The 2024 Online Proctoring Guide (+ Top Services & Tools)

October 2, 2023
Hady ElHady
The 2024 Online Proctoring Guide (+ Top Services & Tools)

Rapid technological advancements have shaped the modern workforce, leading to a new era of remote work and virtual interactions. As workplaces all around the world undergo changes, there is a growing demand for new ways to assess candidates. This is where online proctoring comes into the picture. It offers a modern solution that combines the convenience of digital assessment with the reliability of in-person evaluations.

Online proctoring in online assessment involves utilizing sophisticated technology to remotely monitor and evaluate job applicants as they undertake assessments, tests, or interviews. Similar to how it maintains the reliability of online exams in education, online proctoring ensures the same level of attentiveness when assessing prospective employees for a job position in an organization.

This guide will explore the importance and advantages of online proctoring in candidate assessment. We will also outline its different types and talk about you can leverage online proctoring in your organization. If you are also looking to boost your candidate assessment, evaluate various skills of potential employees, and hire the right people, check out HiPeople Assessments. It is a sophisticated AI-powered software that can help you accurately assess candidates within minutes, not hours!

What Is Online Proctoring?

Online proctoring is an advanced solution that combines the convenience of digital assessment with the honesty of in-person evaluations. It involves monitoring and supervising online candidate assessments to deter cheating and uphold the integrity of the evaluation process. It replicates the surveillance measures taken in traditional in-person tests but in a virtual setting.

Online proctoring involves the use of webcam monitoring, screen sharing, and AI algorithms. It empowers employers and HR managers to replicate the level of scrutiny typically experienced during traditional in-person assessments, regardless of where the candidates are physically located.

Importance of Online Proctoring in Modern Hiring Process

Due to its convenience and advanced capabilities, online proctoring has gained immense importance in modern-day hiring scenarios. Here are some of the many reasons for its growing importance today:

  • It Ensures Fairness and Authenticity: Online proctoring prevents dishonest practices such as plagiarism or impersonation in online assessments. By using practices like facial recognition, keystroke analysis, and other sophisticated techniques, employers can verify the candidate's identity and ensure the work submitted is genuinely their own. This authenticity not only maintains the integrity of the assessment process but also promotes a sense of fairness among candidates.
  • It Improves Candidate Experience: Candidates often find the traditional assessment process intimidating and stressful. However, online proctoring provides a more relaxed and comfortable environment for candidates to exhibit their skills. By allowing assessments to be taken in familiar surroundings, candidates can fully concentrate on showcasing their abilities without the extra pressure of a physical assessment center. This positive experience not only benefits the candidate but also reflects positively on the employer's candidate-centric approach.
  • It Helps Organizations Adapt to the Remote Work Environment: The rise of remote work has eliminated geographical limitations for companies, giving them access to a diverse pool of talent worldwide. However, this change requires new and innovative ways to assess candidates. Online proctoring is a solution that allows organizations to evaluate candidates from different time zones without the need for them to travel. This saves both time and money while also aligning with the changing dynamics of the modern workplace.

Benefits of Online Proctoring

Online proctoring brings several advantages that are changing the game for employers when it comes to identifying and selecting high-performing candidates. Let's explore these benefits and understand why this method is gaining traction.

1. Cost and Time Efficiency

Online proctoring offers several benefits in terms of cost savings. Traditional assessment methods, such as setting up physical assessment centers and making travel arrangements, are no longer necessary. This reduces expenses related to administrative logistics. Furthermore, the online assessment process is efficient and automated, which leads to quicker decision-making for employers. This allows them to identify and hire qualified individuals promptly.

2. More Flexibility and Accessibility

In the past, candidate assessments were limited to specific places and strict timetables. However, online proctoring has changed this by providing flexibility. Candidates can now complete assessments from the convenience of their own environments, whether in their home office or a remote workspace.

This not only caters to the unique needs of diverse candidates but also enables organizations to recruit talented individuals from around the world. As companies expand globally, being able to evaluate candidates across different time zones without the need for travel becomes a valuable strategic advantage.

3. Employers Get Data-Driven Insights

In this era of technology, data holds tremendous value for making well-informed decisions. Online proctoring not only simplifies the assessment process but also yields valuable insights. Employers can access measurable data that surpass traditional assessment methods by utilizing AI-powered analysis of candidate behavior, responses, and completion times. These insights enable employers to uncover patterns, refine evaluation standards, and even forecast the potential success of candidates within an organization.

What Are the Different Types of Online Proctoring?

