NEU! HiPeople’s October Product Update

October 7, 2021
Nataliia Senatorova
NEU! HiPeople’s October Product Update

Welcome to our October product update. It’s a bumper month, with no fewer than five big product releases coming your way. We’ve got:

🤳 Candidate Self-Assessment

🧩 Lever Integration

📊 Benchmarks 2.0

📡 Feedback Style Detection

📚 New Essential Content Modules

NEU! Candidate Self-Assessment 🤳

We believe the best way to learn about your candidates is to get feedback from those who already know what it’s like to work with them — their former colleagues, managers, direct reports and other collaborators.

These insights are all the more powerful when you can compare them to other pieces of information you gather during your recruitment processes. This is why we’ve released our new candidate self-assessment feature — to supercharge your hiring decisions with another powerful source of candidate insights.

When creating new roles in HiPeople, recruiters can now also request a self-assessment from the candidate themselves. Read all about Candidate Self-Assessment in our feature announcement.

NEU! Lever Integration 🧩

Don’t you love it when all the tech tools you love work together in perfect harmony? So do we. That’s why we’ve built HiPeople to have integrations at its core.

We already sync seamlessly with any Applicant Tracking System via webhooks, and in May, we released our first native ATS integration with Greenhouse

Now, we’re excited to announce our second native integration with Lever (and we have more on the horizon).

If you’re a Lever user, our integration will let you:

  • Add a Reference Check stage to your Job's Interview Plan
  • Send HiPeople reference checks directly from Lever
  • View reference check results within your candidate’s Lever profile


Find more information in our integration announcement.

NEU! Benchmarks 2.0 📊

We’ve developed a more informative way to help you understand the quality of your candidates, by revamping how we compare them against others who’ve progressed through your reference process.

To the right of our new Skillset Heatmap you’ll find our new candidate benchmarks.

Under “Overall”, we start by giving you the average score your candidate has received in response to a particular reference question. (e.g. Here, Nataliia’s average “drawing conclusions” score is 4.5/5.)

To the right of that, a bar provides a visual representation of how this score compares to your organization’s average score.

We then give you a numerical measure of how far above or below the average score this is. (e.g. Nataliia is 1.8 points above your organization’s “drawing conclusions” average).

Finally, to make sure everything is crystal clear, we show your organization’s average score in parentheses on the far right. (e.g. In this example, your organization’s average “drawing conclusions” score is 2.66)

NEU! Feedback Style Detection 📡

We work hard to read between the lines and generate the best insights possible from reference feedback. However, some referees are more positive (or negative) than others, and detecting this wasn’t possible — until now!

Feedback Style Detection aggregates all of a referee’s answers, to discern whether their feedback style is naturally more 'Critical', 'Praising', or 'Balanced'. This can help gauge between your candidate having no strengths at all, or just their reference having a bad day!

It'll appear next to the referees name as you look through your candidate’s results — and you can hover over each icon to get more context.

NEU! Essential Content Modules 📚

We care that the data you receive from your candidate reference checks is the most objective it can be. So we use comparison questions, which require users to choose between two statements inspired by validated psychometric measurement tools.

To eliminate bias, each comparison represents positive aspects of opposing values.

Leadership Skills

With the "Leadership Skills" essentials module, you'll gain extra insight into whether your candidate can lead others. We recommend using this module for roles where leading others is within the scope of their responsibilities.

An Overall leadership score, will be broken down into key components: establishing focus, relationship building, and inspiring others.

Working with Others

The "Working with others" essentials module provides insights into how candidates typically work with colleagues, customers, or reports.

The module includes four comparison questions regarding the candidates' ways of operating with those that work around them.

We will then analyze the responses and inform you which working style is most relevant to your candidate. This insight is available in the Personality and Culture Fit section of the Summary view

Culture Add

Discover what matters to candidates and how this will affect your company's culture with the Culture Add module.

The module includes two comparison questions regarding the candidates' ways of impacting the culture of your organization. We will tell you what values your candidate will add when hired. This insight is available in the Personality and Culture Fit section of the Summary view.