Strategies to Deliver a Strong Candidate Experience

Strategies to Deliver a Strong Candidate Experience

12:00 pm
Elin Johansson
Talent Acquisition Partner
Elin  Johansson
Mirela Stefan
Team Lead Talent Acquisition
Mirela Stefan
Colm O'Cuinneain
General Manager, EMEA
Colm O'Cuinneain
Jakob Gillmann
Co-founder HiPeople

It doesn’t matter if you are Google or the newest start-up in town: providing a thoughtful and respectful candidate experience is key to keeping your pipeline healthy. Join us for an engaging chat into the key areas of the candidate experience, inclusive practices and addressing biases in the process.

We have hosted a live session on how through inclusive practices, and a thoughtful candidate experience TA teams can build strong pipelines.

Join HiPeople Cofounder, Jakob Gillmann and guest speaker Elin Johansson, Talent Acquisition Partner at Voi Technology, Project A Ventures, Team Lead Talent Acquisition, Mirela Stefan and Greenhouse, General Manager, EMEA, Colm O’Cuinneain  for a fireside chat on strategies to deliver a strong candidate experience.

We covered:

- Why does the candidate experience matter?

- What does inclusive practices mean and why is it important?

- Learnings: Practices that worked and practices that didn’t

- Tips, tricks & tools to help get you there

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