Automated, in-depth references checks.

HiPeople enables you to collect in-depth references on your candidates at scale. Fast and easy. We give you your day back!

Verified references

We make sure references and their work relationships are verified, to make sure you base your decision-making on data you can trust.

Outlier detection

We make it easy to understand and analyse reference data by automatically detecting and flagging outliers within a group.

Automated recruiting notifications

We’ll let you know if there is something to do. Until then: relax! Zero admin hassle, we got your back.

Automated reference reminders

HiPeople automatically reminds references to submit their input within the timeframe you set. No need for you to follow-up.

Workflow automation

HiPeople completely takes away the workload of requesting, collecting, and analysing candidate references. We give you your day back!

Start easy reference collection with HiPeople today.

candidate insights

Science-backed content

Our modular content library makes it easy to get to the bottom of how well the candidates fits to the job. We researched decades of research, so you can focus on what matters!

Verified skills & expertise

Learn about how former managers, peers, or reports rate the skills and expertise that are important to you. We make it easy to compare them on a quantitative and qualitative level.

Your custom questions

Collect data that really matters to you, and that moves the needle. Create your custom questions in different answer formats to get the most out of them.

Collect references in response formats that suit you best to get the most out of the references.

HiPeople integrates with all the tech you love:

How It Works

Request references from your candidates.

HiPeople automatically requests the references from the candidate, be it from a former manager, peer, or report.

HiPeople collects and aggregates the references, providing a great user experience for the candidate and reference alike.

We let you know once you can review the results and insights in the HiPeople dashboard.

Our hiring manifesto —
Or how we envision hiring should look like

Data-driven decision making is no longer a foreign language, because it is easy and accessible.

Our plans for
HiPeople in 2021

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