How Data Is Shaping Modern Hiring

10:00 am
Matthias Schmeißer
Global Director, Talent
Matthias Schmeißer
Marta Bisisi
VP, Talent
Marta Bisisi
Fritz Singer
VP, Talent Acquisition
Fritz Singer
Jakob Gillmann
Co-founder HiPeople

Data-driven recruiting is transforming the future of work.

In an increasingly complex world, distributed work, data collection, and the rise of AI all play a key role. Companies need the right practices and tools in place with more access to targeted data and scientific insights.

We’re hosting a live session on what it takes for teams to thrive in today’s evolving normal. Join HiPeople co-founder Jakob Gillmann and a panel of talent leaders for a fireside chat on expectations for the year ahead,  trends in 2022, and the outlook on what sets thriving teams apart.

We will cover:

  • The rise of the hybrid workforce and impacts of the Great Resignation
  • Tips to support remote candidates and hires, and build better relationships
  • How recruitment innovation and HR tech shape the way we hire today
  • Practices and tools that give companies access to targeted data and scientific insights

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