a larger pool of candidates.

2. Effective Way to Showcase Company

Recruitment videos offer a host of amazing benefits, one of which is their power to highlight your company's special culture. They give a peek into your workplace, showing off employee interactions and the overall vibe of your organization. This openness helps potential candidates gauge if they're a good match in terms of culture, ultimately leading to happier employees down the road.

3. Time and Cost Savings

You can simplify the hiring process with the help of recruitment videos. They offer a complete overview of the job, company, and expectations, which helps minimize repetitive questions from candidates. As a result, HR professionals and hiring managers can save valuable time and resources that would have been otherwise spent on addressing common queries.

4. Effective Storytelling

Videos provide a powerful way to tell stories, creating a deeper connection between candidates and your company. Through these narratives, you can showcase your company's history, values, mission, and accomplishments. All of these elements combine to build a captivating employer brand.

5. Global Reach

In our ever-connected world, recruitment videos have the power to reach a global audience with ease. This opens up exciting opportunities to attract talent from around the globe, embracing diversity and welcoming new perspectives into your organization.

Top 5 Recruitment Video Examples

If you want to attract the best talent and show off your company's culture, then creating compelling videos is a must. Here are some of the examples to help you get started! These videos should help you come up with creative recruitment video ideas.

1. Dropbox

Let's start this list with one of the most adorable and funny recruiting videos by Dropbox. It is a software company that's all about helping people simplify their lives. Dropbox offers you the ability to organize your files and seamlessly sync them across all of your devices.

While Dropbox offers excellent usability, its recruitment videos are equally good. This particular video is about Dropbox's amazing work culture. One employee at Dropbox happily shared a few key aspects that consistently define their culture: they're always in a positive mindset, scrappy, and skilled at accomplishing tasks efficiently.

Dropbox has truly crafted a one-of-a-kind recruiting video. Taking a creative approach, they tell the story of an employee interview through the endearing perspective of puppets. This video stands out thanks to its quirky and unforgettable nature. Besides the puppets' adorable facial expressions, it effectively hints at Dropbox's lively and playful work environment.

2. Starbucks

Starbucks needs no introduction. It is the reigning champion of coffee shop chains worldwide, with an impressive presence of almost 35,000 stores across the globe. Another amazing thing about Starbucks is that the company is also deeply committed to sustainability, with goals to invest in 100% renewable energy and operate 10,000 environmentally friendly stores.

The coffee-centered organization values its employees as "partners" and strives to cultivate an inviting atmosphere wherein diversity is embraced and everyone is honored with dignity and respect.

This video talks about the culture at Starbucks. It is super fun and energetic, showcasing interns and full-time employees who are just starting out their careers at Starbucks. It highlights that everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, and there are plenty of opportunities for growth at the company. It's a place where partners are constantly learning, growing, and embracing new adventures.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with customers from all over the world. Established in 2010, the company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is committed to building the world's biggest digital marketplace.

This video by Fiverr is another incredibly funny recruitment video that pokes at those stereotypical recruitment videos we've all seen a million times. The voiceover is so epic; it's like a trailer for a blockbuster movie! They hit all the classic elements, like bustling office corridors, sleek conference rooms, and even a "laid-back dude" effortlessly gliding on a skateboard through the workspace.

Out of all the funny recruitment videos out there, this one definitely stands out. It has this refreshing sense of self-awareness and uniqueness that's bound to catch the attention of potential employees. Other companies and employers can also use this video to learn how to infuse humor in their videos and things to avoid while creating them.

4. H&M

Hennes & Mauritz, also known as H&M, is a popular multinational retail company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The H&M team is connected by a common love for creativity and fashion. The company believes in embracing individuality and allowing each employee to bring their unique perspective to the forefront. And that's what this video highlights.

It is one of the best employer branding videos that truly captures the essence of H&M's creativity. Just as you would expect from a fashion brand, it's expertly shot, passionate, and visually stunning. At the beginning of the video, the viewers are introduced to a red thread that represents the company's values. This red thread is the central focus of the video and depicts the company's commitment to diversity, inclusion, collaboration, sustainability, and teamwork.

5. Google

Google is globally renowned for its incredible work culture and has won multiple awards for it. So, it's natural to expect their recruitment video to be one of the best.

With over 12 million views, this is one of the most successful recruitment videos out there. It tells the story of five summer interns at Google. They share what inspires them, why they chose to work at Google, how they've made a difference, and what they love about the experience.

The video reinforces the ideas that many people already have about working at Google – it's a place of inspiration, innovation, teamwork, and incredible employee benefits. Watching it instantly makes the viewers want to be a part of it, which is an excellent way to attract people to apply for jobs at the company.

Dos and Don'ts of Creating Impactful Recruitment Videos


1. Tell a Compelling Story

When you're creating your video, it's a great idea to kick things off with a narrative that really shows off your company culture and values. Get the viewer excited by sharing genuine employee experiences, achievements, and career growth opportunities within your organization. By telling a well-structured story, you'll be able to make a personal connection with potential candidates and let them feel what your company is all about.

2. Highlight Employee Testimonials

Encourage your employees to share their experiences and insights in a video. Real testimonials have a way of adding credibility and authenticity to your message. By allowing your employees to speak openly about their roles, challenges, and personal growth within the company, you create a sense of relatability that can really resonate with potential candidates.

3. Keep it Authentic

When creating recruitment videos, remember that authenticity is crucial. It's essential to be sincere about your company's culture and work environment. Avoid the temptation to exaggerate or portray your organization as overly glamorous. Candidates truly value honesty and transparency, as it helps to establish trust.

4. Add a Clear Call to Action

When you reach the end of the video, it's important to include a strong and practical Call to Action (CTA). Guide candidates to visit your careers page, explore job listings, or find a way to connect with your recruitment team. By making it simple for interested candidates, you'll empower them to take the next step easily.


1. Avoid Being Over-promotional

It's best to avoid making your recruitment video sound like a sales pitch. Of course, you want to showcase your company's bright side, but being overly promotional might not be the way to go. Instead, focus on sharing genuine insights into your company's work culture. That way, potential recruits can get a real feel for what it's like to be a part of your team.

2. Don't Make It Too Long

Attention spans can be pretty short these days. So, make sure your video doesn't drag on for too long. Ideally, aim to keep it under three minutes. That way, candidates are more likely to stick around and watch the whole thing. Just focus on highlighting the really important stuff about your company and the exciting job opportunities you have to offer. Keep it snappy and engaging.

3. Don't Neglect Video Quality

A low-quality video can take away from the impact of your message. It's important to make sure your video is well-captured, well-lit, and has clear audio. A shaky, unclear video can create a not-so-great impression on potential candidates.


In a rapidly changing world where attracting and keeping talented individuals is getting tougher by the day, these five recruitment video examples truly stand out. They have captivated, inspired, and invited job seekers to be a part of something truly remarkable. These videos beautifully demonstrate how recruitment video content has become the key to unlocking the door to a company's unique culture and deeply cherished values.

Check out all these recruiting video examples, take notes, and start creating an incredible recruitment video of your own! And if - along with creating impactful recruitment videos - you also want to improve your talent assessment process, HiPeople is here to help! It is an advanced AI-powered talent assessment software with an extensive Assessment Library. It enables you to conduct a variety of tests like Hard Skills tests, Excel proficiency tests, and more. With it, choosing the right candidate becomes several times simpler. Check out HiPeople today!