8 Best SSN Background Check Services in 2024

June 5, 2024
Hady ElHady
8 Best SSN Background Check Services in 2024

When it comes to hiring new employees, the importance of thorough background checks cannot be overstated. Employee SSN (Social Security Number) background checks are a crucial step in verifying the identity of potential hires and ensuring that they have a clean employment and legal history. Corporate screening helps protect companies from fraud and reduce potential legal liabilities. Knowing which services offer the most reliable and comprehensive checks can make your hiring process smoother and more secure.

What is an SSN Background Check Service?

An SSN Background Check Service is an essential tool for verifying a person's identity and personal history using their Social Security Number. This service helps employers ensure they are dealing with legitimate and trustworthy individuals.

How It Works

When you provide an SSN, the background check service searches through vast databases to retrieve information linked to that number. This information can include credit history, criminal records, addresses, and employment history. The goal is to offer a comprehensive look at the individual's past behavior and reliability.

Why Background Check with SSN Is Important

SSN background checks are crucial in reducing risks associated with fraud and hiring. They also ensure that employers hire qualified and honest candidates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Employee SSN Background Check Service

When selecting a service to conduct SSN background checks, it's crucial to balance several factors to ensure you're choosing the best option for your business needs.


The pricing of SSN background checks can vary widely depending on the comprehensiveness of the reports and the volume of checks you plan to conduct. Some services charge a flat rate per check. Others offer tiered pricing or subscription models, which could be beneficial for companies that require frequent screenings. Always check if there are any hidden fees like setup fees or charges for additional access to supplementary information.

Turnaround time

The speed at which a background check is completed can be critical, especially if you need to hire quickly. Turnaround times can range from a few hours to several days. Determine your hiring timelines and choose a service that aligns with your schedule. Remember that longer times might be necessary for more detailed investigations.


The accuracy of the background report is perhaps the most critical factor. An inaccurate report can lead to bad hiring decisions and legal complications. Look for providers with a track record of accuracy and compliance. Consider services that double-verify data points to ensure the information you receive is correct and up to date.

Top Employee SSN Background Check Services

To help streamline your selection process, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight SSN background check services known for their reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.

1. Checkr


Checkr covers a wide array of SSN trace checks. These include criminal background checks, driving records, drug screenings, and even education and employment verifications. This thorough approach ensures that employers have all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Checkr prides itself on its quick turnaround times, providing reliable results within just a few days. This means businesses can proceed with their hiring processes without unnecessary delays, keeping everything on track and on schedule.

One of Checkr’s strengths is its intuitive, user-friendly platform. Navigating the system is a breeze. With easy-to-understand reports and straightforward instructions, Checkr ensures a smooth experience from start to finish.

Maintaining compliance with various local, state, and federal regulations can be a real headache. Checkr helps to alleviate this stress by adhering strictly to all legal guidelines, keeping you and your business protected. Their compliance engine is constantly updated to reflect the latest changes in the law.

2. HireRight



Alt text: Homepage of HireRight

HireRight offers tailored background check solutions for various industries, including transportation, healthcare, and finance. Their platform allows for global screenings, is ideal for multinational companies, and provides detailed reports that help in making informed hiring decisions.

HireRight’s background check using SSN digs deep. They verify Social Security numbers to confirm the candidate’s identity and eligibility to work in the U.S. This step instantly flags any irregularities, helping you avoid potential fraud or misrepresentation. Another key element is employment history verification. HireRight doesn’t just gather dates and titles; they cross-check job roles, durations, and reasons for leaving previous employment. This ensures the candidate’s resume aligns with their actual work experience.

HireRight’s SSN trace background check includes a thorough criminal background search that uses state, county, and federal databases. HireRight’s customer support is always ready to assist, making the whole experience seamless.

3. GoodHire


GoodHire boasts a user-friendly interface and flexibility in tailoring checks to specific needs. It provides real-time background check updates and has excellent customer service, which greatly aids in managing any issues or concerns that arise during the screening process.

GoodHire's background check with Social Security Number is all about trust and accuracy. Confirming SSNs ensures that the details provided by potential employees are genuine. This is crucial for filtering out discrepancies and helping companies build a reliable workforce.

One of the standout features of GoodHire's service is its ability to protect against identity fraud. By catching mismatches between the SSN provided and the individual's name or birthdate, GoodHire helps employers avoid hiring individuals with false identities.

GoodHire makes the background check SSN process seamless. Integration with your existing HR systems means that verifying an employee's SSN can be done with minimal hassle.

4. AccurateNow


AccurateNow provides focused services for small to medium-sized businesses, with straightforward pricing and no hidden fees. They offer quick turnaround times and are known for their easy-to-use online portal which simplifies the ordering and reviewing process of background checks.

AccurateNow's SSN verification service quickly confirms the validity of a Social Security Number, cross-referencing it with vast databases to provide reliable results. This fast background check means you can make informed hiring decisions without unnecessary delays.

AccurateNow stands out for its efficiency and accuracy. Their platform is user-friendly, allowing even those unfamiliar with background checks to navigate it with ease. Moreover, their customer support is readily available to assist you throughout the process, providing an extra layer of confidence.

5. First Advantage

First Advantage

First Advantage delivers global screening capabilities with detailed, scalable solutions that support businesses of all sizes. Its enhanced screening features include fingerprinting and drug testing alongside SSN background checks. With a reputation for reliability, First Advantage helps companies make well-informed hiring decisions by providing thorough and accurate background checks.

