The Product.

HiPeople enables you to find the best talent and make better hiring decisions. Fast and easy. We give you your day back!

Time to hire

Decrease your time to hire by up to 50% by focussing on the most promising applicants first.

Hiring costs

Decrease hiring costs by automating the most manual part of hiring, and avoiding investing time in the wrong applicants.

Hiring quality

Increase your hiring quality by bias-free, objective candidate qualification.

Workflow Automation

Replace endless CV reviews and repetitive screening calls, and take back your day!

Remove bias

Assess your applicants on objective job-fit, and compare them on the same scales. Make better hiring decisions!

Science behind

Cognitive abilities

Scientific research has consistently proven that cognitive ability is the single most predictive test for on-the-job performance. That is why we make sure to assess this for you.


Personality impacts how we perform on the job, it has been proven by science numerous times. We’ve made sure that you can measure and analyze this with HiPeople.


Collaboration skills describe the alignment of teams to a common goal, the willingness of participating and creating a healthy team culture. Assess your applicants based on the level of the job you are hiring for.

Start data-driven hiring with HiPeople today

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Our hiring manifesto —
Or how we envision hiring should look

Data-driven decision making is no longer a foreign language, because it is easy and accessible.

Roles Overview

HiPeople is job-agnostic and used across different functions. Here are some of them: 







How It Works

Choose a HiPeople assessment

HiPeople automatically reaches out to your applicants and collects the data

Your applicants complete their HiPeople assessment

You review the results and insights in the HiPeople dashboard

Our plans for
HiPeople in 2020

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