Quality of Hire and Ways to Measure It

A talk with a TA Pro on measuring success

11:00 am
Christin Glaeser-Seidel
Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
Christin Glaeser-Seidel
Nina Khorasanee
People Lead
Jakob Gillmann
Co-founder HiPeople

Whether you’re a one-person-show or working within a robust recruitment team, tracking your recruitment KPIs and understanding your recruitment metrics are key to making a successful hire. Let’s look at how one industry expert is tackling this challenge head on.

We’re hosting a live session on ways to measure your quality of hire. Join HiPeople People Lead, Nina Khorasanee and guest speaker Christin Glaeser-Seidel of wefox for a fireside chat on Quality of Hire and Ways to Measure Success.

We will cover:

  • Controversial KPIs - to use or not to use them, that is the question
  • Key Metrics
  • Practices and tools that give companies impactful candidate to hire insights

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