They offer a wide range of services, including criminal background check with Social Security Number, employment verification, education verification, and even drug testing.

First Advantage also boasts a user-friendly platform that makes the entire process seamless for businesses. The online portal is intuitive, allowing employers to easily request and review background checks. This convenience saves valuable time, letting HR teams concentrate on other crucial tasks.

Customer support is another strong suit. First Advantage offers dedicated support to help clients navigate any issues or questions they might encounter. Additionally, they stay updated on the latest legal and compliance requirements, ensuring that their services are always in line with the highest standards.

6. PeopleG2


PeopleG2 has a reputation for its high-level customization options and its human intelligence data-gathering method that goes beyond standard database checks. This service is well-suited for businesses looking for detailed and expansive background information.

With a focus on accuracy, speed, and compliance, they assist companies in various industries, from healthcare to finance, in securing the best talent.

PeopleG2 delves into the history and background of potential employees to provide you with a clearer picture. Their services include criminal records verification, employment history checks, education verification, and more. Plus, they use cutting-edge technology to ensure the fastest turnaround times.

PeopleG2 prides itself on exceptional customer service. With user-friendly platforms and knowledgeable support staff, they make the background check process straightforward and stress-free.

7. InfoMart


InfoMart is a longstanding provider known for its innovative approaches to background screening, including biometric identity verification. Its services are extensively used in the hospitality and retail industries, where quick and accurate background checks are crucial.

InfoMart stands out for its accuracy, speed, and comprehensive data. Employers can rest assured that the reports generated are up-to-date and reliable. The user-friendly platform also makes it easy for HR departments to access and interpret the information quickly, saving valuable time in the hiring process.

InfoMart provides various types of background checks to fit the needs of different industries. These include criminal background checks, employment verification, education verification, drug testing, and credit checks.

InfoMart is dedicated to compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Employers can be confident in both the legality and the security of the background check process, knowing that their data is protected.

8. Sterling


Sterling is renowned for its thorough and accurate background checks. Their services cover everything from criminal record checks to employment verification, providing a comprehensive look into a candidate’s history. What's even more appealing is their commitment to compliance with legal standards, ensuring that your hiring process is both effective and ethical.

Sterling uses the SSN to verify a candidate’s identity and trace any potential discrepancies. By cross-referencing the SSN with various databases, Sterling ensures that the information provided is both current and correct.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Sterling automates many parts of the background check process. This automation helps with instant background check, speeding things up considerably without compromising on accuracy. From fingerprinting services to global watchlist checks, Sterling’s tech-savvy approach means you get efficient, detailed reports faster.

Another standout feature of Sterling's background check services is their exceptional customer support. Whether you have questions about the use of SSNs in checks or need help interpreting complex reports, Sterling’s support team is a reliable partner.

The Importance of Employee SSN Background Checks

Conducting SSN background checks on employees isn't just an extra step in the hiring process; it is a crucial procedure that can save a company from numerous potential risks. These checks help assure that applicants or employees are who they claim to be, preventing dishonesty and reducing vulnerability to fraud and other criminal activities.

Preventing Identity Theft

Implementing thorough SSN background checks is an effective measure for preventing identity theft within your company. Identity theft is not only a personal attack but can also severely destabilize a business’s operations. Ensuring a potential hire’s social security number matches their given identity helps ascertain that an individual's employment history and credit records are legitimately theirs. SSN Background checks help:

  • Verify the authenticity of applicant information, preventing impersonation.
  • Discourage applicants who may intend to use a stolen identity to gain employment.
  • Minimize the risk of inside-job frauds that begin by accessing company records and resources under false pretenses.

Best background check with Social Security Number ensures that those who join your workforce are doing so with honest intentions and real identities.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Another compelling reason for thorough SSN checks is operating within the legal boundaries set by state and federal regulations. Various laws require employers to verify the identities and employment eligibility of their employees. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), for instance, sets standards for employment screening, including SSN verification.

Businesses must also comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), which mandates verifying employee eligibility to work in the United States.

SSN background checks help:

  • Avoid legal penalties and fines associated with non-compliance.
  • Ensure accurate record-keeping for tax purposes and other regulatory requirements.
  • Create a transparent and accountable hiring process.

Staying compliant not only keeps your business out of legal trouble but also builds a foundation of trust and reliability in your professional operations.

Safeguarding Company Reputation

One cannot underestimate the value of a good reputation in the business world. Conducting diligent SSN background checks contributes significantly to maintaining and enhancing a company’s image.

  • It helps hire reputable employees who uphold the company's values and ethics.
  • It prevents associations with individuals who might have falsified their identity or qualifications.
  • It supports a culture of integrity and verification which reflects positively in industry and consumer perceptions.

Customers and partners trust companies that take significant measures to ensure their workforce is legally compliant and ethically selected. By confirming identity and credentials through SSN background checks, you not only protect your business internally but also externally project a commitment to high standards and reliability.


Choosing the right employee SSN background check service is crucial for your business's success and security. By selecting one of these trusted providers that provides the best background check, you can streamline your hiring process, protect your organization, and ultimately build a trustworthy and safe work environment. Remember, investing in a thorough background check not only secures your business but also fosters a transparent and positive workplace culture.

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