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Critical Thinking

Hard Skills
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In the Critical Thinking Test, candidates are asked to answer a set of multiple-choice questions. Using this test, you can determine whether the candidate has the necessary hard skills in Critical Thinking.

About the HiPeople Critical Thinking Test

The Critical Thinking Test at a Glance

When to use: You can use this test at any stage of the hiring process, but it may be most useful early on.

Example question: Which logical fallacy involves discrediting an argument based on a person's character or personal traits rather than the substance of their argument?

  1. Ad Hominem
  2. Straw Man
  3. False Dilemma
  4. Slippery Slope
  5. Ad Hominem
  6. Straw Man
  7. False Dilemma
  8. Slippery Slope
  9. Ad Hominem
  10. Straw Man
  11. False Dilemma
  12. Slippery Slope

Response time: 10 minutes.

Result: An easy-to-interpret score that allows you to determine the Critical Thinking skill of the candidate!

The Science Behind the Critical Thinking Test

The development of hard skills is essential for any employee in order to complete their tasks satisfactorily. However, it can be difficult to accurately assess these skills in potential candidates. HiPeople's Critical Thinking Knowledge Test helps you achieve this goal.

HiPeople Knowledge Tests help to reliably assess hard-skills, taking out the guesswork of the hiring process. HiPeople Knowledge Tests are crafted by selected subject matter experts and developed using at least two experts in a peer-review gold standard process. This means that you as a decision-maker can be confident in the validity and reliability of the test when selecting candidates.

Not only does this promote a fair hiring process, but it also helps to ensure that the candidate is suited for the job and can complete the necessary tasks.

Qualities of a Candidate With High Critical Thinking Test Scores

When it comes to a candidate who scores high on our Critical Thinking test, they possess a refined ability to solve problems, analyze information and make substantive decisions. Proficient in identifying and challenging various logical fallacies such as Ad Hominem, Straw Man Fallacy and Red Herring Fallacy, they also demonstrate a deep understanding of Critical Thinking Techniques and discern False Dichotomy. They are skilled in applying Occam’s Razor, understanding that the simplest explanation is often the best. These candidates have sharp first impression instincts and astutely evaluate scientific studies. Hiring such a candidate ensures that you bring on board a team member with robust analytical abilities capable of understanding complex issues and developing effective solutions.

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