Different types of online proctoring are available to suit various needs and situations—from automated surveillance to live human intervention. Let's explore the various forms of online proctoring and how they reshape the evaluation process.

1. Automated Proctoring

Automated proctoring is at the forefront of contemporary candidate evaluation. This form of proctoring uses cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to observe candidates' actions during assessments. It identifies abnormal behaviors like having multiple faces on screen, excessive eye movement, or unexpected background noises. Automated proctoring systems provide a non-invasive method to guarantee the credibility of the assessment, using technology to prevent cheating and uphold impartiality.

2. Record and Review Proctoring

The process of record and review proctoring brings together the benefits of automation and human supervision. While candidates are being assessed, AI algorithms observe and document any abnormal actions. Once the assessment is finished, human proctors carefully examine the recorded sessions to ensure the genuineness of the process. This combination of technology and human involvement enables efficient automation and meticulous human analysis, offering a compromise between convenience and attentiveness.

3. Live Proctoring

Live proctoring adds a personal element to the digital assessment world. An experienced proctor is present in real-time to oversee candidates during their assessment. The proctor closely observes candidates' behavior, actions, and environment using video conferencing. This form of proctoring enables prompt intervention if any suspicious activities arise, ensuring enhanced security and accountability.

4. Remote ID Verification

The essential aspect of online proctoring is remote identity verification. It is crucial to confirm that the correct candidate is participating in the assessment. Facial recognition technology is used to verify candidates' identities by matching them with their official identification documents. This prevents impersonation and sets a solid and secure base for the assessment.

5. Screen Sharing and Recording

This type of proctoring is designed to monitor candidates' digital actions during assessments. In this, candidates are required to share their screens with the proctoring system. This way, exam administrators can observe candidates' digital activities in real-time. Moreover, these sessions can be recorded for future reference. Screen sharing and recording proctoring are especially useful for technical evaluations or tasks requiring digital interactions.

How to Choose the Right Type of Online Proctoring

Choosing the appropriate online proctoring method for your organization is a significant decision that demands thoughtful evaluation of multiple factors. This choice will not only influence the assessment procedure but also affect the candidate's experience, security measures, and overall assessment precision.

Here are some effective tips for choosing the right online proctoring method for your recruitment process:

  • Evaluate Your Assessment Goals: To start, determine the objectives of your organization's assessments. Are you administering technical tests, personality assessments, or academic exams? Each type of assessment might call for varying levels of proctoring. Clearly defining your goals will help you make the right choice.
  • Assess Assessment Sensitivity: When evaluating the importance of the assessment, consider its sensitivity. If the assessment results in significant outcomes like job placements or certifications, choosing a stronger monitoring method with live supervision and human involvement would be wise.
  • Technical Requirements: Assess the technical requirements of each proctoring method, as certain methods may require specific hardware or software compatibility. Verify that candidates possess the required tools and technical setup to ensure a seamless participation experience.
  • Analyze Your Budget: When deciding on a proctoring method, consider your budget. For example, live proctoring may require more resources than automated options. Evaluate the costs related to each method and select one that fits within your financial means.

How to Leverage Online Proctoring in Your Candidate Assessment

As organizations shift to digital evaluation methods, it is crucial to ensure the implementation of online proctoring is efficient and considerate of candidates' experiences. To navigate this successfully, here are some best practices to guide you in using online proctoring effectively.

1. Ensure Clear Communication and Transparency

  • Openness and clarity are essential elements for a seamless online proctoring experience.
  • Make sure to inform candidates upfront about the implementation of proctoring and clarify the motives behind it.
  • Additionally, furnish candidates with comprehensive guidance on what they should anticipate, encompassing the proctoring procedure, the different monitoring techniques employed, as well as any technical prerequisites.

2. Test Your Technology and Infrastructure

  • Before the assessment, it is essential to complete a comprehensive technology and infrastructure evaluation.
  • This includes verifying that candidates possess essential tools like a working webcam and a stable internet connection.
  • Consider providing a practice assessment to familiarize candidates with the proctoring system and resolve any potential technical difficulties in advance.

3. Accommodate the Needs of Different Candidates

  • To ensure equal opportunities for all candidates, it is vital to consider their individual needs, which may arise from disabilities, privacy concerns, or technical limitations.
  • In order to accommodate such cases, it is recommended to establish proctoring protocols that provide appropriate support. These protocols could include offering alternatives such as extended assessment time, accessible formats, or even in-person evaluations if required.

