How Science-based Recruiting Impacts Quality of Hire

Find, train, and retain the best talent with science-based recruiting

10:00 am
Sebastian Ristic
Sebastian Ristic
Interim VP People
Philipp Schäpers
Philipp Schäpers
Professor Psychology of Entrepreneurship
Jantje de Vries
Jantje de Vries
People Science
Jakob Gillmann
Co-founder HiPeople
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With unprecedented shifts in the job market, proactive HR professionals are bringing new tactics and technology to find, train, and retain the best talent possible. Science-based recruiting has developed tools that help nail down and measure hiring criteria, reduce bias in hiring, and reduce new hire turnover.

We’re hosting a live session on increasing employee performance and productivity, reducing turnover, and creating cost savings with science-based recruiting. Join HiPeople co-founder Jakob Gillmann and a panel of talent leaders for a fireside chat on quality of hire,  science-based recruiting, and their outlook on identifying the best candidates.

We will cover:

  • Tactics and technology to find, train, and retain talent
  • How to increase employee performance and productivity
  • Science-based recruiting and its impact on quality of hire
  • Practices and tools that give companies impactful scientific insights

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