Invite friends to HiPeople and earn a €150 Amazon gift card

You can earn €150 by inviting your friends to try out HiPeople.

Simply share their contact details using the form and we’ll do the rest. Refer as many friends as you’d like, and for each one that books a demo with us, you will receive a €150 Amazon gift card!

Yes, you can refer more than one and will get €150 for each successful referral.

Start referring HiPeople today.

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Instructions for participating in the HiPeople referral program

Your reward will be sent to you once your referral has been qualified by our team, has scheduled a meeting to see a demo and attended the meeting. The Amazon voucher will be sent digitally.

HiPepole's referral program is about introducing HiPoeple services to others. This is primarily through word-of-mouth.

Your referral email should only be sent if your referral agrees to forward his/her contact information to us. It is not permitted to send contact details without the referral’s consent.

We reserve the right to change or discontinue the referral program at any time in the future.