4. Maintain Privacy and Data Security

  • Ensuring the privacy and security of candidates' information is of utmost importance. Select proctoring platforms that are both secure and compliant with data protection regulations.
  • Communicate the processes of collecting, using, and storing candidate data, ensuring their information will be handled responsibly.

5. Provide Clear Guidelines to the Candidates

  • Providing clear assessment guidelines that cover the format, time limits, and expectations is essential.
  • This will help candidates to concentrate on the assessment without getting caught up in logistical details.
  • Make sure to designate a contact person for candidates to contact if they have any questions or need clarification on the assessment process.

6. Maintain Professionalism Throughout the Process

  • In order to uphold a high level of professionalism, online proctoring should be equivalent to in-person evaluations.
  • Proctors, regardless of whether they are human or automated, must treat candidates with respect.
  • All communication during the assessment, including chat messages or voice instructions, should be concise and professional.

7. Offer Technical Support to the Candidates

  • Technical issues can cause unnecessary stress for candidates. So, ensure that there is easily accessible technical support available to help candidates during the assessment in case any problems arise.
  • Provide a dedicated support channel to help candidates feel more relaxed and self-assured throughout the process.

Top 5 Online Proctoring Tools and Services

Now that we have discussed everything else related to online proctoring, let's look at some of the best online proctoring tools. By using any one of the following tools, you can ensure the candidates are being evaluated fairly and accurately.

1. HiPeople

While not essentially a niche proctoring tool, HiPeople is an advanced AI-powered candidate assessment software that offers top-notch assessments and reference checks. HiPeople Assessment Library provides a large range of assessments that can help employers evaluate the various skills of their candidates. From assessing cognitive abilities like logical thinking to testing a candidate's teamworking ability, employers can test everything.

With the help of HiPeople Assessments, organizations can administer comprehensive and secure online tests. The assessments take place in real-time, enabling employers or hiring managers to make data-driven hiring decisions.

Pricing: HiPeople's pricing starts from $20 per month. It also offers a free plan.

2. ProctorU

ProctorU is a widely respected online proctoring service that provides a variety of proctoring methods. These options include automated, live, and recorded proctoring.

With the use of AI algorithms and live proctors, ProctorU monitors candidates during exams and can intervene in real time if needed. Their extensive experience and flexibility make them a trusted choice for organizations seeking to ensure the integrity of their exams.  Some of the standout features of this software include ID authentication, screen and webcam recording, 24/7 on-demand or scheduled access, an analytics dashboard with session reporting, and more.

Pricing: Get in touch with the ProctorU team for pricing details.

3. AutoProctor

AutoProctor can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a completely automated online proctoring service. The software allows employers to easily monitor and receive comprehensive performance reports of test-takers on their webpage. It supports creating new assessments or using existing ones from platforms such as MS Forms, Google Forms, and more.

AutoProctor software ensures fair online exams by continuously monitoring and recording the actions and environment of test-takers in real-time to detect any violations or malpractices.

Pricing: The pricing of AutoProctor starts at $10 per month.

4. Examity

Examity is a company that focuses on providing adaptive online proctoring services. They tailor their solutions to cater to the unique requirements of institutions and organizations.

Examity offers a range of proctoring levels, including automated and live proctoring. Their features include facial recognition, ID verification, and customizable security settings. With its flexibility and emphasis on customization, Examity is a versatile option for different assessment scenarios.

Pricing: Contact the Examity sales team for pricing details.

5. Proctorio

Proctorio is a proctoring tool that utilizes AI technology to provide automated and on-demand proctoring solutions. It employs AI algorithms to detect suspicious like cheating during an online assessment. It provides various features such as identity verification, customizable settings, and secure exam delivery.

Proctorio's data-driven approach and extensive monitoring make it a popular choice in both educational and professional certification fields. It is especially useful for organizations seeking a robust level of security and accuracy for their online assessments.

Pricing: Contact the Proctorio team for pricing-related details.


Online proctoring goes beyond mere assessment monitoring, as it has the power to bring about true transformation. It signifies a dedication to equality, progression, and a willingness to merge technology and traditional values effortlessly. Bridging gaps in geography, it allows organizations to access and test talent from all over the world, resulting in a more diverse, adaptable, and dynamic workforce.

In a competitive world driven by talent, the strategic use of online proctoring in candidate assessment is a valuable tool for organizations seeking top-tier employees. As you embrace online proctoring, remember you are not only shaping your organization's future but also influencing the future workforce as a whole. In case you are ready to transform your assessment and reference-checking features, make sure to check out HiPeople Assessments and Reference Checks today!