How To Scale and Manage TA in a Hyper-Growth Company

Prepare your start-up for hyper-growth via talent acquisition

11:00 am
Chris Bell
Vice President Talent
Chris Bell
Julian Tesche
Jakob Gillmann
Co-founder HiPeople

How to attract and convert the best talent as you scale towards hyper-growth

Join our guest Chris Bell, Vice President Talent at Moss (formerly Director of Global Recruiting and Employer Brand at N26) for a leadership-focused chat to help your company navigate hyper-growth – and succeed.
Chris Bell is a thought leader in resourcing, recruitment, and talent acquisition. Drawing on his expertise in leading TA at hugely successful FinTech start-ups, he will share his learnings and actionable tips.
We will cover:

  • Is “The Great Resignation” both an opportunity and a risk for TA experts in 2022?
  • Exclusive insights from Chris on managing talent in hyper-growth companies – from the growth journey of N26, to the growth projection of Moss
  • What needs to change in how we attract and convert talent?
  • The best HR tech tools to help your hyper-growth start-up succeed

We look forward to welcoming your questions at our Q&A and hearing your thoughts on this topic!

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