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Persuasive Skill

Soft Skills
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The Persuasive Skill Test is a great way to measure how well job candidates can persuade other people. The test includes questions about winning debates, changing people's minds, speaking up when you disagree with others, and being blunt and direct with people. This test is a great way to find out if job candidates have the skills necessary to be successful in a persuasive role.

The Persuasive Skill Test at a glance

When to use: This test can be used at any stage of the hiring process but may be most relevant in an early stage when getting to know the candidate.

Example question : Candidates rate how well they can perform a set of activities on a scale from one to seven. This is an example of an activity: "Win debates with other people".

Response time: 2 minutes.

Result: An easy-to-interpret score that is benchmarked against hundreds of other candidates!

This test is backed by real science

The Persuasive Skill Test is a tool that was originally developed as part of the Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Skills Inventory (BESSI). The BESSI is the most recent and exhaustive inventory to measure soft skills. It was developed by leading personality researchers, Christopher Soto and Brent Roberts. The BESSI has been proven to predict important life outcomes. It was developed using self-report and observer-report data from thousands of adolescents and adults.

The Persuasive Skill Test specifically measures an individual's ability to persuade others. This is an important skill in many different contexts, such as sales, marketing, customer service, etc. A high score on this test indicates that an individual is likely to be successful in persuading others to take desired actions or make decisions in their favor.

If you want to screen candidates for persuasive ability, administering the Persuasive Skill Test is reliable and valid choice.

If you are interested in the science behind the BESSI, start with this scientific publication.

The qualities of a candidate with high test scores

If you're looking for someone who can win debates, change minds, and speak up when they disagree with others, look no further than the Persuasive Skill Test! This test measures an individual's ability to persuasively argue their point of view - and those who score high on the test typically excel at work-related tasks that require them to do just that.

Whether it's winning arguments with co-workers or clients, confronting people when they need to be called out, or simply being blunt and direct with others, those who score highly on the Persuasive Skill Test are usually very successful in getting their way in work situations. So if you're looking for someone who can get things done and isn't afraid to stand up for what they believe in, consider hiring someone with a high score on this important skill test.

Examples of roles that would be an optimal fit for a high-scoring candidate:

Politician. A successful politician needs to be excellent at winning debates with other people, in order to convince the public of their policies and gain their support.

Lawyer. A lawyer needs to be excellent at winning arguments, in order to win cases for their clients.

Account Executive. An account executive needs to be excellent at changing people's minds, in order to convince them to buy the products or services they are selling.

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